3 comments on “K-Popped.

  1. I Ioves the Retro Glasses – Solid – AJA glasses in this post. However, I purchased the glasses and they are actually sunglasses with no mod or hud to change the lens to transparent. Totally disappointed and I wonder if this is a photoshop job?

    • No this isn’t a ps or false advertising, its just time. At the time of that post, the AJA retro glasses were modifiable. HOWEVER, we have since worked and reworked on those glasses with much love, and we decided that their current incarnations should be no mod. *THAT BEING SAID* if you want a transparent pair or something similar, just IM arnovial Cale in world about it. I’m sorry if you were disappointed but this is just store business and this post is one of our older ones. We are always willing to help the customers because we love you guys :3 Thanks for liking the glasses so much!

      • Awesome! I didn’t mean to offend just was a bit bummed out and really loved the glasses. Thanks for the comment and I’ll shoot over an IM

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