2 comments on “-.HoD.-

  1. Beautiful job photo-editing the !Lamb hair… so much in fact I ran out and got a Demo from !Lamb because from your photo I thought it was one of the most realistically beautiful hairs I have ever seen on the grid… only to find out that the hair in the top photo, Glass Candy, looked NOTHING at all like the image you have here. In fact, the hair was down right fugly. Did not fall smoothly on the back and shoulders like you have portrayed here… was not fine and wispy whatsoever. It was very clumpy and stuck and disappeared inside the avatar, could not even see the ends of the hair. This is what I call extreme false advertising. Very very disappointed in your false image and in the hair.
    Not even going to bother with the Boon hair as I can see it, too, was photo edited.

    While I realize your main point in these photos is the theft, because you did identify the other items your models are wearing, it is safe to say people will be interested in checking those items out.

    Total and thorough bleh…

    • When we created these pictures, it was only our intention to highlight the PEIRCINGS, and the beautiful work Aydan creates at .HOD. The other items were listed only as a courtesy to the desginers , so if people were interested, they could check them out. But these photos, in the end, were an artistic expression, created to show off the peircings alone. We apologize if our editing caused you to feel dissapointed when you tried the demos on, but this post was clearly about the peircings and the issue of copybotting. Normally we do a photoshoped picture and then solo images to show what the items look like untouched, but as this was solely an artistic expression showing the sexiness of the piercings, we just showed the photos. I personally LOVE !Lamb hair, and think they are beautiful untouched as I have worn that hair in earlier posts and you can see what it looks like normally. You tried a demo and didn’t like it, I’m sorry for that, but isn’t that what demos are for xD! I assumed people would understand that these photos are retouched, I will change my assumption and make a note in the post itself. Thanks for commenting.

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