Flight Feathers.


On Arni:

Skin: Cynthia 05 Confident – Essences (Inka Mexicola, GATCHA)
Hair: Sonny – RAW HOUSE
Eyes: Bronze Glass Eyes – Clemmm (Clem Velinov NEW, these are so beautiful and have a variety of colors)
Piercing: Forces – Pekka (kathya szczepansk)
Earring 1: Dragon Spiral Piercing – .HoD. (Aydan Darcy)
Earring 2: Hollow Cross Piercing – bellballs (Violette Vyper)
Bracelet: Rock ‘n’ Rolla Strapped – NS (Naith Smit)
Shirt: SoftySilky Blouse <MESH> – vive nine
Dress: June Skater Dress <MESH> – vive nine
Necklace: Crosses Necklace – glow studio
Tattoo: At Flight – Soulbeats (sairyn rhiadra)
Stocking 1: Nylon Baby – HouseOfFox (Fashionboi Landar, FREE GIFT)
Stocking 2: Drippy Tights – Sedmikraska (Haruna Nikitin, slmarketplace)
Shoes: Plateau Boots Lace – Whatever (AnnaGrey Resident, slmarketplace)

Currently Listening to: Woodkid – Iron


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