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I put this blogpost together last night while I was desperately trying to stay awake for the 4 corners Event in the Meow sim, which I made it to…but then fell asleep right after -.- .  So this was the first thing I’ve done this morning!  :3 I will try to include info for the event in my next post, though I know lots of great bloggers who have already started posting pics. Now a lil about this post! Fashionably Dead (fd)  just released 5 new hairstyles out for December! I think by far Pebbles is my favorite but each of them is super cute and the colors that Toast Bard uses on her hairs are BEAUTIFUL. Also Miel has these amazing snowshoes as their current subscriber gift…thats right totally free! That is definitely one group you should all join, since they always give out really nice gifts. Last but not least I wanted to mention this wonderful store I stumbled upon, called RaMa Rowanberry, created by Corci Faullon (Faullon Resident). She has a lil bit of everything, makeup, tattoos, clothing, bags, but by far my favorite items she makes are her jewelry. They are so different and so cute! Everything in her store has personality and it just adds to any look you have on, Go check it out!

On Arni:

Hair: Pebble – (fd) (NEW)
Skin: edit: The Owner of (love) has recently found out that part of the template she used for making her skin, had been copybotted. Because of this, she did the right thing and took down the skin line. I know many skin makers that fall prey to this, buying a template without knowing it had been copybotted, so I feel for her. Hopefully this doesn’t deter her from making skins, so she can release another one soon :3
MakeUp 1: light blush – (love) (NEW)
Makeup 2: Red Nose for Sia – League (w/ Sia Skin)
Makeup 3: Sheer Balmw/ Teeth – [PF] (w/ Elly Skin)
Makeup 4: Indie Liner – tresblah
Piercing: Voltage – .HoD.
Hat: Mary’s Magic Hat – (fd) (W/ MAGIC HAT HAIR)
Scarf: Traveler Scarf – {Happy} (Alika Luminos)
Jacket: Short Sheepskin – Aoharu (NEWish)
Vest: Long Cardi – Amerie
Shirt: Atonement Top – Kyoot (COLLABOR88)
Necklace: The Human Mind – RaMa RoWanberr (faullon resident)
Pants: Shredded Heart Knit Pans – AJA (Annittaa Darcy)
Shoes: Snow Shoes – Miel (CURRENT GROUP GIFT)
Socks: Scrunch Sock – Maitreya
Ring: Golden Apple Ring – AddiCt
Tattoo: Oh Deer Tattoo – Nestle My Bosom (demi ellison)

NOTE: I know most of you know this, but I figured I would just mention this anyway. Since viewers like Viewer 2, Firestorm, and I *think* Niran’s Viewer, allow you to add multiple tattoo layers, everyone should take advantage of that fact. This Emma skin I have on is gorgeous, but by then adding different layers of blush, teeth, makeup, ect., you suddenly find yourself with a totally different and unique skin. Try and play around :3

Currently Listening To: Omega Dogs – The Dears

Dark Arts.

On Arni:

Skin: Old Bones G Pale – &Bean
Hair: Addict – Lamb (NEW)
Eyes: Prim Eye Gold – BomBom
Ears: Elven Ears a5 – Illusory (these ears are so gorgeous!)
Makeup:  Nuuna’s Makeup v6 4 – Nuuna’s
Piercings: Torque v4 – .HoD.
Necklace: Chained Necklace – AddiCt
Corset: Corsage Dress – Ha!
Pants: Rock Leggins – *Crazy*
Stole: Fox Fur Stole – Mimikri (NEW)
Boots: Engineer Boots – *COCO*
Tattoo: E-Y2-BODY2 – Dream Ink Designs ( esra Noyes)
Nails:Jet Diamond Nail & Melee Claws – Gianetti
Bracelet: The Prayer of Forgiveness – .HoD.

On Anni:

Skin: Paige Tan – Winter – Illusory
Tattoo: DaVinci Tattoo – AJA
Hair: Lori – 99 Elephants
Hair Base: Shaved Tattoo Layer – 99 Elephants
Eyes: Eye Prim – Ice – BOMBOM (awesome!)
Piercings: Reach – -.HoD.-
Lashes: Bad Elf – MStyle
Ears: Elven Ear a3 – Illusory (amazing!!)
Jacket: Cyber Shrug – Panda Express
Top: Part of Ambrice Impromptu/Stark – Plastik
Pants: Jeans Back Ripped – Khush
Boots: Armarda Long – Kookie
Belt: Rock’n Rolla Belt – Hermony
Gloves: Fingerless gloves – Linc

Ribbon Girl.

We are very excited to share with you the really cute new pullover sweaters from AJA! These shirts come in 4 different colors and are all sorts of cuteness! You can grab them at the AJA Mainstore or while you’re taking a look around the FTLO Ice Festival at our booth!

On Anni:

Shirt: Ribbon Girl Pullover – Dark Grey – AJA (NEW)
Skin: Jennifer Red Pale – *CandyDoll* (NEW)
Hair: SONIA 02 – 69 (Sixty Nine – Modded for hat)
Piercings: Scorpio – -.HoD.- (Modded) (Last New Release of the year!)
Hat: Knit Beret – ++AY.LinE++
Scarf: Lia Scarf – flor – MIEL
Leggings: Attack! Leggings – AJA
Cuffs: Ruffled Cuffs – *Linc*
Shoes: Verve Pumps – Maitreya
Gloves: Finger Tape – *Linc*

On Arni:

Shirt: Ribbon Girl Pullover – Black – AJA (NEW)
Skin: Mistletoe – *Novita Skins
Necklace: Treasured Peacock Necklace – [AddiCt]
Hair: Bon D-9 – CriCri
Pants: Bitter Jeans Ocean – [Miseria]
Peircing: “sweetly pained” – skream
Bag: shopper bag I Love You – C’est Moi!
Shoes: ballerina black –  [Pumpkin]
Tattoo: You’ll Go Out In Style – **Glam Trash**
Gloves: Funky Stars – Zanzo

Vespa to AJA Mainstore

Vespa to AJA @ FTLO Ice Fest


Dancin’ Doll.

If The Movies Flashdance and Tron had a baby, It would probably look a little something like this…

On Arnovial:

Skin: Petal Cupid Crush 2 – Curio

Tattoo: Cyber Tattoo – sYs

Hair: Shinji – TRUTH

Shirt: Call on me Black – Ha!

Necklace: Doll Necklace – AddiCt

Leggings: Long Leggings – M*A*ii*K*I (part of Streep DarkViolet

Boots: Pirate Stiletto Boots – Periquita

Shades: Censor Shades – by Damon Dollinger (formerly F&C)

Wrist: Ruffled Cuffs – Linc

Headphones: Headphone M1- by Magen1 Oh/ maggen1’s Little Shop

Autumn Light.

Summer is finally over, which means the leaves they are a changing.  Grab your coats and wander around the best spots in SL for some “Autumn Light”. Fukuoka Yakuin Region – Rachel’s Forest*

( Beware of Evil Dragonfly that lives in this meadow, and pushes you around while you try to pose…)

On Anni

Skin: Petal Cupid – Lovelorn 2 – Curio

Eyelashes: Diva – Redgrave

Eyes: Lost Continent – Blue – AJA

Hair: Aveli in Blonde – Mustache (modded to fit the hat) – Hair Fair

Hat: Knit Beret – Ay.LinE

Piercing: Fallen – Razor – .HoD.

Jacket: Part of F Set22 – =IZUMIYA=

Shirt: Grey Tank (part of Sonya Outfit) – Emery

Vest: Ladies Like Flowers T Tiger Lily – Pig

Pants: Black Jeans – Ronsem*

Necklace: 002 Rose Pink – A:B

Belt: Part of Dotpants – NINIKO

Shoes: Pirate Rain Boots – UBU

Gloves: Cozy Mittens – Reek

On Arnovial

Skin: Georgia Natural – ICE COCO (lucky board free skin)

Hair: Miley – fri.day

Shirt: Soft Brown Tank – Kyoot (Fifty Linden Friday Exclusive)

Coat: Mods Coat – *DP*yumyum

Pants: Bed Story Jeans – Apple May Designs (part of Bed Story Set)

Shoes: Skoochers – HOC Apparel

Lashes: Drama Queen Lashes – Wasabi Pills

Glasses: Retro Glasses Solid – AJA

Necklace: Treasured Peacock Necklace – Addict

Earrings: Hoola HOOPS – BUTT-ERR (dollarbie)

Camera: Camera Black – SAYA

Gloves: Fingerless Gloves – fri.day

Eyes: Glassy Yellow – *DP*yumyum

Baddass Bish.

On Arnovial:

Skin: Bael Special Ed NewYork – Plastik

Hair: Glamourous Reia – JUNWAVE

Shirt: Ilia Hood – Kyoot

Pants: Nonsensical Pants – Kyoot

Jacket: Military Jacket – fri.day

Boots: Dandy Boots – Miel

Gloves: Doubs Glove Night – AddiCt

Necklace: Kurosu Necklace – Cobrahive

Piercing: Montum – Cobrahive

Gun: Glock w/ Holster – Napalm

Photos Taken in Dead End (Urban Noir Rp)