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I LOVE this skin…thats all there is to this post I guess x3. That, and I love these accessories so much..this whole outfit makes me happy I wish i had this to wear Irl. Anyway enjoy, and if anyone has any questions about something please ask! Oh! and watch the video at the bottom if you want an awesome song mixed with a completely ridiculous music video – ❤ Arni.

On Arni:

Skin: Zoey fair – IREN (I am in love with this skin <333)
Hair: Fashi – Burley (NEW)
Eyes: Lost in Forest – REDGRAVE (Came with bella skin)
Earrings: Dragon Spirals – .HoD. (NEW)
Necklace: Butterfly Collector – Yummy
Tank: Scalloped Shirt – Willow (NEW MESH, @ Collabor88)
Pants: Chloe Jeans – FAB.PONY
Belt: Last Belt – VOONER (Vooner Voom)
Bag Belt: Scissors bag BONE Traveler – Meriken Co.(Yaszi Mornington)
Piercing: Solidue – .Pekka.
Bracelet: Wanderer Bracelet – League
Ring: Candy Ring – Yummy
Shoes: Mox Vanilla Bean – Argyle Anonymous (Swan Ling)
Tattoo: Candy World – Vestigium (Lu Scorpio)
Camera: Lumoflex Camera – Artilleri

Currently Listening (AND WATCHING) The Bird And The Bee – Polite Dance Song

Hairspray & Ribbons.

Photo taken at Fungus

On Anni:

Skin: Teegan – Apple May Designs (Apple May)
Teeth: Easter Gift – Mynerva (Rhapzody Wilde) (Will reopen in a month max)
Eyes: Night Forest – Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
Hair: 083 – Love Soul (BlueStarRUI Villo)
Glasses: Junior Shades – Reek (Riq Graves)
Earrings: Mushroom Earrings – Beauty Code (JaneDark Miles)
Shirt: Preppy Tops – AMERIE (Amerie Spitteler)
Pants: SkinnyJeans – -paper.doll- (Zoey Gabardini)
Bracelet: Bright Green Polka Dot Bracelet – kitsch me (Guinevere Kirshner)
Belt: Blows u – !Admiral Spicy! (Sunny1986 Ember)
Shoes: Panu Shoes – Picnic (nyasyousa Oh)

[Mixed] 029 – don’t freak out! (Willa Whybrow)
make me forget. – <Porcupine love> (Chillatrix GossipGirl)
[Mixed] 025 – don’t freak out! (Willa Whybrow)

On Arni:

Skin: Portia Pale – Ispachi
Hair: Hair 016* – [Love Soul]
Teeth: Exposed teeth – {Cara Bella}
Cheek:Red Spiral Blush – *Ki* (Kiti Kira)
Headphone: Starphone – Cobrahive
Eye:Limpid Brown – JM:Mai Skins (joman mai)
Tattoo: Fortune – ::IRURU::/iren (irka bing)
Shirt: Ulrika top – Artilleri
Jacket:Nylon Parka – *ARAI*
Pant: Skinny Ripped Jean – Atomic
Belt: Andavi Belt – Pepper
Shoe: Slip OnS – RONSEM
Necklace: Take Flight – {mon tissu}
Keychain: Foxtail Keychain – A:B (Icemoon Lee)

[mixed]024,016,018 – dfo! (Willa Whybrow)

Short Skirts, Shaved Heads, and Tweed Jackets.

On John:

Skin: Jay – Smoky 2 – JM:Mai
Eyes: Warrior – The Abyss
Tattoo: DaVinci Tattoo – AJA
Hair: JAE004 – saboteurs (Momo Hoffnung)
Piercings: Torqued v4 – -.HoD.-
Glasses: Retro Glasses – AJA
Necklace: Lil’ Luck 4 the Luckless – AJA (Depraved and Luckless Hunt)
Ears: Gemma Earring 4 – Rozoregalia (ROZOREGALIA Braveheart )
Jacket: Rockaby Blazer – {mon tissu}
Shirt: Greeeeeeen Shirts – NINIKOBOY (Free)
Pants: Bret Pants – /artilleri
Shoes: Checkered S001 Shoe – Armidi

Olive Juice – Sup Ladies
Olive Juice – I dunno, what do you wanna do?

On Anni:

Skin: Pout – Pure – :Curio:
Tattoo: Oriental Henna – HUZ
Piercings: Reach – -.HoD.-
Hair: Gabriella – [Urf!Urf!] (Noelle Neaph)
Hairbase: Anaphora
Necklace/earrings: Soul Jewelery set – Mandala (kikunosuke Eel)
Shirt: Heathered Pullover – {mon tissu}
Skirt: Pretty Pleats Skirt – {mon tissu}
Leggings: Leo-Pard Leggin – Tee*fy
Boots: Puddle Stompers – Polka – AJA
Gloves: finger tapes w/ nails – Linc

xbordeaux – the little roselles
Xbordeaux – Lies that you wanted
Gliteratti – Long Hair 6

On Arni:

Skin: Petal Pout – : Curio :
Hair: Joy II – Milana (by Asuka Martin)
Teeth: teeth mod 2 – Baiastice
Hairband: – rabbit fur Kacyusha – [[nocc.]] (by Nocco Oldrich)
Jacket: stadium jumper – *ARAI*
Skirt: Chloe Onyx – (Elate!) (part of the dress @ Pure Juice )
Tights: Nylon Baby Black – House of Fox (Gift)
Socks: antique socks – Grixdale.
Boots: Military Boots – [horenbeek]
Necklace1: Feuilles Necklace – LaGyo
Necklace 2: Take Flight Necklace – [mon tissu]
Keychain: Fur Tail Keychain – [Love Soul]

Runway Pose 4 – Olive Juice
Gift Pose 3 – Di’s Opera (by Di Horenbeek)

Quiet Days.

Well hellloooo there :3 Sorry its been so quiet around here, but alot has been happening for us. We recently moved our mainstore, have been preparing for an awesome valentines day hunt, and working on some new items! In the next few days we will be posting some preview pics of the hunt items, and the slurl to our new location, along with some other goodies hehe, so be sure to check back soon!

On Anni:

(Poses From Visavi)

Skin: Paige – Tan – Winter – Illusory
Hair: Ren – Magika
Piercings: Reach – .HoD.
Ears: Elven Ears – Illusory
Eyes: A Fauns Ordeal – Teal – By Pixel Tyran
Glasses: Retro Glasses – AJA
Jacket: Military Cardigan – Tee*fy
Shorts: Johanna Highwaist shorts – /artilleri
Boots: Shin Boots – League
Bandaid: Bandaids – Reek
Gloves: Fingerless gloves – Linc
Tattoo: Tranquility – iNFLiCT (Old store cannot find it x.x designer is Lexington Jie)

On Arni:

Skin: Erika Fair – Belleza (Group Gift, 350 to join)
Hair: Color Sample Style – YunA’s Hair (Free)
Hairbase: Gathered raised hairbase – boon
Earrings: Chromatic Plugs – Nox.
Piercings: Bump in the Night – .HoD.
Jacket: Nordic knit coat – tram
Dress: The Little black Buttoned Dress – LMK
Jeans: Denim Orchid Club #2 – Emery
Boots: achoo set [boots] – duboo. (Free, the Seasons Hunt Winter)
Tattoo: Folklore – EtchD
Necklace – My Special Friend – LaGyo

First Snow.

Recently it’s been getting a lot colder out, and near where we live, we just had our first snow of the season!….it only lasted 5 min, and was hardly a flurry, but still!… Snow! Time to button up your coats and slip on some mittens, winter is coming!!

Pose: BFF “Trust” – ANA_Mations

On Anni:

Skin:  Teagan – Risque – Grixdale/Tyranny (VIP gift – if you join the group you get all the skin tones! )

Hair: Brie – Mustache (Modded to fit the hat)

Hat: Merrit Hatt – Tiny Bird & Reek

Piercings: Reach – -.HoD-.

Face Makeup: Blush Freckless! – Al Vulo

Snow: Snowfall Set: Body Snow – AJA (part of Snowfall Set)

Scarf: Taylor Scarf STRIPES – /artilleri

Dress: Natural Tunic – NINIKO

Undershirt: Long Sweater Black – Suicidal Unborn SU!

Pants: Does my ass look fat in these pants – Tyranny/Grixdale

Gloves: Cozy Mittens – Reek

Shoes: Far Boots – Polar Edition – Miel

On Arni:

Skin: A urora 2/5 – Novita Skins

Hair: Dura Girl 13 – **Dura** (by Ari Enyo)

Face: Snowfall Set Winter Blush – AJA (part of Snowfall Set)

Earmuffs: HugHugBear Ear Muffs – ::MCH:: (old purchase from Homin Mayo, currently her store is down from slx?)

Jacket: Long Jacket Grey – NINIKO

Dress: Floral Dress Meadow – Willow ( by Weezey Warwillow)

Socks: Nordic Tights – SMS *So Many Styles*

Gloves: GX Fingerless Gloves – Yuli (by Yuli Orman)

Scarf: Muffbon Black – anuenue

Necklace: My Deer -:: Happy Finds::

Boots: Atlas Marker Boots – Adjunct

Jurassic Park 4.

Lately, we’ve been working like busy little bees, finishing a ton of new items as we prepare for a move (hurrah hurrah for the new mainstore, coming soon!) So this is really just a sneek peek of some of our newer items coming out to AJA. If you want to stop by our current temporary store location, just go to AJA . Now, lets get on with the fashion <3.

On Anni:

Shirt: Gonna Eat Chyouuu! Tee – AJA (Coming Soon)

Jeans: Doodle Pants – Syringe – AJA (Coming Soon)

Sign: Kick Me – AJA (Gacha)

Nose: Bandaid – Polka Dot – Nose – AJA (Coming Soon)

Eyes: Illusion of Safety Eyes – Turqoise – AJA (Coming Soon)

Skin: Fudge – Summer Nights – Mynerva

Tattoo: Danger Flower – !mPS!

Hair: Sugar Hiccup Redo – !Lamb

Hat: Rawr! Monster Hood – Red – [ATOMIC] (For Spooktacular Event)

Sweater: Elspeth Cardigan PLAIN – /artilleri

Piercings: Agony – Razor – -.HoD.-

Ears: Sad Elf – Tribal – Panda Express

Belt: I Heart Stripes Belt – Reek

Hand: Pride Hands- *Zanzo*

Shoes: PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops – UBU

On Arni:

Pants: Painter Pants – AJA (Coming Soon)

Gloves:  Hand Hearts – AJA (part of heart set, coming soon)

Eyes: Lost Continent Black- AJA

Skin: Sophie Smokey Black – Mynerva

Hair: Cuto – +*Mirai Style *+ (modded)

Bangs: NONO28 Hairpeice – booN

Liner: Cat Liner Oceania – Kyoot (for stumblebum)

Ears: Sad Elf Thorned -++ Panda Express++

Scarf: Grey Plaid – MIEL

Jacket: Diamonds Hoody – .:VILLENA:.

Belt: Spitting Colors – Dirty Lynx

Headband: Summer Headband – duboo.

Shoes: Cebidae – Ordinary Design


For all you twitards out there, this ones for you.  The battle to end all, pick your boy and fight! Hopefully you will all kill each other!

On the one side, Arnovial! fighting for Team Jacob!(left):

Skin: Petal Cupid Crush 2 – Curio

Hair: Moa 01 – Sixty-Nine

Shirt- Team Jacob! – Artilleri

Pants: Bitish II Pants Pink – Suicidal Unborn!

Shoes: PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops – Urban Bomb Unit

Watch: Retro Plastic Watch – Rotten Toe

Necklace: White Pink Heart – [[ROKI]]

Belt: Rock n’ Rolla Rusty Belt – .:Hermony:.

Bandaids: Pink Bandaids – Candy Mountain

Bruises: Stitches and Wounds – Kyoot

Backpack: Back to School Backpack – Team Jacob – *AG*

On the other side, Anni! fighting for Team Edward!(right):

Skin: Sundust Defeat – Battle Royale Shiner – Curio

Tattoo: Danger Flower – !mPS!

Hair: Kaelyn – Kin

Shirt: Team Edward! – /artilleri

Pants: Crease Pants black – Niniko

Gloves: Fingerless gloves – Linc

Shoes: Far Boots – Solid – Miel

Glasses: Retro Glasses – Solids (modded) – AJA

Mouth: Matchstick – Calypso Giano

Necklace: Razortag Necklace – Cobrahive

Hand: Brass Knuckles: Wot

Pose: /me brings it! – <SMP>

Note: No twitards were hurt in the making of this post, Thank you.

Get your nerd on.

It happens to everyone now and again.

On Arnovial(left):

Skin: Lyla Pale smokey4- Redgrave

Hair: Holly- Kin

Mouth: EAT ME (gacha) Cuppycake- AJA

Hoodie: Rub Me On Your Butt- Intrigue Co.

Pants: Hipster Leggings- AJA

Belt: Astro SpaceZapper belt and gun- Gritty Kitty

Backpack: JSPORT by Joe Alder

Leg: Orthopedic Leg brace- Rotton Toe

Shoes: Dunks: Urban Bomb Unit!

Glasses: Nerdy Glasses- OJ by Swan Ling

Gloves: Funky Hand stars – Zanzo

On Johns (middle):

Hair: Bummer Hairz – !UB

Glasses: Retro Glasses – Nerd (modded) – AJA

Face: Skully Bandaid – [STFU]

Pants: Blue/Red Dino Pjs – Reek

Shirt: Baseball Tee – Samurai – Aitui

Gloves: Taped Fingers & Black Nails (No Thumb) – SiniStyle

Foam Finger – Reek

Swimmies – Reek

Duck Tube – Reek

On Anni (right):

Skin: LionHeart Fable Decembrice Freck – Plastik

Tattoo: Danger Flower – !mPS!

Hair: Heidi – Truth

Shirt: Marius Knit Sweater – /Artilleri

Pants: Bunny est Morte Jeans (modded into shorts) – *Zanzo*

Belt: Fanny Pack Star – *CMP*

Gloves: Cozy Mittens – Reek

Glasses: Nerd Glasses – [b.nuts]

Mouth: Minute Maid Juice Box – Broken

Socks: Argyle Sock M. Suspender – Gertrude – Pig

Spaceship: Orbiting Rocket Ship – Reek

Pose: yaaaaywejumphigh! – :snookys poses:

Balloon: Party Ballons – Candy Mountain

At the drive-in.

We love doing paired themes, and this 50’s style suited our playful sides perfectly. I hope you enjoy, we had a lot of fun for this one.

On Arnovial (left):

Skin: LionHeart Fable Daisylion pout – Plastik

Tattoo: Akido – Onyx Wear

Hair: Girl Anachronism – Light Black – Tiny Bird

Top: Off the shoulder “Starr” Top dark – Onyx wear

Pants: Short Black High Waist – Emery

Leggings: Fierii Leggings Cheetah – Plastik

Shoes: Pheobe Noir – Kookie

Earrings: Red and Black Hoops – Ear Candy

Necklace: Mommy’s old scarf dot/neck – Duboo

Nails: Cherry Blossum – Love Soul

Piercing: Locker v.2 (rusty) – Dingleberry

Gloves: Bandit! Star Gloves – KiLiebe

Glasses: Retro Glasses – Solids – AJA

On Anni (right):

Skin: LionHeart Fable Decembrice – Plastik

Tattoo: Danger Flower – !mPS!

Hair: Delilah – Onyx – Magika

Top: Abby Top  – /Artilleri

Pants: Ruby Capris – /Artilleri

Neck: Sculpted Scarf (Part of Silent) – >>GothiCatz<<

Shoes: Flats – Black (Cherries) – The Reject Shoppe (TRS)

Gloves: Fingerless Gloves – *Linc

Mouth: Staying Gold Mixtape – Geeky Food Nahms Gacha – Modd.G

Earrings: Double Cherry Earrings – /Artilleri

Glasses: Retro Glasses – Solids (modded) – AJA


Chouchou is my favorite sim in sl by far.  Their music is amazing and its the perfect place to plop your av when you are busy or chatting in im’s and need some relaxing music.  The sim is gorgeous, and they suggest setting your environment to ‘Good for Marriage’ and I suggest it as well, but it really is gorgeous on any setting.

Skin: Platinum Blue Lips Black Eyeband – Mynerva

Tattoos: Danger Flower – !mPS!

Hair – Poppyseed – Milk – !Lamb (this color was part of the 50l friday hunt)

Ears: Cagedwire Elven Ears – Mynerva

Glasses: Retro Glasses – Solids – AJA

Mouth: Stitched Mouth – Blood & Scars

Jacket: Jackey Roxe #Black – Emery

Shirt: Tank B&B #Gray – Emery

Pants: Johanna Highwaist Shorts – /Artilleri

Gloves: Fingerless Gloves – *Linc

Bracelets: Viking Cuffs – Duck Nipple

Belt: Plugged Belt – *BLITZED*

Necklace: Razortag Necklace – *Cobrahive*