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For all you twitards out there, this ones for you.  The battle to end all, pick your boy and fight! Hopefully you will all kill each other!

On the one side, Arnovial! fighting for Team Jacob!(left):

Skin: Petal Cupid Crush 2 – Curio

Hair: Moa 01 – Sixty-Nine

Shirt- Team Jacob! – Artilleri

Pants: Bitish II Pants Pink – Suicidal Unborn!

Shoes: PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops – Urban Bomb Unit

Watch: Retro Plastic Watch – Rotten Toe

Necklace: White Pink Heart – [[ROKI]]

Belt: Rock n’ Rolla Rusty Belt – .:Hermony:.

Bandaids: Pink Bandaids – Candy Mountain

Bruises: Stitches and Wounds – Kyoot

Backpack: Back to School Backpack – Team Jacob – *AG*

On the other side, Anni! fighting for Team Edward!(right):

Skin: Sundust Defeat – Battle Royale Shiner – Curio

Tattoo: Danger Flower – !mPS!

Hair: Kaelyn – Kin

Shirt: Team Edward! – /artilleri

Pants: Crease Pants black – Niniko

Gloves: Fingerless gloves – Linc

Shoes: Far Boots – Solid – Miel

Glasses: Retro Glasses – Solids (modded) – AJA

Mouth: Matchstick – Calypso Giano

Necklace: Razortag Necklace – Cobrahive

Hand: Brass Knuckles: Wot

Pose: /me brings it! – <SMP>

Note: No twitards were hurt in the making of this post, Thank you.

Life, Liberty and the Persuit of Brains!

Inspired by Brains: A Zombie Memoir, zombies have feelings too.  Read it, it’s a great book, and while you’re at it dress up and get some brains! Moarraaggh!

On Zombie Anni (left):

Skin: Zombie Femme Stage Three – Plastik

Hair: Say – !Lamb

Tattoo: Autopsy Tattoo – Calamity

Eye: Dangling Gouged Eye – CatniP

Lips: Stitched Mouth – Blood & Scars

Shirt: Pulled Fishnet Tank [Black] shirt – !Nayar

Pants: Ripped Dirty Jeans Black – Izzie’s

Head: Brains for your mouth – RC

Overlayers: Bloody Mess – OVERT

Gloves: Rotten Gloves – RT

Socks: SKanky Socks – Black Pirates – Primitive Design

Shoes: Hocs Lowtops – Bloody (Halloween Edition) – HOC Apparel

Belt: Dealer Belt – Blitzed

Chest: Chest Syringes (part of Nurse Outfit) – !RT

On Zombie Arnovial (right):

Skin: Zombie Femme Stage Three – Plastik

Hair: Medusa – Skinzor

Pants: Jeans Black Ripped&Netted – KHUSH

Shirt: BlackTank Ripped – ESW (on slx)

Boots: Wo Boots – [ON]ZERO NUMBER (closed now)

Blood: nail Jun Design Bloody – Love Soul

Blood: Bloody Mess – OVERT

Blood: Splatter upperbody – Blood & Scars

Mouth: Zipped Mouth –  Blood & Scars

Head: Bloody Kitchen Knife – by Laura Liberty

Arm: Broken Arm – Bloodline


Anni: Zombie_Walk (walking animation) – Larissa Designs & Animations

Arnovial: Ima Zombie Pose box – (p4p)

Get your nerd on.

It happens to everyone now and again.

On Arnovial(left):

Skin: Lyla Pale smokey4- Redgrave

Hair: Holly- Kin

Mouth: EAT ME (gacha) Cuppycake- AJA

Hoodie: Rub Me On Your Butt- Intrigue Co.

Pants: Hipster Leggings- AJA

Belt: Astro SpaceZapper belt and gun- Gritty Kitty

Backpack: JSPORT by Joe Alder

Leg: Orthopedic Leg brace- Rotton Toe

Shoes: Dunks: Urban Bomb Unit!

Glasses: Nerdy Glasses- OJ by Swan Ling

Gloves: Funky Hand stars – Zanzo

On Johns (middle):

Hair: Bummer Hairz – !UB

Glasses: Retro Glasses – Nerd (modded) – AJA

Face: Skully Bandaid – [STFU]

Pants: Blue/Red Dino Pjs – Reek

Shirt: Baseball Tee – Samurai – Aitui

Gloves: Taped Fingers & Black Nails (No Thumb) – SiniStyle

Foam Finger – Reek

Swimmies – Reek

Duck Tube – Reek

On Anni (right):

Skin: LionHeart Fable Decembrice Freck – Plastik

Tattoo: Danger Flower – !mPS!

Hair: Heidi – Truth

Shirt: Marius Knit Sweater – /Artilleri

Pants: Bunny est Morte Jeans (modded into shorts) – *Zanzo*

Belt: Fanny Pack Star – *CMP*

Gloves: Cozy Mittens – Reek

Glasses: Nerd Glasses – [b.nuts]

Mouth: Minute Maid Juice Box – Broken

Socks: Argyle Sock M. Suspender – Gertrude – Pig

Spaceship: Orbiting Rocket Ship – Reek

Pose: yaaaaywejumphigh! – :snookys poses:

Balloon: Party Ballons – Candy Mountain

Naughty or Nice?

On Anni(Naughty):

Skin: Platinum Red Lips Black Eyeband (Part of Platinum hunt) – Mynerva

Tattoo: Tranquility – iNFLICT [iN]

Hair: Alex – Pitch – Maitreya

Ears: Cagedwire Elven Ears (color modded) – Mynerva

Dress: LunglessSymphony – ComplexAbomination – Plastik

Gloves & Stockings: Long Rotten Stocking n Gloves – !RT (Rotten Toe)

Shoes: Verve Pumps – Red – Maitreya

Cuffs on ankles: Ruffled Cuffs Black – *Linc*

On Arnovial (Nice):

Skin:  Lionheart Fable/ Daisylion- Plastik

Beauty Mark: AJA

Tattoos: FolkLore Bottom and Top – EtchD

Hair: Poppyseed- !Lamb

Headband:Diamond Headband- LoQ Hairs

Dress: White Blood – GHOST!

Wings: Tenshino “hane” made by Faerie Muse

Piercings: Chandelier Tears- Epoque

Pose: Guilty or Innocent – SMP (Splash me Poses)

At the drive-in.

We love doing paired themes, and this 50’s style suited our playful sides perfectly. I hope you enjoy, we had a lot of fun for this one.

On Arnovial (left):

Skin: LionHeart Fable Daisylion pout – Plastik

Tattoo: Akido – Onyx Wear

Hair: Girl Anachronism – Light Black – Tiny Bird

Top: Off the shoulder “Starr” Top dark – Onyx wear

Pants: Short Black High Waist – Emery

Leggings: Fierii Leggings Cheetah – Plastik

Shoes: Pheobe Noir – Kookie

Earrings: Red and Black Hoops – Ear Candy

Necklace: Mommy’s old scarf dot/neck – Duboo

Nails: Cherry Blossum – Love Soul

Piercing: Locker v.2 (rusty) – Dingleberry

Gloves: Bandit! Star Gloves – KiLiebe

Glasses: Retro Glasses – Solids – AJA

On Anni (right):

Skin: LionHeart Fable Decembrice – Plastik

Tattoo: Danger Flower – !mPS!

Hair: Delilah – Onyx – Magika

Top: Abby Top  – /Artilleri

Pants: Ruby Capris – /Artilleri

Neck: Sculpted Scarf (Part of Silent) – >>GothiCatz<<

Shoes: Flats – Black (Cherries) – The Reject Shoppe (TRS)

Gloves: Fingerless Gloves – *Linc

Mouth: Staying Gold Mixtape – Geeky Food Nahms Gacha – Modd.G

Earrings: Double Cherry Earrings – /Artilleri

Glasses: Retro Glasses – Solids (modded) – AJA

Ahhh… Men.

Hair: Kar -Noir- – [ EGO ]

Tattoo: Mr. Midnight – Aitui Tattoo

Necklace – Aro Necklace – *Cobrahive*

Jacket: Cargo Jacket – +grasp+

Pants: Loose Pants – Khaki – Amerie

Belt: Kyuuzou Grenades Belt – *DL*

Ears: Cagedwire Elven Ears – Mynerva

Hands: Taped Fingers w/Black Nails – SiniStyle

Glasses: Retro Glasses – Solids – AJA

Scarf: Neck Warmer – Camo – AJA


Chouchou is my favorite sim in sl by far.  Their music is amazing and its the perfect place to plop your av when you are busy or chatting in im’s and need some relaxing music.  The sim is gorgeous, and they suggest setting your environment to ‘Good for Marriage’ and I suggest it as well, but it really is gorgeous on any setting.

Skin: Platinum Blue Lips Black Eyeband – Mynerva

Tattoos: Danger Flower – !mPS!

Hair – Poppyseed – Milk – !Lamb (this color was part of the 50l friday hunt)

Ears: Cagedwire Elven Ears – Mynerva

Glasses: Retro Glasses – Solids – AJA

Mouth: Stitched Mouth – Blood & Scars

Jacket: Jackey Roxe #Black – Emery

Shirt: Tank B&B #Gray – Emery

Pants: Johanna Highwaist Shorts – /Artilleri

Gloves: Fingerless Gloves – *Linc

Bracelets: Viking Cuffs – Duck Nipple

Belt: Plugged Belt – *BLITZED*

Necklace: Razortag Necklace – *Cobrahive*