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Sweet Dreams.


Hi Guys I missed you! :3 Did you notice I look like Morrigan from the Game Dark Stalkers?! I wanted to highlight a bunch of new items that I’m absolutely in love with, and to let you guys know about a new store!

Lovely Disarray is a store that was recently opened by the very sweet and talented Astrexia Chrome. I’m sure many of you have seen her posts on         ‘ The Spouge ‘, an sl fashion blog with lots of great contributors. Astrexia hand draws every one of her makeups, before scanning them onto the computer and finishing them off. Her attention to detail makes the end result beautiful and unique. Go check it out, you will probably need to buy them all though so be prepared!

I’m also rocking these really adorable Anime styled eyes by Soleil Reid of Dead Apples.  The Anime eyes will be available in a wide range of colors, with optional mesh prims. You will be able to find all of this new line at the upcoming Arcade Gacha Event :3

Last but not least, are these AHHHMAZING succubus head wings, from Remarkable Oblivion. Axsis Thorn is seriously talented, the mesh accessories from this store are all awesome. These come in 3 different styles, i’m wearing the closed versions in this picture.

On Arni:

Hair: Jules <Mesh>- DeLa
Makeup: Break Down w/o lips – Lovely Disarray (Astrexia Chrome, NEW!!!!!)
Eyes: Unnatural Anime Eyes – Dead Apples (Soleil Reid, COMING SOON)
Wings: Malificient Head Wings – Remarkable Oblivion (Axsis Thorn)
Suit: Key Catsuit – Delirium Style

Doesn’t Play Well With Others. (Kyoot Store Closing)

I didn’t really have anything planned to say for this post, but Yesterday I got a NC from Kyoot. It seems after 7 years in SL, Saeya Nyanda is closing down her clothing store Kyoot. When I first started playing sl in 2007, the selection of clothing was pretty simplistic and very archaic. Creators were still learning how to make clothing and you had to look up and down to find things that were good, even by todays standards. I happened to find Kyoot Army, as it was called then, at the now defunct Plunder Sim.  At that time, Saeya was making more rp styled clothing, with a grungey and goth flair. They were unique and well done, and baby Arni looked amazing with her flexi hair and her snake skin corset and tutu from KA. Kyoot has undergone many style changes since then, and the clothing there has become better and better. It’s sad to see her store closing in Sl, but many of her items will still be available on the Marketplace. Starting Today until the beginning of Feb. every item in her store will be marked down to 50l. Hurry there and get them before they are gone forever, and good luck Saeya with all of your RL endeavors ;).

play well with others.


On Arni:

Skin: Amberly 12 – Glam Affair (NEW)
Hair: Jamie <Mesh> – Wasabi Pills (NEW)
Ears: Steking Ears – Mandala
Earring: Leather Feather Earring – Mandala
Piercing: Forces (Modded) – Pekka
Necklace: Rabbit&Tree – RaMa RoWanberry (Faullon Resident)
Eyeshadow: Ose Eyeshadow – Dead Apples (Soleil Reid)
Tattoo1: Nightmare – Endless Pain Tattoos (Mae Jewell)
Tattoo2: Does Not Play Well With Others – Audran (Zane Audran)
Shirt: Lacey Little Top – Kyoot (50L Closing Sale!)
Jacket: Fur Hooded Military Jacket <Mesh> – Grasp
Belt: Leather Suspenders <Mesh> – .Shi. (NEW, Joy Laperriere)
Pant: Crop Jean <Mesh> – 1badpixel (onebadpixel resident)
Keychain: Fur Tail Keychain – Love Soul
Shoe: Glyderz – 2Real (NEW, 2real okelli)

Currently Listening To: Circa Survive – On Letting Go

Queen Of All That Was.


On Arni:

Skin: Isla Fair Opal – League
Hair: Saturday Brunette B <Mesh> – FashionablyDead
Hairbase: center part hairbase – booN ( Boo Nakamura) I was so happy to find a center part hairbase!
Eyes: Sinistre Blind Grey – Dead Apples (Soleil Reid)
Lips: Dry Lips – Dead Apples (Past Horror Haute)
Eyebrows: Bad Bitch Brow Tintable – The Sugar Garden (Eilfie Sugarplum)
Horns: Succubi Horn Crown <Mesh> – Nexus (Misty Masala, SLmarketplace)
Collar: Rea Necklace <Mesh> – Glam Affair
Coat: Zot Lady Coat <Mesh> – Bare Rose (NEW) This coat is just amazing >_<
Fur: AnjaFur Shoulders – House of Fox (FREE)
Stockings: Nightmare Socks (From Set) – UTILIZATOR (Utilizator Mode)
Garter: Black Lace “Promise” Garter <Mesh> – Sonera Tabak
Boots: Tall Leather Thigh Highs – Slink
Gauntlets: Gauntlet Glove – Surreal Products (AnnAngel Qinan)

Listening To: Come As You Are – Civil Twilight COVER’s Nirvana

Blackened White.

Feeling a bit impish! I’d like to thank my friend Lix for being a guest this week, we had a good time putting this outfit together 🙂  If you get a chance guys, head over to The Arcade Gatcha Event, it has lots of nice items out right now by some really great designers. I’m sure I’ll have many of the items from my haul in the next few posts, but this week I wanted to show off this Roza skin that is so gorgeous, from Glam Affair, and this necklace from Flightless, i’m so happy I got the pearl one! Go there and spend lots of lindens on games of luck and chance!

On Arni:

Skin: Roza <The Arcade Gacha 06> – Glam Affair (NEW @ The Arcade Event)
Hair: Tashia <MESH> – Truth
Body Tat: Elemental Skin Whitener – Chus! (Pixel Tyran)
Eyes: Mutant Eyes – .ID. (@ Grunge Soul Project)
Lashes: Lashes Dainty Black <MESH> – Beetlebones ( suetabulous yootz)
Horns: Horn Set #1 <MESH> – O.M.E.N (DamascusVera Resident)
Ears: Sylven Ears <MESH> – Europa (kazuhiro aridian)
Piercing: The Minimalist – Hebenon Vial (Trisha Zweig)
Necklace: Deer Bead Neclace (rare) – Flightless (Flightless Resident, NEW @ The Arcade Event)
Shirt: Sheer Henley – Aitui (OLD)
Corset: Geometric Corset <MESH> – ISON
Skirt: Suede Mini Skirt <MESH> – Hucci (Eboni Khan)
Leggings w/ Shoes: Leggings Couture <MESH> – Maitreya
Nails: Tintable White Claws – ni.Ju (Vitani Jun)
Tail: Upright Demon Tail – Lemon Tea (Sei Minuet)

On Lix:

Skin: Jen Fair – League
Lipstick: Sinistre – DeadApples (Soleil Reid)
Makeup: Red Panda . Pure Black – ni.ju (Vitani Jun)
Tattoo: To the ends of the Earth – Blackfeet (BlackFeetTattoos)
Hair: Hydrangea – AY.Line (Anywa Nyoki)
Bow: Silk Bow Headband (modded) – Elate (Kelly Iwish)
Corset: Geometric Corset <MESH> – ISON (Harry Hyx)
Bottoms: Ultra High Waist Panties – Gawk (Mell McMahon)
Stockings: Torn Shiny Tights – Sheer (Sh Oluja)
Fishnets: Fishnet Wide – Erratic (Erratic Rain)
Socks: Side-Gartered Stockings – League
Shoes: Distress Wedge Bootie – ::LC:: (Piinky Chrome)
Piercing 1: Solitude – Pekka ( Kathya Szczepanski)
Piercing 2: Extreme Dermal – Little Pricks (Syn Beresford)
Fixation: Ultimate Cigarette – Hermony (Hermanni Laville)
Neklace & Rings: Nebula – KOSH (Lynaja Bade)
Claws: Claws – ni.ju
Eyes: Nebula – DeadApples
Ears: Basic Pointy Ears – Beetlebones (Suetabulous Yootz)
Tail: Imp Tail – SKNK (Tokeli Zabelin)
Horns: Horn Set #1 <MESH> – O.M.E.N (DamascusVera Resident)


WOW I realized that this is the 100th post on this blog…I dunno if that’s amazing because it’s 100, or bad because It’s only 100…but yay!!! Thank you for all sticking around ❤



On Arni:

Skin: Lilith Europa 05 – Glam Affair (NEW)
Hair: Alice <MESH> – Wasabi Pills
Eyes: Sinistre Eyes Drowned Brown – Dead Apples (Soleil Reid)
Lips: Matte Le Rouge – Dead Apples (Soleil Reid, NEW, these are beautiful!)
Ears: Cat Person Parts – Mutation Industries (Malluch Hecht)
Tail: Bobbed Tail – Lemon Tea (Sei Minuet, NEW. These can be retextured, tinted, and different anim speeds, I love this!)
Legs: Kawaii Legs <MESH> – Frick Finkler ( These legs are plain white and come with psd files to make your own textures, very easy to mod if you like doing that! I made mine black with little white socks to match my tail x3)
Tattoo Spots: Leopard Spots – Angel ( Anjelina Goldlust, Her store is now only on slxmarket)
Claws: Kokarri Claws – The Old Forge ( Nina Helix, she has really amazing fantasy/RP outfits and armor here)
Glove Tattoo: Claws – ni.ju (Vitani Jun)
Leg Tattoo: Demon Fades – Plastik
Necklace: Holotags – Tokugawa Heavy Industries ( Haruko Fukai, These are great, you use the hud to change the color and info on the tags)
Top: Slashed Tank <MESH> – Eaters Coma (kumii yoshikawa NEW)
Panties: Panties <MESH> – Canobu Almodovar (https://marketplace.secondlife.com/stores/91394)

Snake Eyes.

Ahh I should be asleep now but I wanted to get this post up for you guys x3. I picked up some goodies, including this beautiful makeup from Dead Apples, @ the Private Room Event!. Go check it out guys!

On Arni:

Skin: Jasmine Pure2 – Curio
Hair: Chika4 Type A – D!va (NEW)
Eyes: Brooding eyes – .ID.
Makeup 1: Vektra – ni.Ju (Vitani Jun, NEW)
Makeup 2: GlamGoth Bright Half Liner – Dead Apples (Soleil Reid NEW @ Private Room)
Lip Piercing: Snake Bites – ni.Ju (FREE)
Earrings: one + one piercings – Soo*Foo (soo Rascon)
Necklace: Beaded Necklace – Tresblah
Dress: Payton Dress – AppleMayDesigns
Belt: Vintage Chiffon Belt – League
Stocking: Tight 29b Very torn – *Sheer*
Shoes: Mia Wedge – Slink
Arm Tattoo: Snake Twist Medium – Para Designs
Body Tattoo:Rattle Snake – S (and) P (petiita blackbart, NEW @ Private Room)
Hands Tattoo: Henna Black – MEES (Terra Varriale)
Ring: Rumour Has It Ring – [DDL] (Melina Anatine, NEW @ Private Room)
Bracelet: Vipera Watch – ISON

Currently Listening To: Girls Generation (SNSD) – The Boys.

Fleet Fox.

Oooh New Blog Look! :3 Also, I just downloaded the new update for Pheonix Viewer, because the update means phoenix….SUPPORTS MESH! For anyone not happy with the mesh capable viewers, this should be an early christmas present! 😀 Go Check it out!

On Arni:

Skin: Bomi – Mothergoose
Hair: Nia – Kin (Kin Keiko)
Eyes: Lumiere Eyes – Dead Apples
Eyeliner: indie liner – tresblah
Peircing: Montum – Cobrahive
Necklace: Adira Necklace – Zaara
Ring: Kross Ring – Anthem (Krisha Ivanova)
Sweater: Kamsahabnida – {u.f.o} LUCKY BOARD
Shorts: Highrise hotpants – d.Select
Coat: Mods Coat – COCO
Mittens: Hobo Gloves – (fd)
Tights: Lamb Stockings – tresblah COLLABOR88
Shoes: Watershed – tulip. (Minami Susanowa)
Ear & Tail: Faux Type B – {Ililo} (il ilo)

Currently Listening To: Natalie Walker – Urban Angel


On Arni:

Skin: Snow – JeSyLiLO
Hair: Stella was a driver – Shag (NEW) *modded*
Goggle: Hacker Goggles – Tokugawa Heavy Ind.(Haruko Fukai)
Shirt: T.Noir – Tokugawa Heavy Ind.
Pants: Combat Pants – TonkTastic
Tattoo: Stripes – .B.D.Designs (Baiba Denimore)
Glove: Combat Cyber Glove – iLOGIC ( Lorek Eusebio)
Arm: Dead Space Module – TheDevastationProject (Dominodeysia crazyboi)
Boot: Ball Breaker Boot – The Fallen (Triad Fallen)
Horn: Horn Bumps – Lemon Tea (Sei Minuet ) *MESH!!*
Tail: Upright Demon Tail – Lemon Tea
Piercing: N Swirl – Cobrahive
Face Tat1: Injuries – cheLLe (Chelle Carousel)
Face Tat2: Face Scar – Infamous (Dahlia Darkstone)
Eye1: Silenced Eyes -DAMNED (Damnedshop Resident))
Eye2: Lumiere Eye – Dead Apples



On Ahrima:

Skin: Lennon The Soulman – Fruk ( Chucky Hollak)
Hair: Briannon – dDx- (Kallisti Burns)
Shirt1: Denim Western Shirt – Sleepy Eddy
Shirt2: Rockstar – villena (@ Perfect Wardrobe)
Pants: Cargo Pants – Ronsem
Boots: Dr. H – hoorenbeek
Peircing: Armor Piercing – .Pekka. (Kathya Sczzepanski)
Rings: SINRA nail/ring set – Mandala
necklace: Shamira dogtag – Mandala
Eyes: Brooding Eyes – .ID.
Arm: PlasmaArm – Shanobe Weyland (SLX)
Bag: Guitarcase – :SEY:

On Arni:

Skin: Katya Bronzed – Lara Hurley
Hair: Glass Birds – Clawtooth
Jeans: JuJu Jeans Black Lace – tresblah
Vest: Jean Vest – Willow
Shirt1: Vintage Band Jumper DMC – vive9 (@ Vintage Fair)
Shirt2: LongT – oyakin (Kinbo Akina)
Peircing: Nose Chain – RYCA (Ryca Doobie)
Cigarette: Cigarette – Reckless (Landon Mode)
Necklace: The Rosary – NSD
Hat: PomPom Knit Cap – NERD.P (Mogu Toxx)
Makeup: Glam Shadows – Dead Apples (Soleil Reid)
Teeth: Mouth Open Addon – [ PXL ]
Shoes: 2way short boots – J’s (JB Gazov)
Bag: DrumCase – :SEY:

Fashion Ninja.

A friend of mine told me I looked with a “Fashion Ninja” and I kind of had to agree. If you guys get the chance, check out this sim: SICK . It’s been around for a while but everyone should visit at least once in their sl travels. It’s a japanese styled mech combat sim and they have their own combat/weaponry system in place. Also has a great store with armor/weapons and mechas that you won’t be able to resist buying, because lets be honest, who hasn’t wanted to pilot a giant robot?

On Arni:

Skin: Summer/Wild Strawberry – Curio
Hair: Anje – Mirai Style
Eyes: Lumiere Eyes – Dead Apples
Makeup and Teeth: Lipgloss Pack! – Dead Apples (Soleil Reid)
Dress: Aishak Dress – :SK Designs:
Jacket: Roxe – Emery
Necklace: Cross Necklace – Tres Blah
Shoes: Platform Pumps – HOC Industries
Arm and Leg: Demon Fades – Plastik
Tattoo: Triumph – Ink’D Up! (Brodie Landar)
Piercing: Metal Mouth – Hebenon Vial (Trisha Zweig)
Ear: Demon Ear – CLabs (Tinintri Avium)
Belt: Dominator Belt – Insanya
Weapon: Blacktanto – Imagz (Magicka Moonite)
Claw: Essence claw – La Malvada Mujer