Ribbon Girl.

We are very excited to share with you the really cute new pullover sweaters from AJA! These shirts come in 4 different colors and are all sorts of cuteness! You can grab them at the AJA Mainstore or while you’re taking a look around the FTLO Ice Festival at our booth!

On Anni:

Shirt: Ribbon Girl Pullover – Dark Grey – AJA (NEW)
Skin: Jennifer Red Pale – *CandyDoll* (NEW)
Hair: SONIA 02 – 69 (Sixty Nine – Modded for hat)
Piercings: Scorpio – -.HoD.- (Modded) (Last New Release of the year!)
Hat: Knit Beret – ++AY.LinE++
Scarf: Lia Scarf – flor – MIEL
Leggings: Attack! Leggings – AJA
Cuffs: Ruffled Cuffs – *Linc*
Shoes: Verve Pumps – Maitreya
Gloves: Finger Tape – *Linc*

On Arni:

Shirt: Ribbon Girl Pullover – Black – AJA (NEW)
Skin: Mistletoe – *Novita Skins
Necklace: Treasured Peacock Necklace – [AddiCt]
Hair: Bon D-9 – CriCri
Pants: Bitter Jeans Ocean – [Miseria]
Peircing: “sweetly pained” – skream
Bag: shopper bag I Love You – C’est Moi!
Shoes: ballerina black –  [Pumpkin]
Tattoo: You’ll Go Out In Style – **Glam Trash**
Gloves: Funky Stars – Zanzo

Vespa to AJA Mainstore

Vespa to AJA @ FTLO Ice Fest


FTLO…Ice Festival.

Well four days in, and the FTLO Ice Festival @ Gleaming Waters is in full swing! We are just so thankful to be apart of this awesome event. Not only have we found some really nice winter items to add to our closet, but it was just nice to explore the beautiful sim, talk to some really nice people, and just enjoy the festivities.  We Are Sporting 2 looks today: the first is a collection of AJA items for the FTLO event, the exclusives, as well as some new items you can all find inside our hunt booth!

On Anni:

Hat: Limited Edition Winter Hat – Blue – AJA (FTLO Ice Fest Exclusive)
Jeans: Shredded Heart Knit Pants – Light blue – AJA (NEW, At the FTLO Booth)
Sweater: Frosty Knit Dress – AJA (Part of Frosty set – FTLO Exclusive)

Skin: Electric Blueberry – Yum – Curio
Hair: Poppyseed – !Lamb (past 50L friday color – modded for hat)
Piercings: Reach – -.HoD.-
Jacket: Military Cape Coat – AOHARU
Belt: Plugged Belt – Blitzed
Shoes: Armada Long w/warmer – Kookie
Gloves: Cozy Mittens – Reek

On Arni:

Hat: Limited Edition Winter Hat White – AJA (FTLO Ice Fest Exclusive)
Shirt: Icicle Shirt – AJA (FTLO Ice Fest Exclusive HUNT GIFT)
Leggings: Spectrum Leggings Black – AJA (NEW, at the AJA Booth)

Skin: A urora. 1/06/C – *Novita Skins
Hair: Clover – Lamb (111 event, modded for hat)
Skirt: Reptilia High Waisted – Kyoot
Coat: Scandinavian Knitted Jacket Black – [JEM] (NEW)
Boots: Knit Boots – AKEYO

The other look is mostly to show off the amazing goodies we found at this event. Starting today, the FTLO blogger contest begins,  so you should all go take a look at the entries (while you shop for some awesome exclusives, and hunt high and low for the winter hunt gifts hidden around the sim!  :3)We hope to see you all at the Ice Fest!!!

On Arni:

Dress/tights : Oh My…Snowflake Outfit – =[Pom.Pon.]= (FTLO Ice Fest Exclusive)
Coat: Knitted Sweater Pink – .:Relentless Couture:. (FTLO Ice Fest Exclusive)
Boots: Sparkle Snow Cute Boots – *Epic* (FTLO Ice Fest Exclusive)
Eyes: Snowflake Queen  – *evie* (FTLO Ice Fest Exclusive)

Skin: saioirse gift 1 – ::ICE COCO:: (Lucky Board)
Hair: SONIA 02 – 69 (NEW, Modded for Hat)
Hat: W Watch Cap – :sey

On Anni:

Hair: KnitCap – Cricri. –  (FTLO Ice Fest Exclusive)
Sweater:  Black Sweater Checker – =Zenith= (can be found at their FTLO booth)
Pants: Snowflake Dark Jeggings – [aRAWRa] (FTLO Ice Fest Exclusive)
Boots: Ugg Snow Boots – [Sassy Kitty Designs] (can be found at their FTLO booth)

Skin: Misteltoe  02/01 – Novita (Group Gift)
Piercing: Reach – -.HoD.-
Gloes: Fingerless Gloves – Linc
Candycane: NomCandycane – Plastik (Gacha)

AJA Opening!

Hello guys! We know we haven’t posted anything this past week, and we’re sorry about that. But, we have a good excuse! Our mainstore location is finally open!!!! It really was a labor of love, getting everything organized for the move, making some reaaallly great new stuff. AJA Mainstore is located in the FTLO headquarters sim, owned by Rhed Rhode (check out her mainstore, It’s Cake while you are here :D) We thought we would give you guys a peek at some of our new items!

Our Guitar Villain Guitars come with a hand version, as well as a back version. They are also scripted for damage, and have fighting animations with cool guitar sounds!!! Perfect for when u decide to turn a Pete Townshend windmill move into a bash over your friends head.

On Arni:

Tattoo: DaVinci Full Body Tattoo – AJA
Shirt: Lacey Shirts – Metropolis – AJA
Leggings: Attack! Leggings –  AJA
Face: Heart Set: Queen of Hearts Mole – AJA (comes in Heart Set)
Glasses: Retro Glasses: Nerdy 4 – AJA

Skin: Aurora. 2/6 – Novita Skins
Hair: Allegra – TRUTH
Skirt: Black and White Border Skirt – [AV] (by Miraiwave Iwish)
Gloves: Bandit Gloves – Kiliebe
Shoes: Black Ankle Boots – COCO

On Anni:

Body paint/Gloves: Painters Tattoo – AJA
Shirt:  Doodle Tops – Catch A Falling Star… – AJA
Pants: Painter Pants – Washed Out – AJA
Leggings: Playful Leggings – Shrooms – AJA
Eyes: Illusion of Safety – Turquoise – AJA (Coming soon!!)
Butt: Oops Lolli – Goodies Gacha – AJA

Skin: Summer Nights – Fudge – Mynerva
Hair: Aveli – Mustache (Modded for hat)
Piercings: Reach – -.HoD.-
Hat: Knit Beret – AY.LinE
Shoes: Pornstar Xtra High Tops  – Urban Bomb Unit
Necklace: StarSystem Necklace – Pastel Theory (Old Necklace) – used to be from Pacotille – Creator is Eden Minton
Belt: Montmartre Belt – MANNA
Mouth: Pinceaux Couleurs – MANNA

The DaVinci Tattoos are a unisex full body tattoo. Each pack includes 3 clothing layers as well as tattoo layers for SL ver.2, in faded, medium, and dark tones. Almost as detailed as DaVinci’s notebooks hehe.

Lastly, our other new items are the Lacey Tops. You can choose between 3 different Versions: the Metropolis, the Black Lace, or the Heartsick top. The lace over the cleavage and under the hem is sheer, perfect for a feminine touch.

We hope you like what you see! Take a trip on over to the store if you do :3.

Vespa Ride to AJA

Oops…My Bad.

I’m sure many of you participate in SL hunts, because hey, it’s a great way to get awesome free stuff, and find out about some great stores. That’s how we first heard of Acide!, owned by Acide Innovia. This hard working lady has made some really great accessories: scarves, piercings,jewelry, and lots of other neat stuff. Also, she is really active with participating in hunts; at any given time she will have lots of hunt items hidden around her store, and each prize is worth the effort of finding it. Acide was nice enough to let us try some of her items on, and it took a lot of time to decide which pieces to wear for this post, seeing as its all so nice! Right now she has an in-store hunt going on, plus, it’s unisex, so something for everyone! The FTLO Halloween event is another place where you can find her exclusive ftloh items, but its only till the end of the month. That being said, all of you lovely readers should be going to check it out XD.

On Arni:

Necklace: Dark Perly Kiss in Mouth – [Acide!]

Hand: Dream of Tears v2 – [Acide!] (Female gift Acide! Mini Hunt)

Skin: Sophie Smokey Pink – Mynerva

Hair: Uma – Maitreya (New)

Headband: ruf ribon light flowers – TokiD

Ears: Sad Elf Thorned -++ PandaExpress++

Shirt: Knit Sweater – Fishy Strawberry ( @ The Dressing Room)

Skirt: Reptilia High Waisted – Kyoot ( for Stumblebum 10/9 – 10/15)

Socks: Hole Leggings – *Kookie*

Socks 2: Thermal Socks Frayed – League

Boots: Wo Boots – Zero Number (closed)

On Anni:

Piercings: Kiss Me Set (Hard V1) – [Acide!] (Unisex gift Acide! Mini Hunt)

Tongue: Pique ma langue – Pink – [Acide!] (Unisex gift Acide! Mini Hunt)

Necklace: Nightmare Metal [Soft] – [Acide!] (Male gift Acide! Mini Hunt)

Belt: Chained Belt V1 – [Acide!] (Fashion Freaks 2  Hunt)

Skin: Fudge – Summer Nights – Mynerva

Hair: Nimue – Maitreya

Jacket/Shirt: BT Silver – AOHARU

Pants: SkinnahPantsRipped – Halftone – Greyscale – Plastik

Hands: Finger Tapes – SL (*Linc*)

Shoes: Boots009 – Black – [NC]

Ears: Sad Elf – Tribal – ++PandaExpress++

Ring: Piano 005 – A:B

I Bleed For You.

On Anni:

Skin: [PF] Elly <Cream> – Bloodthirsty – Pink Fuel (100L Exclusive at FTLOH)

Hair: Harriet – Kin (Hair Fair 2010)

Piercing: Fallen – Razor – .HoD.

Top/Gloves: Part of: Strapped Doll Outfit – .:Shush:. (FTLOH Exclusive Hunt Item)

Jacket/Collar: Addicted to Dopamine Harness – Kyoot

Leggings: Poison Apple Tart Leggings – .:it’s Cake:. (FTLOH Exclusive Item)

Belt: Plugged Belt – *Blitzed*Belt around upper

waist: Bow Waist Belt Black – Izzie’s

Shoes: Calvary Boots – SISU

Tattoo on Body: Tranquility – iNFLICT

Tattoo on Face: Webbed Vision – :: YaYo :: (FTLOH Exclusive Hunt Item)

Eyes: FTLOH Halloween Hunt Item – KnockKnock

On Arni:

Skin: Dia De Los Muertos – Pink Fuel (FTLOH hunt Exclusive)

Eyes: Tunnel Eyes – Nestle My Bossom (FTLOH hunt Exclusive)

Hair: 2Wave04 ver2. – CriCri

Ears: Animalistic Ears – Plastik

Shirt: Buttoned Down Shirt Black – *Linc*

Dress: Sinken Dress Wine – *Linc*

Gloves: babydoll is not dead yet – GHOST (part of dress set)

Belt: Waist Belt – Cobrahive

Tie: Crooked Tire – AJA

Backpack: Last Sleep Backpack – Virtual Insanity (gother than though hunt)

Socks: Fishnet Thigh High – Onyx Wear

Boots: Strap Long Boot -M’z Studio

Tattoo: Spot Tattoo – Hybrid

FTLO…Halloween, Part 3.

We have a bit of an addiction to really well made furniture, and the FTLOH Event has some pretty talented furniture designers. These exclusive items can all be found within the FTLO Halloween Sim, so head over there and grab yourselves a copy, you will love them. Also, In every picture, we are wearing the super super SUPER (yes, three supers) cute Cat Hoodies from Medley, the FTLOH exclusives.

Up first we have furniture from Cheeky Pea. The Hallowe’en Bench comes with 3 sets of menu poses; Couple, Friends, And Single. And the pumpkins eyes blink on and off. It’s textured beautifully and the poses all look really cute. The Kitsch Pouffe in the above picture is great, it comes with 3 different blanket fabrics, each one super adorable, and it also has 6 different animated poses. I know it’s Halloween themed, but im going to be really tempted to leave it out all year…

Jessential’s Furniture came out with this amazing Raven Cabinet, as well as the Autumn Bunting Flags behind it.  If you click on the bottom shelf, you can change the inside cabinet textures. These pieces are just really beautiful, we absolutely love them, and  already started filling the shelves with lots of our stuff.

On Anni and Arni:

Hoodies: Cat Hoodies In White and Brown – Medley (FTLO Halloween Exclusive Items)

Hallowe’en Bench and Kitsch Pouffe Cushion – Cheeky Pea (FTLO Halloween Exclusive Items)

Raven Cabinet and Autumn Bunting – Jessentials (FTLO Halloween Exclusive Items)


It’s here it’s here! After much anticipation, The FTLO Halloween Sim is finally open to the public. Rhed Rhode (Owner of the It’s Cake Store, and founder of the For The Love Of…Group) has really outdone herself. The sim is beautiful, done all in grey scale, with fully custom builds (all built by Rhed herself,) in  a kind of ” Tim Burton meets Steam Boat Willy ” style of design, and it when you tp in, you will spend atleast 10 minutes just staring at the amazingly unique cupcake prim trees, the giant octopus, and the little skulls all over (not to mention keeping an eye out for hidden hunt items around the sim).

Each vendor has made atleast 2 exclusive items for this month long event. There are over 40 designers for this, and for the entire month of October, you can walk around and explore their shops. There is also a sim hunt going on, where each designer has hidden free items around, so be on the look out for them. We will be doing a series of posts about this event, and we decided to start with Rhed’s Store, It’s Cake. She has created some really adorable FTLOH exclusives, and we couldn’t help but share them with you.

On Arnovial:

Skin: Zombie Skin Phase 3 – Plastik

Hair: gST04 – CriCri

Mouth: Sutured Lips – BB&B  (Battered Bruised and Broken FTLO Halloween Exclusive)

Neck: Frankenstein Neck Bolts – It’s Cake (FTLO Halloween Exclusive)

Shirt: Kawaii Frankenstein TShirt – It’s Cake (FTLO Halloween Exclusive)

Skirt: Military Dream Dress Bloody – SU! (dress bottom)

Tattoo: Franken Freak – AJA (Coming Soon )

Socks: Wooley Holey Socks – Civvies

Shoes: Chucks – WMD Feat. Hermony

Backpack: Last Sleep Backpack – Virtual Insanity (Gother than though Hunt)

On Anni:

Sweater: Midnight Hoodie – .:it’s Cake:. (Exclusive for FTLOH)

Mouth: Pumpkin Mouthy – .:it’s Cake:. (Exclusive for FTLOH)

Headband: Batty Headband – SARS! (Exclusive for FTLOH)

Leggings: Oh! The Horror Leggings – Bats – .:Relentless Couture:. (Purchased at FTLOH)

Skin: Sophie – Wreck – Mynerva

Hair: Heart – !Lamb

Necklace: Chained Link Collar – ~S.N.G~ (Group Gift)

Belt: Bash Belt – Silver – >>> moloko <<<

Shoes: Snol Black – Duck Nipple

Gloves: Fingerless Gloves Black – *Linc*

Tattoo: Feathers – [Plastik]