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Twinkle Little Star.

I just wanted to say, Thank you to all my readers in 2012, I hope everyone has luck, laughter, and many great things in 2013. Welcome to a new world :).

Twinkle little star


On Arni:

Skin: Dorothy Base – My Ugly Dorothy (NEW, Sopha Portal)
Hair: Swish 4in1 – LeLutka
Earrings: Pearl Studs – Glow Studio
Eyes: Spilled Milk Hazel – The Sugar Garden (eilfie sugarplum)
Blush: Tintable Blush – Candy Mountain (Mynx Legend)
Lips: Jenika A Lips – Modish (Ele Brandi, NEW @ Frost Event)
Sweater: Vintage Lace Cardigan – League
Skirt: Amor Fati Dress – Tres Blah (Julliette Westerburg)
Heels: Wedge Sandals Monique – DeLa (Kuranosuke Kamachi)
Necklace: Oui Necklace – Mon Tissu
Hands: Rigged Hands <MESH> – Slink
Headband:  Starstarstar headband – Tomoto (Tomo Wachter)

Listening To: Husky – Dark Sea 

Orange Caramel Lipstick.

Hiiiiii Everyone~! *waves wildly* I’m sorry if the blog has been quiet for the past week or two, I’ve had a lot going on irl, and I was working on something special for Halloween! This year as a sort of blog appreciation/Halloween gift, (since Halloween is one of my favorite holidays) I made a an outfit as a gift. The outfit is actually a recreation (to the best of my ability) of the outfit in Orange Caramels Video “Lipstick”. Orange Caramel is a K-Pop trio made up of members of the girl group After School. The video is sooo freaking adorable, and the song is so catchy, that I just had to try, and I think I did a pretty good job for fun. Anyway I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has stuck by this blog till now, and I hope you like the outfit. Send me a NC in world with your name and I’ll send it to you, though im gonna try to get my slx up and running again. and watch the music video below, bye guys!

On Arni:

Hair: Fresh Red 02 (Tinted) – [e] (elikapeka tiramisu)
Skin: Angela love skin – JM:Mai (NEW, Joman Mai)
Eyes: Spilled Milk Honey – The Sugar Garden (eilfie sugarplum)
Lashes: Fluffy Falsie lashes – Candy Mountain (Mynx Legend)
Hands: Mesh Rigged Hands <MESH> – SLink (NEW)
Socks: Tube Sock Orange – Sinistyle (Krius Misfit)
Shoes: F-Wings – 2REAL (2REAL Okelli)
Earrings: Pearl Studs – Glow Studio
OUTFIT (Dress, sweatband,hairclip, face tattoo): FREE GIFT FOR HALLOWEEN (Send your name on a Notecard to me (Arnovial Cale) in world and i’ll send it to you, or Marketplace Coming Soon(link to follow))

Currently Listening To: Orange Caramel –  립스틱(LIPSTICK)


Flight Feathers.


On Arni:

Skin: Cynthia 05 Confident – Essences (Inka Mexicola, GATCHA)
Hair: Sonny – RAW HOUSE
Eyes: Bronze Glass Eyes – Clemmm (Clem Velinov NEW, these are so beautiful and have a variety of colors)
Piercing: Forces – Pekka (kathya szczepansk)
Earring 1: Dragon Spiral Piercing – .HoD. (Aydan Darcy)
Earring 2: Hollow Cross Piercing – bellballs (Violette Vyper)
Bracelet: Rock ‘n’ Rolla Strapped – NS (Naith Smit)
Shirt: SoftySilky Blouse <MESH> – vive nine
Dress: June Skater Dress <MESH> – vive nine
Necklace: Crosses Necklace – glow studio
Tattoo: At Flight – Soulbeats (sairyn rhiadra)
Stocking 1: Nylon Baby – HouseOfFox (Fashionboi Landar, FREE GIFT)
Stocking 2: Drippy Tights – Sedmikraska (Haruna Nikitin, slmarketplace)
Shoes: Plateau Boots Lace – Whatever (AnnaGrey Resident, slmarketplace)

Currently Listening to: Woodkid – Iron

Battered & Bruised.

*Brushes the dust off of the blog*

It’s been a couple months since I’ve posted anything on here, I missed you all! The last few months for me have been crazy busy and I had to make some changes, so AJA was closed and I took some time away from Sl. As of right now I don’t know how often I will update the blog, I guess whenever the mood strikes me, but to anyone that still checks for updates on here thank you so much 🙂 Only being on again for the past few days, I noticed that mesh has started to take over. It’s a whole new challenge putting together an outfit with mesh and being a little rusty, this took my longer than usual, but anyhoo…enjoy!


On Arni:

Skin: Isla Pale Musk w/ Deepsmoke Lips – League (NEW)
Teeth: Teeth – Leafy
Eyes: Mai Jung eye5 – JM: Mai – (NEW, Joman mai)
Hair: Darling Nikki [tinted MESH] – Exile (NEW)
Tattoo: Mistress Tattoo – AUDRAN (Zane Audran)
Headband: Spike Headband – Beusy (Colorless Resident)
Necklace: Double Cross Necklace – Glow Studio
BruiseBody/ KnucklesPig: Spank Me I’m A Bad Girl/Knuckles – UtopiaH (petiita blackbart)
BruiseWrist: Bruised Wrist & Ankle – Muse Designs (Marielle Ling)
Crop: Riding Crop – xoxo ania (elyania ethanie)
Skirt: Gemmed Sticky & Sweet – Goth1co (Keishii Roo)
Shirt: Echo Tank Banded Sheer [MESH] – Chemisty (Kimberlee Miles)
Socks: Knee Sock Mit Suspender – Pig (Apatia Hammerer)
Boots: Studded Long Boots [MESH] – J’s (NEW, JB Gazov)


SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Feels%20Like%20Heaven/119/108/21

On Arni:

Skin: Daphne 01 – Glance Skins
Hair: *29/Brown – barberyumyum
Eyes: babydoll eye cyon – JM:Mai (Joman Mai NEW)
Teeth: OpenMouth Addon – [PXL]
Feather: Torn Feathers – [Knn] (Kevnin Titian)
Jacket: Retro Leather Jacket – >Poison< (NEW)
Shirt: Wolves Shirt – Pig (Apatia Hammerer)
Pants: Ripped Simple Denim – K&CO (Kenzie Craven)
Necklace: Necklace Rohan Onyx – [GlowStudio]
Shoes: Graveyard Boots – VOONER (Vooner Voom)
Belt: Autumn Belt – n-creation (nico200 Planer)
Belt2: Rabbit & Snake Belt – :SEY
Tattoo: Henna 1 – Wicked Tattoos (Shanea Parx)

These are a few of my favorite things.

So Christmas is over, I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays! 🙂 I decided to dedicate this post to the random cute things in SL I love to run around in. Info below!

On Arni:

Skin: Angel Divinity2 – Curio (NEW When i think of arni In my head she is always wearing a curio skin, I dunno I just love them)
Hair: Carolyn – Exile (NEW I have a thing for pink hair so when I saw this hair I automatically tinted it pink, It’s lovely!)
Eyes: Meadow – [glow studio]
Blush: Light blush – (love)cosmetics
Teeth: Teeth mod2 – Baiastice (Probably my fave teeth tat, it works so nicely with everything
Body: Elemental Skin Whitener – Chus! (FREE Pixel Tyran.She has this out at her cute store, It sits over your skin and makeup layers and omg its amazing)
Animal Bits: Bunny Ears and tail – Medusa Creations ( Sephiroth Juran. Lately i’ve been really hooked on diff animal parts, and the fact that I could tint these AND they wiggle…<3)
Shirt: Cropped Paris Rocks [Holiday] – Emery
Undies: Password Protected panties – AJA (Annittaa Darcy. Of all the things we have at our store, the undies anni made are my fave <3)
Pants: Pants Lh – Chandelle (Laise Hema)
Waist: Part of School Girl uniform – Arai (Modded, I shrunk the skirt thats attached to it so i could wear just the sweater)
Shoes: X Star Wing Shoe – *X*plosion (Kaliha Noel, Winged sneakers…enough said)
Piercing: Montum – Cobrahive (Probably one of the first piercings I bought on sl)
Necklace: Black Heart – *Ryca*
Tattoo: Skinny Love – DropTheAnchor (alannah inglewood. Love all of these tattoos!)
Bunny: Sleepy Rabbit – LANEVO (lantern oyen, This adorable guy blinks and moves, its just so cute!!)
Iphone: I phone 4 Typer – TSH (Jade Composer, You can find this guy on slx, love this typing anim!)
Glove: Funky Hand Stars – Zanzo (Another oldy but goody)


On Arni:

Skin: Bomi(A)2teeth – MotherGoose
Hair: Clara – TRUTH (NEW)
Eyes: Scenic Eye Bistre – [glow studio]
Sweater: Neato Pullover Hey Llamas – Madeleine (Xanadu Capelo)
Shirt: Happy Confidence Blouse – {Happy} (Alika Luminos)
Pants: Culotte Skirt – NINIKO
Boots: Mocassin – Severed Garden (Part of Pompy Set)
Bag: Furry Bag Brown Spotted Pony – Bang Bang (Sisch Firecaster)
Necklace: Dear Deer – RaMa Rowanberry (Faullon Resident)
Headband: Hair circlet – Severed Garden (Part of Pompy Set)
Glasses: Moose wood glasses – Madeleine (Xanadu Capelo)