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On Arni:

Skin: Love in Milk Tone w/ Iced Latte Lip Layer – Illusory (500L sale till the store merges with Aura)
Freckles: Isla Freckles – League
Hair: Eloise <MESH> – DeLa (Kuranosuke Kamachi)
Sweater: Slouchy Sweatshirt Peach <MESH> – mon tissu
Scarf: Pierre Scarf – Entente (Caelestinus Resident)
Piercing: The Minimalist – Hebenon Vial (Trisha Zweig)
Earring: Alice Earing – LaGyo
Tattoo: Haila Tattoo – Plastik (NEW)
Belt: Leather Belt Buckle <MESH> – Izzie’s
Pouch: Deryn Satchel Belt (Part of outfit) – Indyra Originals Couture
Pants: Skinny Leathers <MESH> – 1bp (Onebadpixel resident, Saw this on Bella and Dahlias blog, really an awesome pair of pants!)
Shoes: Camelia Wedge – BCC (Vitamingirl Resident, NEW)
Bracelet: Barcelona Bracelet <MESH> – MG (Maxi Gossamer, @ FaMESHed)

Song on Repeat:  José González – Down The Line

The Owl and the Pussycat.

Hello everyone, welcome to 2012! 🙂 This post took me a long time but It was worth it (thanks boo for being so patient while I stuck feathers on your head <3) I have a really beautifully illustrated copy of this poem, and It was sorta stuck in my head, so I decided to do a pic based on the poem x3

The Owl and the Pussy-Cat

The Owl and the Pussy-cat went to sea
In a beautiful pea-green boat,
They took some honey, and plenty of money,
Wrapped up in a five-pound note.
The Owl looked up to the stars above,
And sang to a small guitar,
“O lovely Pussy! O Pussy, my love,
What a beautiful Pussy you are,
You are,
You are!
What a beautiful Pussy you are!”

Pussy said to the Owl, “You elegant fowl!
How charmingly sweet you sing!
O let us be married! too long we have tarried:
But what shall we do for a ring?”
They sailed away, for a year and a day,
To the land where the Bong-Tree grows
And there in a wood a Piggy-wig stood
With a ring at the end of his nose,
His nose,
His nose,
With a ring at the end of his nose.

“Dear Pig, are you willing to sell for one shilling
Your ring?” Said the Piggy, “I will.”
So they took it away, and were married next day
By the Turkey who lives on the hill.
They dined on mince, and slices of quince,
Which they ate with a runcible spoon;
And hand in hand, on the edge of the sand,
They danced by the light of the moon,
The moon,
The moon,
They danced by the light of the moon.

On Arni:

Skin: AirHead Goldigger – Curio
Hair: Hair FNQ123 blonde – booN (Tinted Pink)
Eyes: Her Majesty/Royalty – Chus! (Pixel Tyran, LuckyBoard)
Whiskers: Color Change Whiskers – Drop Dead. (Odd Resident)
Necklace: Opelia Cameo – Lassitude & ennui (Jackal Ennui)
Coat: Fur Trimmed Coat – Mon Tissu
Sweater: Messy Cream Sweater – PARADISIS (Ankhari Tammas)
Dress&Belt: Pliss Dress & Belt Addon – Fishy Strawberry
Ears: Neko Ears – Cattire (Carra Fargis)
Tail: Neko Tail – How Vexing
Socks: OverKnee Socks – Izzie’s
Boots: Aviator Boots Amelia – [Gos]
Stripes: Tintable Tabby Stripes – CHIMERA (Mephitis Jezebel)

On Ahrima:

Skin: Hunter (03 Light) – the body co.
Hair1: Dura Boy30 – Dura (NEW)
Hair2: Taemin – Yasyn’s Odds and Ends (Yasyn Azemu, MODDED TO FIT WITH DURA HAIR)
Eyes: Summertime reflections – .ID.
Stubble: Heavy Stubble – Fruk (Chucky Hollak)
Plugs: Small Plug- Nox.
Jacket: Riders Leather Blouson – Aoharu (NEW)
Vest: Peacoat and pleated shirt/vest – Mr.Poet (Just vest)
Shirt: Work shirt – Mr. Poet (Just layered shirts)
Tattoo: Owl At Flight – Drop The Anchor (Alannah Inglewood)
Pants: Khaki Lowcrouch – Alienated (jimme neutron)
Boots: Outlander Boots – [380] (Froddo Beck, MESH)
Scarf: Fringe Scarf – Miel
HeadWing: Flexi Arm wings – CHIMERA (Mephitis jezebel, Modded and tinted to be worn in hair)



Toy Story.

On Anni:

Skin: MegAn Rose – Dutch Touch (Skin Fair)
Makeup: V2 Eyeshadows and Eyeliner – Mynerva (Skin Fair Gift cheap)
Hair: Kiki – Magika
Bow: Headband – MonS (Valentine Diva Hunt)
Piercings: Reach – -.HoD.-
Shirt: Top Lace Bow – Emery (NEW)
Skirt: Part Of – Print CottonT – **DP**yumyum (toraji Voom)
Stockings: Part Of – Dress as Pink – by Miraiwave Iwish (Free)
Socks: Avra Socks – Tee*fy
Shoes: Simple Black Flats – Tee*fy
Gloves: Finger Tape – Linc

Olive Juice – Watching it Snow
Olive Juice – Prim and Proper
Olive Juice – Brrr

On Arni:

Skin: Pout Pure1 – Curio (NEW, at skin Fair)
Hair: Paisley – Magika (NEW)
Makeup: Makeup v7 12 – Nunna’s (NEW)
Piercings: Torque V4 – .HoD.
Earrings: Moss earrings – SHADE THRONE
Necklace: Dark Owl Necklace – Happy Finds (group gift)
Shirt: Rumpled Long Tawny Owl T – Happy Finds (re-opened)
Vest: Draped Vest – Izzies
Skirt: cut off skirt black – *deviant girls*
Tights: Black Polkie Tights – ::MC:: (by Sonatrix Dench)
Boots: NAU Combat – The Abyss
Belt: Mikoto Belt – Mandala
Tattoo: Kanji Reborn -[ HUZ]

Hate me and eat me – *Propper Banzai* (lisbeth gummibaum)
Hate me and eat me – Strike the pose 3 (proposer hunt gift, lisbeth gummibaum)

Girl In The Black Hat.

Happy Holidays everyone!! :3 We were thinking about doing a Christmas post for today…but it’s already been 24 days of holiday cheer, so we went with this look as a change. See you all after the holidays ❤

On Anni:

Skin: Paige – Winter – Tan – Illusory/Atomic (currently @ atomic mainstore)
Hair w/Hat: Peek – (Posh)
Tattoo: Apocolypse – Para Designs
Glasses: Retro Glasses – AJA
Piercings: Reach – -.HoD.-
Shirt: Prudence Cardigan – Cream – {mon tissu}
Skirt: B-Zip Gray – Emery
Leggings: Lacy Leggins Black – Peqe (Rebranded from Fume)
Shoes: Kelsey Pumps – (Shiny Things)
Necklace: Broken Long Strand Black Pearls – (Caroline’s)
Belt: Part of High Waisted Skirt + Waist Belt – Izzie’s
Gloves: Fingerless Gloves – Linc

On Arni:

Skin: MoLy *Lightskin* – *JeSyLiLO*
Hair:Karen Black – kik
Mole: Beauty Marks – AJA(Coming Soon)
Hat: Waterbeck Hat – Theosophy
Jacket:Spiky Reception Jacket – (Royal Blue)
Shirt: Mimo Lapel Frill Shirt – SD Wear (by desdemona young)
Vest:Underbust Corset – AMG Boudoir (modded)
Skirt: High Skirt – .Villena. (NEW)
Stockings: Striped Two Faced Leggings – K&CO
Boots:Carly Boot – Lucy In Disguise (by myvegancookbook Bolissima)
Tattoos: Angelic Tattoo – ::Para Designs::

Ice Queens.

Hello Hello Hello Everyone! November was just a crazy, hectic month for us, then we went on vacation…so that’s why things have been a bit quiet on the blog. But don’t worry, we can safely say that we are back in bl…erm white! 😀 So without further ado, here’s our Ice Queen look, Enjoy!

Picture Taken At: AM Radio @ IDIA Laboratories

On Anni:

Skin: Joy – tb (111 event)
Hair: Gloria  – Truth
Jacket: Margo Jacket Silver – [Leezu!]
Skirt/belt: High waisted skirt + waist belt – Izzie’s
Piercings: Reach – -.HoD.-
Eyes/Gloves: Snowflake Eyes + Frosty Nails (Part of Frosty Set – FTLO Exclusive Item) – AJA
Tattoo: Snowflakes Tattoo – ::Para Designs::
Shoes: SKha V.3 White Ice Skates – ::V Style:: (FREE)
Collar: FORTE Neck Corset – [ROSAL]
Stockings: Fishnet Stockings – *Blowpop*

On Arni:

Skin: (Pale) Bent 2 – tb (111 EVENT)
Hair: Evi II – Maitreya
Eyes: Stray Cat Abyss – Umedama HOLIC
Lashes: Bohemian Raindrop Lashes – [glow] studio (old group gift )
Jewels: Eye Huggers Jewels – Battlefairy ( by Grace Selene)
Earrings: Enchanting Shadows – MODERN GYPSY
Jacket: White Trench – Tanpopo Demonia ( look for her on slx)
Waist/shoulder/undershirt: Militori Outfit – [AMG BOUDOIR]
Skirt Prim: HASU dress – ::SUGARCUBE::
Boots: Victorian Fur Boot – VC Designs (Vanilla Chemistry)
Tattoo: Jekll -fullbody tats (colorable) – Etchd*
Gloves: Painted on Metallic Gloves – The Sea Hole (part of the set)

I Bleed For You.

On Anni:

Skin: [PF] Elly <Cream> – Bloodthirsty – Pink Fuel (100L Exclusive at FTLOH)

Hair: Harriet – Kin (Hair Fair 2010)

Piercing: Fallen – Razor – .HoD.

Top/Gloves: Part of: Strapped Doll Outfit – .:Shush:. (FTLOH Exclusive Hunt Item)

Jacket/Collar: Addicted to Dopamine Harness – Kyoot

Leggings: Poison Apple Tart Leggings – .:it’s Cake:. (FTLOH Exclusive Item)

Belt: Plugged Belt – *Blitzed*Belt around upper

waist: Bow Waist Belt Black – Izzie’s

Shoes: Calvary Boots – SISU

Tattoo on Body: Tranquility – iNFLICT

Tattoo on Face: Webbed Vision – :: YaYo :: (FTLOH Exclusive Hunt Item)

Eyes: FTLOH Halloween Hunt Item – KnockKnock

On Arni:

Skin: Dia De Los Muertos – Pink Fuel (FTLOH hunt Exclusive)

Eyes: Tunnel Eyes – Nestle My Bossom (FTLOH hunt Exclusive)

Hair: 2Wave04 ver2. – CriCri

Ears: Animalistic Ears – Plastik

Shirt: Buttoned Down Shirt Black – *Linc*

Dress: Sinken Dress Wine – *Linc*

Gloves: babydoll is not dead yet – GHOST (part of dress set)

Belt: Waist Belt – Cobrahive

Tie: Crooked Tire – AJA

Backpack: Last Sleep Backpack – Virtual Insanity (gother than though hunt)

Socks: Fishnet Thigh High – Onyx Wear

Boots: Strap Long Boot -M’z Studio

Tattoo: Spot Tattoo – Hybrid

Life, Liberty and the Persuit of Brains!

Inspired by Brains: A Zombie Memoir, zombies have feelings too.  Read it, it’s a great book, and while you’re at it dress up and get some brains! Moarraaggh!

On Zombie Anni (left):

Skin: Zombie Femme Stage Three – Plastik

Hair: Say – !Lamb

Tattoo: Autopsy Tattoo – Calamity

Eye: Dangling Gouged Eye – CatniP

Lips: Stitched Mouth – Blood & Scars

Shirt: Pulled Fishnet Tank [Black] shirt – !Nayar

Pants: Ripped Dirty Jeans Black – Izzie’s

Head: Brains for your mouth – RC

Overlayers: Bloody Mess – OVERT

Gloves: Rotten Gloves – RT

Socks: SKanky Socks – Black Pirates – Primitive Design

Shoes: Hocs Lowtops – Bloody (Halloween Edition) – HOC Apparel

Belt: Dealer Belt – Blitzed

Chest: Chest Syringes (part of Nurse Outfit) – !RT

On Zombie Arnovial (right):

Skin: Zombie Femme Stage Three – Plastik

Hair: Medusa – Skinzor

Pants: Jeans Black Ripped&Netted – KHUSH

Shirt: BlackTank Ripped – ESW (on slx)

Boots: Wo Boots – [ON]ZERO NUMBER (closed now)

Blood: nail Jun Design Bloody – Love Soul

Blood: Bloody Mess – OVERT

Blood: Splatter upperbody – Blood & Scars

Mouth: Zipped Mouth –  Blood & Scars

Head: Bloody Kitchen Knife – by Laura Liberty

Arm: Broken Arm – Bloodline


Anni: Zombie_Walk (walking animation) – Larissa Designs & Animations

Arnovial: Ima Zombie Pose box – (p4p)