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Orange Caramel Lipstick.

Hiiiiii Everyone~! *waves wildly* I’m sorry if the blog has been quiet for the past week or two, I’ve had a lot going on irl, and I was working on something special for Halloween! This year as a sort of blog appreciation/Halloween gift, (since Halloween is one of my favorite holidays) I made a an outfit as a gift. The outfit is actually a recreation (to the best of my ability) of the outfit in Orange Caramels Video “Lipstick”. Orange Caramel is a K-Pop trio made up of members of the girl group After School. The video is sooo freaking adorable, and the song is so catchy, that I just had to try, and I think I did a pretty good job for fun. Anyway I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has stuck by this blog till now, and I hope you like the outfit. Send me a NC in world with your name and I’ll send it to you, though im gonna try to get my slx up and running again. and watch the music video below, bye guys!

On Arni:

Hair: Fresh Red 02 (Tinted) – [e] (elikapeka tiramisu)
Skin: Angela love skin – JM:Mai (NEW, Joman Mai)
Eyes: Spilled Milk Honey – The Sugar Garden (eilfie sugarplum)
Lashes: Fluffy Falsie lashes – Candy Mountain (Mynx Legend)
Hands: Mesh Rigged Hands <MESH> – SLink (NEW)
Socks: Tube Sock Orange – Sinistyle (Krius Misfit)
Shoes: F-Wings – 2REAL (2REAL Okelli)
Earrings: Pearl Studs – Glow Studio
OUTFIT (Dress, sweatband,hairclip, face tattoo): FREE GIFT FOR HALLOWEEN (Send your name on a Notecard to me (Arnovial Cale) in world and i’ll send it to you, or Marketplace Coming Soon(link to follow))

Currently Listening To: Orange Caramel –  립스틱(LIPSTICK)



Hey guys! I bought the Kumi skin from Pink Fuel, and it took some tweaking of my shape to suit this skin but I’m really liking my face right now ( I sound like a narcissist but its true haha) Nothing else new to report I guess, except I might do blog posts a bit differently from time to time. Depending how much time I have, Ill post with the old format, but the single edit pictures take me ALOT of time, and I end up not getting posts out when I would like. SO I might change it up and just post in a format as the mood strikes me, if I have the time ill be posting with the old style, otherwise I’ll just wing it. This one still looks nice though, hope you think so too! Oh and listen to the song at the bottom, it’s my current ringtone and it’s awesome 😛 hehe

On Arni:

Skin: Kumi Vanilla Pure w/ Freckles – PinkFuel (NEW, Mochi Milena)
Hair & Hat: Lyric – Chemistry <MESH> (Kimberlee Miles)
Eyeliner: 50’s Liner 5 – XCW (Alexandra Wilder, SLX)
Eye: Jung Eye 1 – JM:Mai (Joman Mai)
Teeth: Teeth – Leafy (Kaethe Dyrssen)
Piercing: Forces Piercing – Pekka (kathya szczepanski)
Tattoo: Cherry Blossoms 2 – Aitui
Necklace: Mermaid’s Heart – MG (Maxi Gossamer)
Top: Tied Top – TokiD
Coat: Classic Safari Jacket – Sleepy Eddy (Metro Moonwall)
Pant: Zipper Skinny Jeans <MESH> – Maitreya
Backpack: Lucky Ones – DDL (Melina Anatine)
Shoe: Short Boot Laceup <MESH> – J’s (JB Gazov)
Bracelet: Native Daydream – Yummy

Currently Listening to: Company of Thieves – Death of Communication


O hai guys! This weeks theme was Kit-Nin (Kitten-Ninjas) My waifu and bestie Mint  and I were trying to create a look for our new RP personas! and really, it doesn’t get much cuter than Kitten Ninjas. The only thing of note I will mention, because I get so many im’s and mails about this, is that many pieces of my outfits were heavily modded, whether I changed the color or placement of prims ect. I’ve found that I always have to obsessively adjust and tweak things when I make an outfit, and while the outfit snaps are not edited, the items you buy may look different before you mod them for yourselves. So please look at the items in world before you buy them. And start experimenting with your clothes people, you can make magic happen ..Or in this case, Kit-Nin happen! :>


On Arni:

Skin: Yuco N natural – JM:Mai (Joman Mai)
Hair: Betty Jean Moss <MESH>- Lamb
Cleavage: Cleavage 3 – AYUMI (ayumi shinn)
Goggle: Camo Goggles – Z.A.F ARMY (Johan Bizet)
Ear: Perso Ears Wired – twee. (Verinne Ansar)
Bandage: Nose Bandage – Bella Domella
Armor: Krova Saboteur – KROVA (Arken Soothsayer, marketplace)
Tattoo: Tintable Tabby Stripes – CHIMERA (mephitis jezebel)
Pants: Combat Trousers <MESH> – Tokugawa Heavy Industries (Note: Your shape will need alot of tweaking for these pants, but I was happy with them)
Shoe Add-ons: Boots from Urban Assasin Set (Tonnakub Brianna , Note: These shoes were heavily modded to fit over the mesh shoes attached to the pants)
Tail: USB Tail – Ocello (Ayaka Ocello, Store Re-Opening soon!)
Glove: Combat Gauntlets – Blue Galaxy (Ash Soyinka)
Wrist:Combat Cyber Gloves – iLOGIC
Gun: XM <66 Carbine> – Seraphim Systems (Syl Kiranov)


On Mint:

Skin: Skin of the Sunday 16 – My Ugly Dorothy (Sopha Portal, 150l)
Hair: Zia II Magnate03 <MESH> – Burley
Lips: Lipgloss V2 L01 – My Ugly Dorothy
Eyes: Magna Carta Stone – Asaria (Pryar Kirax, Love these eyes!)
Bow: Rabbit Ear Headband – Ity. (Mohsin Paulino)
Ears: Perso Ears – twee. (Verinne Ansar)
Armor: & Gloves: G369 Gravity – GRAVES (part of outfit)
Bodysuit: Latex Swimsuit (Redgrave)
Tattoo: Tig Stripes – Pekka (Kathya szczepansk)
Tail: Audio Tail – Scribbles Habilis
Legs: Athletic Socks – RUT <MESH> (Tangent Enyo)
Guns & Holster: HP-26 – Rapture Weapons (Niiya Narayan)


Battered & Bruised.

*Brushes the dust off of the blog*

It’s been a couple months since I’ve posted anything on here, I missed you all! The last few months for me have been crazy busy and I had to make some changes, so AJA was closed and I took some time away from Sl. As of right now I don’t know how often I will update the blog, I guess whenever the mood strikes me, but to anyone that still checks for updates on here thank you so much 🙂 Only being on again for the past few days, I noticed that mesh has started to take over. It’s a whole new challenge putting together an outfit with mesh and being a little rusty, this took my longer than usual, but anyhoo…enjoy!


On Arni:

Skin: Isla Pale Musk w/ Deepsmoke Lips – League (NEW)
Teeth: Teeth – Leafy
Eyes: Mai Jung eye5 – JM: Mai – (NEW, Joman mai)
Hair: Darling Nikki [tinted MESH] – Exile (NEW)
Tattoo: Mistress Tattoo – AUDRAN (Zane Audran)
Headband: Spike Headband – Beusy (Colorless Resident)
Necklace: Double Cross Necklace – Glow Studio
BruiseBody/ KnucklesPig: Spank Me I’m A Bad Girl/Knuckles – UtopiaH (petiita blackbart)
BruiseWrist: Bruised Wrist & Ankle – Muse Designs (Marielle Ling)
Crop: Riding Crop – xoxo ania (elyania ethanie)
Skirt: Gemmed Sticky & Sweet – Goth1co (Keishii Roo)
Shirt: Echo Tank Banded Sheer [MESH] – Chemisty (Kimberlee Miles)
Socks: Knee Sock Mit Suspender – Pig (Apatia Hammerer)
Boots: Studded Long Boots [MESH] – J’s (NEW, JB Gazov)

The Great Girl Gumshoe.

It’s A Mystery~! On Arni:

Skin: Gahee 1 – Mothergoose
Hair: Bevel Tucked Plum – (love) (NEW, Mae Liamano)
Lips: Ellyn Cheukema – JM:Mai
Glasses: Neon Glasses – Alphavillain
Earrings: Earring Panda – Love Soul
Jacket: Neck Jacket+ Check – SOUP (Suppe Koba)
Sweater: VNeck Knit Pink – ARAI
Necklace: Camera Necklace – 2LAG (Evis Button)
Belt: Loose Belt – Pepper
Pants: 118 Damaged Jeans – [ 2byte ] (NEW, Nomak Nyoki)
Sneakers: Atuzoko Sneaker White – 1mm (Mirin Shippe)
Backpack: 3way classic bag – 1mm (NEW)
Flashlight: Neko_Flashlight – Kurotsubaki (OLD)

Currently Listening To: 도나웨일 (Donawhale) – Echo



SLURL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Feels%20Like%20Heaven/119/108/21

On Arni:

Skin: Daphne 01 – Glance Skins
Hair: *29/Brown – barberyumyum
Eyes: babydoll eye cyon – JM:Mai (Joman Mai NEW)
Teeth: OpenMouth Addon – [PXL]
Feather: Torn Feathers – [Knn] (Kevnin Titian)
Jacket: Retro Leather Jacket – >Poison< (NEW)
Shirt: Wolves Shirt – Pig (Apatia Hammerer)
Pants: Ripped Simple Denim – K&CO (Kenzie Craven)
Necklace: Necklace Rohan Onyx – [GlowStudio]
Shoes: Graveyard Boots – VOONER (Vooner Voom)
Belt: Autumn Belt – n-creation (nico200 Planer)
Belt2: Rabbit & Snake Belt – :SEY
Tattoo: Henna 1 – Wicked Tattoos (Shanea Parx)

Hairspray & Ribbons.

Photo taken at Fungus

On Anni:

Skin: Teegan – Apple May Designs (Apple May)
Teeth: Easter Gift – Mynerva (Rhapzody Wilde) (Will reopen in a month max)
Eyes: Night Forest – Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
Hair: 083 – Love Soul (BlueStarRUI Villo)
Glasses: Junior Shades – Reek (Riq Graves)
Earrings: Mushroom Earrings – Beauty Code (JaneDark Miles)
Shirt: Preppy Tops – AMERIE (Amerie Spitteler)
Pants: SkinnyJeans – -paper.doll- (Zoey Gabardini)
Bracelet: Bright Green Polka Dot Bracelet – kitsch me (Guinevere Kirshner)
Belt: Blows u – !Admiral Spicy! (Sunny1986 Ember)
Shoes: Panu Shoes – Picnic (nyasyousa Oh)

[Mixed] 029 – don’t freak out! (Willa Whybrow)
make me forget. – <Porcupine love> (Chillatrix GossipGirl)
[Mixed] 025 – don’t freak out! (Willa Whybrow)

On Arni:

Skin: Portia Pale – Ispachi
Hair: Hair 016* – [Love Soul]
Teeth: Exposed teeth – {Cara Bella}
Cheek:Red Spiral Blush – *Ki* (Kiti Kira)
Headphone: Starphone – Cobrahive
Eye:Limpid Brown – JM:Mai Skins (joman mai)
Tattoo: Fortune – ::IRURU::/iren (irka bing)
Shirt: Ulrika top – Artilleri
Jacket:Nylon Parka – *ARAI*
Pant: Skinny Ripped Jean – Atomic
Belt: Andavi Belt – Pepper
Shoe: Slip OnS – RONSEM
Necklace: Take Flight – {mon tissu}
Keychain: Foxtail Keychain – A:B (Icemoon Lee)

[mixed]024,016,018 – dfo! (Willa Whybrow)