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O hai guys! This weeks theme was Kit-Nin (Kitten-Ninjas) My waifu and bestie Mint  and I were trying to create a look for our new RP personas! and really, it doesn’t get much cuter than Kitten Ninjas. The only thing of note I will mention, because I get so many im’s and mails about this, is that many pieces of my outfits were heavily modded, whether I changed the color or placement of prims ect. I’ve found that I always have to obsessively adjust and tweak things when I make an outfit, and while the outfit snaps are not edited, the items you buy may look different before you mod them for yourselves. So please look at the items in world before you buy them. And start experimenting with your clothes people, you can make magic happen ..Or in this case, Kit-Nin happen! :>


On Arni:

Skin: Yuco N natural – JM:Mai (Joman Mai)
Hair: Betty Jean Moss <MESH>- Lamb
Cleavage: Cleavage 3 – AYUMI (ayumi shinn)
Goggle: Camo Goggles – Z.A.F ARMY (Johan Bizet)
Ear: Perso Ears Wired – twee. (Verinne Ansar)
Bandage: Nose Bandage – Bella Domella
Armor: Krova Saboteur – KROVA (Arken Soothsayer, marketplace)
Tattoo: Tintable Tabby Stripes – CHIMERA (mephitis jezebel)
Pants: Combat Trousers <MESH> – Tokugawa Heavy Industries (Note: Your shape will need alot of tweaking for these pants, but I was happy with them)
Shoe Add-ons: Boots from Urban Assasin Set (Tonnakub Brianna , Note: These shoes were heavily modded to fit over the mesh shoes attached to the pants)
Tail: USB Tail – Ocello (Ayaka Ocello, Store Re-Opening soon!)
Glove: Combat Gauntlets – Blue Galaxy (Ash Soyinka)
Wrist:Combat Cyber Gloves – iLOGIC
Gun: XM <66 Carbine> – Seraphim Systems (Syl Kiranov)


On Mint:

Skin: Skin of the Sunday 16 – My Ugly Dorothy (Sopha Portal, 150l)
Hair: Zia II Magnate03 <MESH> – Burley
Lips: Lipgloss V2 L01 – My Ugly Dorothy
Eyes: Magna Carta Stone – Asaria (Pryar Kirax, Love these eyes!)
Bow: Rabbit Ear Headband – Ity. (Mohsin Paulino)
Ears: Perso Ears – twee. (Verinne Ansar)
Armor: & Gloves: G369 Gravity – GRAVES (part of outfit)
Bodysuit: Latex Swimsuit (Redgrave)
Tattoo: Tig Stripes – Pekka (Kathya szczepansk)
Tail: Audio Tail – Scribbles Habilis
Legs: Athletic Socks – RUT <MESH> (Tangent Enyo)
Guns & Holster: HP-26 – Rapture Weapons (Niiya Narayan)


My Body Is A Cage.

Sorry It’s been so long since the last post! I was on vacation for a week and when i got back, it seemed like i never had enough time to get these pics done. But hooray! I finally finished it 🙂 This outfit came to be ( In a round about way) because i’ve been super excited for the upcoming John Carter of Mars film * u * The song they used in the trailer is  “My Body is A Cage”  – by Peter Gabriel (Covering The Arcade Fire).  It’s Such a good version, I have it on repeat right now ( I THINK they also used it in House, for anyone that watches that show). Anyway, I love the idea behind the lyrics, so this is kinda where my mind wandered while listening. I hope you like the outfit, and as always , if anyone has any questions just shoot me a message !   ❤ Arni

On Arni: (Note: This Outfit was VERY Heavily Modded So I tried to state that below. Check In World Before you buy those items. Also Multiple Tattoo Layer Viewers Are Required)

Skin: Aubree ElvenCool – Cstar (Limited Edition)
Hair: Sett Black&Silver – MiraiStyle
Bangs: Lovetones Ink Bangs – Lamb (OLD)
Lips: Lara Lips and Teeth Plum – Shakeup (Carrie Janick)
Teeth: Open Mouth Addon – {PXL]
Piercing: Liquid Ink – Hebenon Vial (Trisha Zweig)
Horns: Walton’s Parade: Gallant Capricus Horn – Contraption (Faust Steamer)
Monocle: Gavin’s Monocle – Contraption
Face Paint: Zion Grey Facepaint – Nuuna’s (Nuuna Nightley)
Collar: Encircled Necklace – How Vexing! (Sei Minuet)
Body Tattoo: Iman body Paint – HANDverk (Daphne Klossovsky)
Hand Paint: Claws – ni.ju. (Vitani Jun)
Hand Paint 2: Demon Fades Lavender – Plastik (TINTED)
Arm Tattoo: Forza Tattoo – Juicy Box( Jossy Haiku)
Suspenders: Flossy Top – Alter Ego (Toxxic Rhiannyr , Part of outfit)
Bra: Soft Words Lingerie – Kyoot
Pants:Krystal – Nein! (Sahara Tyne,  MODDED & Part of outfit)
Hooves & Tail: Kirin Love – Violent Seduction (MODDED)
Wrist: Chained Cuffs – DERP. (Arnold Sillanpaa)


Carnage is a brand new weapon store whose katanas have actually been around for a little while now.  All their stuff is amazing with custom sculpts, textures and scripted for damage, you’ll be surprised with the amount of detail you’ll get with these.  They are a small store, growing each day so they offer free updates after purchasing their weapons.  This post is a little preview of some of the weapons that are coming out soon so keep your eyes open!  We had some fun suiting up with the owners of the store and what better as a fashion accessory then a sexy katana or gun!  Oh and the holsters should be up for sale separate tonight or tomorrow so go grab a copy!

(Group photo is photoshopped so for actual images of the items included in the picture please refer to each persons individual photo below)

From Left to Right:

On Jay:

Featured Carnage:
Thunder Katana
Holsters (Part of Desert Eagle or separate)

Hair: Krima – 99Hair (Emelie Carter)
Jaw: Hollow Helm – Lanevo (LANTERN OYEN on slx)
Necklace: kurosu necklace – Cobrahive (Chikane Kaligawa)
Pants: dsg broadly Pants / black – [JP] (Jasper Potez)
Briefs: underpants – Amerie (Amerie Spitteler)
Jaw: Steel Mandible – Lantern Evolution (Lantern Oyen)
Tattoo: tattoo Dire Sleeve variant – Aitui (Jesseaitui Petion)
Hairbase:  5 etched hair Bases – Aitui (Jesseaitui Petion)
Bracelet 1:  Fallen bracelet – HoD (Aydan Darcy)
Bracelet 2: wrist band rock’n’rolla –  (ns) (naith Smit)
Gloves: taped fists – SiniStyle (Krius Misfit)
Shoes: drunks shoes Urban Bomb Unit (Coke Dreadlow)
Piercings:  piercings – kowp (Skyler Melnik)

On Arni:

Featured Carnage:
Desert Eagle (Coming super soon in 5 different colors!)

Skin: Cynthia’s Sister:Hope n’ Pray – Mynerva (EDIT: Mynerva has unfortunately closed until further notice 😦 )
Hair: Willow – Raw House (New)
Hairbase: Chess – DeeTalez
Tattoo: Mirror’s Edge Tattoo – Xeno Cyber Wear (by Xenomorph Wonder )
Visor: Pulsar Soundglasses – [sYs]
Collar: Neon Cyber Collar – by Neo Lyvette ( SLX Marketplace)
Dress: Sheer Dress Grey/Yellow – Kamikaze (by Miuccia Klaar)
Stockings: vantage leggings gray – [BUKKA]
Gloves: Daft Punk Robot Gloves – PharenDigital (by Pharen Mayako)
Wrist: Star*Cuffs – u.n.y.u. (by Iruga Xue)
Thigh: Leg Panel GRENADE – D1&MTG (by Kamil Noel)
Boots: [L] PrototypeBoots – Tokugawa Heavy Industries ( by Haruko Fukai)

On Anni:

Featured Carnage:
Fire Katana
Uzi’s (coming soon)

Skin: Jasmine – Wood – Curio(Gala Pheonix)
Tattoo: Dragon Trinity Full Body – Mynerva (Rhapzody Wilde) (sadly closed for now ;()
Eyes: Elfin Eyes – Dark Matter – Negaposi (DurtTrashDurt Zipper)
Hair: DIY Haircut – !Lamb (Lamb Bellic)
Mask: Oral Pleasure Mask – Zanzo (Drusus DuCasse)
Helmet: Skull Bowl – DECO (Barf Delicioso)
Shirt: Revolutionary Tee – *Fishy Strawberry* (Culture shock) (Fae Eriksen)
Suspenders: Grandad Braces – *League* (Nena Janus)
Scarf: HempScarf – The Closet (bambi63 Rehula)
Shorts: Denim Cutoff Shorts – Tres Blah (Julliette Westerburg)
Waist: Stole Set – =IZUMIYA= (Izumi Homewood)
Fishnet: Fishnet Tights – Blowpop (Annyka Bekkers)
Socks: Side gartered Stockings – *League* (Nena Janus)
Boots: GTFO Boot – [Gos] (Gospel Voom)
Gloves: Leather gloves – Hermony (Hermanni Laville)

On Johns:

Featured Carnage:
Axe (soon)
Holsters (Part of Desert Eagle or separate)

Gloves: Taped Fingers & Black Nails (No Thumb) – SiniStyle (Krius Misfit)
Glasses: Retro Glasses – Solids – Black – AJA (AJA Scientist)
Shirt: Dendi Shirt & Tank WW – -SG- (Morphine Janick)
Boots:FM_Boots//SlowRider[Black_Leather] – <TheAbyss>
Pants:  M_Distressed_Leather_Pants – <TheAbyss> (Mars Absent)
Hair: MAX Dark – [CheerNo] (CheerNo Destiny)
Tattoo: DaVinci Tattoo – AJA (AJA Scientist)
Skin: Jay N smoky2 – JM:Mai (Joman Mai)
Scarf: Keffiyeh – TonkTastic (Tonk Tomcat)

On Josh:

Featured Carnage:
Fire Katana
Desert Eagle (Coming super soon in 5 different colors!)

Skin: Josh T3 Vegas – KENTO (by Kento Yardley)
Mask: *Deadface* v2 – AQ Face Tattoos (by Aella Questi)
Earrings: Black Plugs – Nox.
Hair: Dura Boy 17** – DURA
Eyes: kreepy eyes – Candy Mountain (by Mynx Legend)
Shirt: Work Shirt Black w/ belt – Mr. Poet
Pants: Dark jeans_normal – >>Poison<< (by Corocota Torok)
Tattoo: Da Vinci Tattoo – AJA
Necklace: Necklace 021 -** JOMO** (by xiaoduo Abbot)
Gloves: Full length tape gloves – Nomine (by Munchflower Zaius on Slx)
Boots: Dr. H boots – Black – [Hoorenbeek]

Sweet Disposition.

Oh, reckless abandon…

On Anni:

Skin: MegAn Rose – Dutch Touch
Makeup:  Eyeliner & Eyeshadow v2 – Mynerva
Hair: Clover – !Lamb (modded a bit to fit hat)
Piercings: Reach – -.HoD.-
Glasses: Retro Glasses – 3D – AJA (Group Gift)
Hat: BunBun Hood – AJA (NEW)
Scarf: Warm & Safe Scarf: Wrapped Up – AITUI
Shirt: V neck knit – ARAI
Pants: Trop Grand Shorts – AITUI
Socks: Socks02 – ARAI
Shoes: Checkered S001 Shoe – Armidi
Gloves: Fingerless Gloves – Linc
Tattoo: Apocolypse – Para Designs

Glitterati – Hips – 6
Olive Juice – Bundle Up
Visavi – Wanna play a game?

On Arni:

Skin: Aimee nude – Lara Hurley
Hair: Danick – Urf Urf! ( by Noelle Neaph)
Glasses: Chou cream glasses – Duboo*
Piercings: Montum – Cobrahive
Sweater & Shirt: V- Neck Cardigan – [Sleepy Eddy]
Necklace: A Lil’ Luck 4 The Luckless – AJA (Depraved and Luckless Hunt – FREE)
Pants: Low Unbuttoned Jeans – Sassy Kitty
Shoes: Deck Shoes Diamond – Vooner (by Vooner Voom)
Tattoo: Be Mine – HUZ (by Hunain Bellic)
Bag: Marti Bag Gacha _Art – Vooner ( GACHA by Vooner Voom,)
Backpack: Penguin b&w rucksack brown – D-Lab (GACHA by dazai Voom)

Poses By <Porcupine Love> :
– into her eyes
– do that living thing
– what can i do.

Artful Dodger.

On Arni:

Skin: Emy – cheap &chic – Al Vulo (50 ls @ the Fashion Garret)
Hair: Mess – Lamb (NEW)
Peircings: Solaris – Visavi
Earrings: Medium Plug – Nox.
Ring: Quit Playin Games with My Heart – Nox.
Necklace: Chango Necklace – Ticky Tacky
Vest: Short Vest – COCO
Shirt:Pocketed Cropped T – Vive9
Shorts: High Waist jean Short – Milk Motion
Tattoos: Neo2 – Garden of Ku
Socks: Knee Sock Mit Suspender – Pig
Boots: Atlus Marker Boots – ADJUNCT (by myvegancookbook)
HipBag: Leather Bag – [BUKKA] (Subscriber Gift)

Poses: The little roselles, coffee viennese, I see Red – xbordeaux

On Anni:

Skin: Eva – Natural – Glam Affair (V.Day Group Gift)
Makeup: Nuuna’s
Piercings: Reach – -.HoD.-
Necklace: Nothing’s Necklace – -.HoD.- (NEW)
Hair: Me – [e]
Lashes: Elf – MStyle
Shirt: Loose Hemp T-Shirt – IZUMIYA
Jacket: Long Jacket – NINIKO
Skirt: legshow! Skirt – Berries Inc.
Leggings: Leggings Pack – *Crazy*
Shoes: Worker Boot – Urban Warehouse (:::Coy:ott:::) Created by Renata Coy
Belt: Jeans Belt – Pepper
Gloves: Finger Tape – Linc

Poses: Olive juice – Venus
Visavi -Aye, aye, Captain!
Olive juice – This is a Barb

Dark Arts.

On Arni:

Skin: Old Bones G Pale – &Bean
Hair: Addict – Lamb (NEW)
Eyes: Prim Eye Gold – BomBom
Ears: Elven Ears a5 – Illusory (these ears are so gorgeous!)
Makeup:  Nuuna’s Makeup v6 4 – Nuuna’s
Piercings: Torque v4 – .HoD.
Necklace: Chained Necklace – AddiCt
Corset: Corsage Dress – Ha!
Pants: Rock Leggins – *Crazy*
Stole: Fox Fur Stole – Mimikri (NEW)
Boots: Engineer Boots – *COCO*
Tattoo: E-Y2-BODY2 – Dream Ink Designs ( esra Noyes)
Nails:Jet Diamond Nail & Melee Claws – Gianetti
Bracelet: The Prayer of Forgiveness – .HoD.

On Anni:

Skin: Paige Tan – Winter – Illusory
Tattoo: DaVinci Tattoo – AJA
Hair: Lori – 99 Elephants
Hair Base: Shaved Tattoo Layer – 99 Elephants
Eyes: Eye Prim – Ice – BOMBOM (awesome!)
Piercings: Reach – -.HoD.-
Lashes: Bad Elf – MStyle
Ears: Elven Ear a3 – Illusory (amazing!!)
Jacket: Cyber Shrug – Panda Express
Top: Part of Ambrice Impromptu/Stark – Plastik
Pants: Jeans Back Ripped – Khush
Boots: Armarda Long – Kookie
Belt: Rock’n Rolla Belt – Hermony
Gloves: Fingerless gloves – Linc


Hey guys .. another case of identity fraud ‘aka’ stealing other peoples work and trying to sell it off as your own.  -.HoD.- has always brought us the best of the best when it comes to unique (emphasis on unique) and sexy piercings.  Aydan Darcy found out her latest collection had been duplicated in another store so decided to put the items for half off in her store till wed. Please! go show your support to -.HoD.- and buy the items! Also remember to be original! G’day.

Note: Photos are both photoshoped, changes made to the lighting, hair, a few highlights/shadows into the skins and the blood on the spinal piercing.

On Anni:

Digital Spinal Piercing – -.HoD.-

Other stuff:

Hair: Glass Candy – !Lamb

Tattoo: Apocolypse – Para Designs

On Arni:

Thrust Piercing – -.HoD.-

Other stuff:

Hair: AEN105 – booN

Hairbase: Gathered hairbase – booN

Shirt:Rawr! BlackShirt – =SEVEN=

Pants: UPS Pants – [NV] (NEW)

Panties: Password Protected Panties – AJA

Tattoos: Hannya2 Tattoo – Warudakumi (by Taima Hathaway)