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Sugar Rush.



On Arni:

Skin: Clover – Essences (NEW @ Skin Fair)
Hair: Turn The Page <Mesh> – Exile
Eyes: Brooding Light Brown – .ID.
Freckles: Sweet Heart Speckles – Sugar Heart (Sugar Heartsdale)
Lip: Soft balm dp – JM:Mai
Shorts: Abbey highwaisted shorts – Tee*fy
Shirt: Baseball Cardigan <Mesh> – COCO (NEW)
Socks: Black Socks – PopFuzz (Popfuzz Bamboo)
Shoes: Tier3 Sneaks – VERSHE (RedPoly Inventor)
Necklace 1: Yummy! – Love Soul
Necklace 2: Lip Charm – *MM* (Pearlie Pedro)
Necklace 3: Slime Necklace – l3ighl33 Resident
Tights: Heart Tights – Sugar Heart (Sugar Heartsdale)
Cap: SwagtastiCap <Mesh> – RO (NEW)

Doesn’t Play Well With Others. (Kyoot Store Closing)

I didn’t really have anything planned to say for this post, but Yesterday I got a NC from Kyoot. It seems after 7 years in SL, Saeya Nyanda is closing down her clothing store Kyoot. When I first started playing sl in 2007, the selection of clothing was pretty simplistic and very archaic. Creators were still learning how to make clothing and you had to look up and down to find things that were good, even by todays standards. I happened to find Kyoot Army, as it was called then, at the now defunct Plunder Sim.  At that time, Saeya was making more rp styled clothing, with a grungey and goth flair. They were unique and well done, and baby Arni looked amazing with her flexi hair and her snake skin corset and tutu from KA. Kyoot has undergone many style changes since then, and the clothing there has become better and better. It’s sad to see her store closing in Sl, but many of her items will still be available on the Marketplace. Starting Today until the beginning of Feb. every item in her store will be marked down to 50l. Hurry there and get them before they are gone forever, and good luck Saeya with all of your RL endeavors ;).

play well with others.


On Arni:

Skin: Amberly 12 – Glam Affair (NEW)
Hair: Jamie <Mesh> – Wasabi Pills (NEW)
Ears: Steking Ears – Mandala
Earring: Leather Feather Earring – Mandala
Piercing: Forces (Modded) – Pekka
Necklace: Rabbit&Tree – RaMa RoWanberry (Faullon Resident)
Eyeshadow: Ose Eyeshadow – Dead Apples (Soleil Reid)
Tattoo1: Nightmare – Endless Pain Tattoos (Mae Jewell)
Tattoo2: Does Not Play Well With Others – Audran (Zane Audran)
Shirt: Lacey Little Top – Kyoot (50L Closing Sale!)
Jacket: Fur Hooded Military Jacket <Mesh> – Grasp
Belt: Leather Suspenders <Mesh> – .Shi. (NEW, Joy Laperriere)
Pant: Crop Jean <Mesh> – 1badpixel (onebadpixel resident)
Keychain: Fur Tail Keychain – Love Soul
Shoe: Glyderz – 2Real (NEW, 2real okelli)

Currently Listening To: Circa Survive – On Letting Go

The Great Girl Gumshoe.

It’s A Mystery~! On Arni:

Skin: Gahee 1 – Mothergoose
Hair: Bevel Tucked Plum – (love) (NEW, Mae Liamano)
Lips: Ellyn Cheukema – JM:Mai
Glasses: Neon Glasses – Alphavillain
Earrings: Earring Panda – Love Soul
Jacket: Neck Jacket+ Check – SOUP (Suppe Koba)
Sweater: VNeck Knit Pink – ARAI
Necklace: Camera Necklace – 2LAG (Evis Button)
Belt: Loose Belt – Pepper
Pants: 118 Damaged Jeans – [ 2byte ] (NEW, Nomak Nyoki)
Sneakers: Atuzoko Sneaker White – 1mm (Mirin Shippe)
Backpack: 3way classic bag – 1mm (NEW)
Flashlight: Neko_Flashlight – Kurotsubaki (OLD)

Currently Listening To: 도나웨일 (Donawhale) – Echo


Hairspray & Ribbons.

Photo taken at Fungus

On Anni:

Skin: Teegan – Apple May Designs (Apple May)
Teeth: Easter Gift – Mynerva (Rhapzody Wilde) (Will reopen in a month max)
Eyes: Night Forest – Poetic Colors (Lano Ling)
Hair: 083 – Love Soul (BlueStarRUI Villo)
Glasses: Junior Shades – Reek (Riq Graves)
Earrings: Mushroom Earrings – Beauty Code (JaneDark Miles)
Shirt: Preppy Tops – AMERIE (Amerie Spitteler)
Pants: SkinnyJeans – -paper.doll- (Zoey Gabardini)
Bracelet: Bright Green Polka Dot Bracelet – kitsch me (Guinevere Kirshner)
Belt: Blows u – !Admiral Spicy! (Sunny1986 Ember)
Shoes: Panu Shoes – Picnic (nyasyousa Oh)

[Mixed] 029 – don’t freak out! (Willa Whybrow)
make me forget. – <Porcupine love> (Chillatrix GossipGirl)
[Mixed] 025 – don’t freak out! (Willa Whybrow)

On Arni:

Skin: Portia Pale – Ispachi
Hair: Hair 016* – [Love Soul]
Teeth: Exposed teeth – {Cara Bella}
Cheek:Red Spiral Blush – *Ki* (Kiti Kira)
Headphone: Starphone – Cobrahive
Eye:Limpid Brown – JM:Mai Skins (joman mai)
Tattoo: Fortune – ::IRURU::/iren (irka bing)
Shirt: Ulrika top – Artilleri
Jacket:Nylon Parka – *ARAI*
Pant: Skinny Ripped Jean – Atomic
Belt: Andavi Belt – Pepper
Shoe: Slip OnS – RONSEM
Necklace: Take Flight – {mon tissu}
Keychain: Foxtail Keychain – A:B (Icemoon Lee)

[mixed]024,016,018 – dfo! (Willa Whybrow)

North Yard.

By pure luck (and a lil help from sl flickr groups) we found ourselves in one of the most unique sims we have ever come across during our time in SL. It made such an impression that we had to take some photos for you all. North Yard is one sim of an estate, beautifully planned as a deserted wasteland town. Vikki Placebo (A modeler and builder with a small shop on the sim) was kind enough to show us around. Alot of the items around her shop are buy-able, and just seeing the amount of work that went into her sculpting and texturing blew us away. The residents are proud of the sim and want it to be enjoyed by anyone who might come along. So, If you love to explore and have a taste for beautiful sims this is not a sim to be missed, please go check it out!

Vespa to Vikki’s Shop

On Anni:

Skin: Winter Light – Romi Skin (Romi Juliesse)
Makeup: Cinema Muto #5 – La Malvada Mujer (faina Cortes)
Eyes: Creature Eyes – LPD (nemuri Kohime – These are sold at Negaposi by DurtTrashDurt Zipper)
Piercings: Reach – -.HoD.- (Aydan Darcy)
Hair+Scarf: Melanie – Fri. (Parvarti Monday)
Jacket: Nordic Knit Coat – Tram (moca Loup)
Shirt: Antique Tunic – oyakin* (kinbo Akina)
Gloves: Leather Gloves – Hermony (1L) (Hermanni Laville)
Belt: Mikoto Belt – Mandala (kikunosuke Eel)
Pants: Low Very Dark Blue Jeans – Admiral Spicy! (Sunny1986 Ember)
Boots: C-001 Boots – VC Designs (Vanilla Chemistry)

Fears – xbordeax (Xanadu Capelo)
Strike the pose Nr.2 – hmaem (riri Bazar, Xanadu Capelo and Lisbeth Gummibaum)
Shiny siding – Marukin (Valencia Southard)

On Arni:

Skin: Sia Pale Natural – League
Hair: Nadja – Maitreya
Eyes: cyborg eye 2 – mu (by Mutsu Fang)
Paint: Ethnic Paint Umber – BOUNCE (by Archan Allen)
Hat: Patchwork Torque B – MAKNIE
Sweater: Asymmetric Knit – [Luce.] (by Natu422 Citron)
Pants: Sarrouel Black – :Nerveux: (by paoluu Oceanlane)
Flats: Le Ballerina shines – TokiD
Peircings: Chain Chomp – [ni.ju] (by Vitani Jun)
Hand: Muddy Hands – Randomocity (by Bailey Serenity)
Belt: Double Black Waist Belt – Emery
Keychain: Furtail Keychain – [Love Soul]

ATOMIC: Just Me 05
Marukin: A broken Love

Short Skirts, Shaved Heads, and Tweed Jackets.

On John:

Skin: Jay – Smoky 2 – JM:Mai
Eyes: Warrior – The Abyss
Tattoo: DaVinci Tattoo – AJA
Hair: JAE004 – saboteurs (Momo Hoffnung)
Piercings: Torqued v4 – -.HoD.-
Glasses: Retro Glasses – AJA
Necklace: Lil’ Luck 4 the Luckless – AJA (Depraved and Luckless Hunt)
Ears: Gemma Earring 4 – Rozoregalia (ROZOREGALIA Braveheart )
Jacket: Rockaby Blazer – {mon tissu}
Shirt: Greeeeeeen Shirts – NINIKOBOY (Free)
Pants: Bret Pants – /artilleri
Shoes: Checkered S001 Shoe – Armidi

Olive Juice – Sup Ladies
Olive Juice – I dunno, what do you wanna do?

On Anni:

Skin: Pout – Pure – :Curio:
Tattoo: Oriental Henna – HUZ
Piercings: Reach – -.HoD.-
Hair: Gabriella – [Urf!Urf!] (Noelle Neaph)
Hairbase: Anaphora
Necklace/earrings: Soul Jewelery set – Mandala (kikunosuke Eel)
Shirt: Heathered Pullover – {mon tissu}
Skirt: Pretty Pleats Skirt – {mon tissu}
Leggings: Leo-Pard Leggin – Tee*fy
Boots: Puddle Stompers – Polka – AJA
Gloves: finger tapes w/ nails – Linc

xbordeaux – the little roselles
Xbordeaux – Lies that you wanted
Gliteratti – Long Hair 6

On Arni:

Skin: Petal Pout – : Curio :
Hair: Joy II – Milana (by Asuka Martin)
Teeth: teeth mod 2 – Baiastice
Hairband: – rabbit fur Kacyusha – [[nocc.]] (by Nocco Oldrich)
Jacket: stadium jumper – *ARAI*
Skirt: Chloe Onyx – (Elate!) (part of the dress @ Pure Juice )
Tights: Nylon Baby Black – House of Fox (Gift)
Socks: antique socks – Grixdale.
Boots: Military Boots – [horenbeek]
Necklace1: Feuilles Necklace – LaGyo
Necklace 2: Take Flight Necklace – [mon tissu]
Keychain: Fur Tail Keychain – [Love Soul]

Runway Pose 4 – Olive Juice
Gift Pose 3 – Di’s Opera (by Di Horenbeek)

Gym. Tanning. Laundry.

Disclaimer: This is what happens when 31 days of Halloween mischief culminate in a night of too much candy and alcohol. You have been warned…..welcome to the SL Shore.

(We don’t mean to offend, this was all in good spirit and we hope you laugh as much as we did.)

On Anni-D:

Skin: Battle Royale – Curio

Face Tattoo: Add On Your Face *Tattoo* (Bruises/Cut Lip) – Suicidal Unborn  (SU!)

Hair: *Kibt* – Mirai [MS]

Bangs: NONO28 – booN

Glasses: Oversized POP Shades – Gacha – Beetlebones (BB)

Dress: Charming Dress – Sucidal Unborn (SU!)

Bikini Top: Ibiza Bikini Black Retro – Luck Inc (*Linc*)

Stockings: Fishnets Tights w/Panty – Black Rip – *Blowpop*

Knee Bandaid: I Heart Bandaids – Plain – Reek

Shoes: Verve Pumps – Red – Maitreya


Skin: Elena – Laq

Hair: Cafe Au Lait – LoQ Hair

Face: Light Bruise w/ Scar – Tyranny D.

Dress: Scoop Neck – League

Stockings: Seam Stockings – Ooh LaLa!

Necklace: Chain Lace Gold – -RYCA-

Bangles: Disco Gold Bangles – !!KKBB!!

Shoes: Kat Platforms – *Kookie*

Bruises: Light Bruises – Lar’s Workshop

Nails: Cherry Blossom – [LOVE SOUL]