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On Arni:

Skin: Bomi(A)2teeth – MotherGoose
Hair: Clara – TRUTH (NEW)
Eyes: Scenic Eye Bistre – [glow studio]
Sweater: Neato Pullover Hey Llamas – Madeleine (Xanadu Capelo)
Shirt: Happy Confidence Blouse – {Happy} (Alika Luminos)
Pants: Culotte Skirt – NINIKO
Boots: Mocassin – Severed Garden (Part of Pompy Set)
Bag: Furry Bag Brown Spotted Pony – Bang Bang (Sisch Firecaster)
Necklace: Dear Deer – RaMa Rowanberry (Faullon Resident)
Headband: Hair circlet – Severed Garden (Part of Pompy Set)
Glasses: Moose wood glasses – Madeleine (Xanadu Capelo)

– .HoD.- And La Venta Eventa.

Hello Everyone! I know things have been quiet around here, RL has been a bit hectic at the moment, but we still love this blog :).  And we also Love Aydan Darcy and her amazing jewelry at .HoD. !    – .HoD. – has joined La Venta Eventa and will be debuting a new UNISEX jewelry item specially designed just for this event, The Nothing’s Bracelet!   Most of you probably have the previous releases, the Nothing Necklace, so these bracelets will make a great set!
La Venta Eventa is a weekend sales event, running from Friday Night, 9pm till Sunday at midnight.  Eleven categories, and top designers.  Everything will be marked 100L or less, all weekend long!  Come by the  – .HoD. – Mainstore and join the subscriber to receive the notice of when this product is available for purchase.

Note: The image was photoshopped to show off the jewelry. Check other items in-world before buying.

.HoD. Items:

Arm: Nothing’s Bracelets (For La Venta Eventa) NEW
Neck: Nothing’s Necklace
Peircing: Cast Off Pt.1


Hair: JuJu in Telson – .:vive 9:.
Skin: Petal Summer Wild Strawberry – Curio
Eyes: Scenic Eyes – [Glow Studio]
Makeup: Elly Doll Gloss Beestung – [Pink Fuel]
Hat: Oversized Beanie – Hermony
Jacket: Rocket Girl Jacket – PinkOutfitters
Dress: Soft & Fluffy Black – NINIKO

Artful Dodger.

On Arni:

Skin: Emy – cheap &chic – Al Vulo (50 ls @ the Fashion Garret)
Hair: Mess – Lamb (NEW)
Peircings: Solaris – Visavi
Earrings: Medium Plug – Nox.
Ring: Quit Playin Games with My Heart – Nox.
Necklace: Chango Necklace – Ticky Tacky
Vest: Short Vest – COCO
Shirt:Pocketed Cropped T – Vive9
Shorts: High Waist jean Short – Milk Motion
Tattoos: Neo2 – Garden of Ku
Socks: Knee Sock Mit Suspender – Pig
Boots: Atlus Marker Boots – ADJUNCT (by myvegancookbook)
HipBag: Leather Bag – [BUKKA] (Subscriber Gift)

Poses: The little roselles, coffee viennese, I see Red – xbordeaux

On Anni:

Skin: Eva – Natural – Glam Affair (V.Day Group Gift)
Makeup: Nuuna’s
Piercings: Reach – -.HoD.-
Necklace: Nothing’s Necklace – -.HoD.- (NEW)
Hair: Me – [e]
Lashes: Elf – MStyle
Shirt: Loose Hemp T-Shirt – IZUMIYA
Jacket: Long Jacket – NINIKO
Skirt: legshow! Skirt – Berries Inc.
Leggings: Leggings Pack – *Crazy*
Shoes: Worker Boot – Urban Warehouse (:::Coy:ott:::) Created by Renata Coy
Belt: Jeans Belt – Pepper
Gloves: Finger Tape – Linc

Poses: Olive juice – Venus
Visavi -Aye, aye, Captain!
Olive juice – This is a Barb

Seasons Greetings.

Hey guys! Just a quick announcement, but on December 5th, the FTLO Ice Festival Starts @ the FTLO Headquarters. This event has over 50 vendors participating, including our store AJA. Gah we are so excited, the sim looks absolutely beautiful, and all the vendors have worked very hard for this. Be sure to check back here within the next few days, because we will be doing lots of coverage for this event, posting the slurl to the sim, as well as sharing some preview pics of our exclusive Ice Festival items from our store. Now, on to the post 🙂

On Arni:

Skin: Mistletoe 02/01 – Novita* Skins (GROUP GIFT)
Hair: Miak LightBrown – [Mirai Style]
Piercings: Sideswept  V3 Razor – .HoD.
Dress: Checked Balloon Dress – KC Kyoko Couture (by Kyo Milena)
Belt: Koi Bloom Belt – The Secret Store (comes with the dress)
Coat: Plaid Winter Sweater – *GC*
Undershirt: Long T** in Black – oyakin
Gloves/Tights(tinted): red check glove/squarebox red stocking – *WAvE (by Miraiwave Iwish)
Heels: Mary Jane Heels – SLink (past subscriber gift)

On Anni:

Skin: 1/02 A urora – Novita* Skins
Hair: Blind – [E] (NEW)
Piercings: Reach – -.HoD.-
Scarf: Lincoln Scarf – Zanzo
Jacket: Tourist Jacket – fri.
Dress: Basic Turtle – NINIKO
Glasses: Retro Glasses Solids – AJA
Stockings: Fishnet Thin – erratic
Shoes: Verve Pumps – Maitreya

Thrift Store Jungle.

On Arni:

Skin: A urora 2/6 – Novita Skin
Hair: Tamina Streaked – TRUTH
Face: Warpaint Defeat – Visavi
Headphones: headphones plain – boon
Piercing: Torque v4 – .HoD.
Jacket w/ Sweater: Shirt &Parka Red – COCO (group gift)
Shirt: Poofy Shirt: Bird on a Wire – AJA (NEW)
Hand: Funky Hand Stars – Zanzo
Skirt: Animal Mini – WRONG
Tattoo: Luv (sic) – [milfy] (by Azumi Crystal)
Belt: Rock n Rolla Belt – Hermony
Leggings: Asian Pants blue – *RUDE – REBEL* (FREE)
Boots: Leather Riders – Anexx

On Anni:

Skin: Summer Nights – Fudge – Mynerva
Hair: Mesh Cap*Rio* – Junwave
Piercings: Reach -.HoD.-
Jacket: Jacket Coat Open – NINIKO
Tee: Tshirt David Bowie – Arnadi
Skirt: cyucyuskirtBLK – THE CLOSET/Trey Dope
Leggings: Leopard Leggins – Fume’
Shoes: Muggy Black – Kookie
Glasses: Retro Glasses – AJA
Scarf: Tegryn Summer Scarf – Theosophy
Gloves: Finger Tape w/nails – Linc

First Snow.

Recently it’s been getting a lot colder out, and near where we live, we just had our first snow of the season!….it only lasted 5 min, and was hardly a flurry, but still!… Snow! Time to button up your coats and slip on some mittens, winter is coming!!

Pose: BFF “Trust” – ANA_Mations

On Anni:

Skin:  Teagan – Risque – Grixdale/Tyranny (VIP gift – if you join the group you get all the skin tones! )

Hair: Brie – Mustache (Modded to fit the hat)

Hat: Merrit Hatt – Tiny Bird & Reek

Piercings: Reach – -.HoD-.

Face Makeup: Blush Freckless! – Al Vulo

Snow: Snowfall Set: Body Snow – AJA (part of Snowfall Set)

Scarf: Taylor Scarf STRIPES – /artilleri

Dress: Natural Tunic – NINIKO

Undershirt: Long Sweater Black – Suicidal Unborn SU!

Pants: Does my ass look fat in these pants – Tyranny/Grixdale

Gloves: Cozy Mittens – Reek

Shoes: Far Boots – Polar Edition – Miel

On Arni:

Skin: A urora 2/5 – Novita Skins

Hair: Dura Girl 13 – **Dura** (by Ari Enyo)

Face: Snowfall Set Winter Blush – AJA (part of Snowfall Set)

Earmuffs: HugHugBear Ear Muffs – ::MCH:: (old purchase from Homin Mayo, currently her store is down from slx?)

Jacket: Long Jacket Grey – NINIKO

Dress: Floral Dress Meadow – Willow ( by Weezey Warwillow)

Socks: Nordic Tights – SMS *So Many Styles*

Gloves: GX Fingerless Gloves – Yuli (by Yuli Orman)

Scarf: Muffbon Black – anuenue

Necklace: My Deer -:: Happy Finds::

Boots: Atlas Marker Boots – Adjunct

Buddies, Special Buddies.

Grab your special buddies and smile for the camera! 🙂

On Arni:

Skin:Lyla Pale smokey 4 – Redgrave

Hair: Cass 02 – [69] (NEW, and free to group members till Nov.14)

Belt: Coin Belt – Maitreya

Eyes: Eye set 3 – 39 – MR Design (Michelle Rau)

Necklace: Vintage Yowling Cat Head Necklace – ::Happy Finds:: (10 ls Limited time)

Piercings: Nara Piercings – .HoD. (NEW)

Glove: Gacha Gloves – Twosome (by Visa Volare)

Hairband: Lace Flower Band – [M2M] (10 ls)

Purse: Red Cat Gacha Purse – IZUMIYA

Jacket: Soft Core Days in Mud – Royal Blue

Shirt: Gham Shirt – *Crazy*

Skirt: Florencia – Emery

Earrings: 24 crooked heart earrings – edge grafica (dollarbie)

Leggings: Liberti Unisex Leggings – Action

Socks: Socks Mit Suspenders Strawberry – Pig

Boots:Leather Riders Boots- ANEXX

On Anni:

Skin: Sweet Innocence – Mynerva

Hair: Vivid – [E]

Piercings: Reach – -.HoD.- (NEW)

Tattoo: Lolly Pop – Endless Pain Tattoos (Mae Jewell)

Sweater: Knit Sweater – NINIKO

Dress: BOMB Dress – Berries Inc.

Jeans: Xlaw Pants Blue – Suicidal Unborn (SU!)

Bracelets: TAKARA Bangle – [MANDALA] ( by kikunosuke Eel)

Gloves: Finger Tape – Luck Inc.

Shoes: Armarda Long – Noir – *Kookie*

Belt: SUNxCREST – :sey

Glasses: Retro Glasses – Solids (modified) – AJA