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Snake Eyes.

Ahh I should be asleep now but I wanted to get this post up for you guys x3. I picked up some goodies, including this beautiful makeup from Dead Apples, @ the Private Room Event!. Go check it out guys!

On Arni:

Skin: Jasmine Pure2 – Curio
Hair: Chika4 Type A – D!va (NEW)
Eyes: Brooding eyes – .ID.
Makeup 1: Vektra – ni.Ju (Vitani Jun, NEW)
Makeup 2: GlamGoth Bright Half Liner – Dead Apples (Soleil Reid NEW @ Private Room)
Lip Piercing: Snake Bites – ni.Ju (FREE)
Earrings: one + one piercings – Soo*Foo (soo Rascon)
Necklace: Beaded Necklace – Tresblah
Dress: Payton Dress – AppleMayDesigns
Belt: Vintage Chiffon Belt – League
Stocking: Tight 29b Very torn – *Sheer*
Shoes: Mia Wedge – Slink
Arm Tattoo: Snake Twist Medium – Para Designs
Body Tattoo:Rattle Snake – S (and) P (petiita blackbart, NEW @ Private Room)
Hands Tattoo: Henna Black – MEES (Terra Varriale)
Ring: Rumour Has It Ring – [DDL] (Melina Anatine, NEW @ Private Room)
Bracelet: Vipera Watch – ISON

Currently Listening To: Girls Generation (SNSD) – The Boys.

Sweet Disposition.

Oh, reckless abandon…

On Anni:

Skin: MegAn Rose – Dutch Touch
Makeup:  Eyeliner & Eyeshadow v2 – Mynerva
Hair: Clover – !Lamb (modded a bit to fit hat)
Piercings: Reach – -.HoD.-
Glasses: Retro Glasses – 3D – AJA (Group Gift)
Hat: BunBun Hood – AJA (NEW)
Scarf: Warm & Safe Scarf: Wrapped Up – AITUI
Shirt: V neck knit – ARAI
Pants: Trop Grand Shorts – AITUI
Socks: Socks02 – ARAI
Shoes: Checkered S001 Shoe – Armidi
Gloves: Fingerless Gloves – Linc
Tattoo: Apocolypse – Para Designs

Glitterati – Hips – 6
Olive Juice – Bundle Up
Visavi – Wanna play a game?

On Arni:

Skin: Aimee nude – Lara Hurley
Hair: Danick – Urf Urf! ( by Noelle Neaph)
Glasses: Chou cream glasses – Duboo*
Piercings: Montum – Cobrahive
Sweater & Shirt: V- Neck Cardigan – [Sleepy Eddy]
Necklace: A Lil’ Luck 4 The Luckless – AJA (Depraved and Luckless Hunt – FREE)
Pants: Low Unbuttoned Jeans – Sassy Kitty
Shoes: Deck Shoes Diamond – Vooner (by Vooner Voom)
Tattoo: Be Mine – HUZ (by Hunain Bellic)
Bag: Marti Bag Gacha _Art – Vooner ( GACHA by Vooner Voom,)
Backpack: Penguin b&w rucksack brown – D-Lab (GACHA by dazai Voom)

Poses By <Porcupine Love> :
– into her eyes
– do that living thing
– what can i do.


Hey guys .. another case of identity fraud ‘aka’ stealing other peoples work and trying to sell it off as your own.  -.HoD.- has always brought us the best of the best when it comes to unique (emphasis on unique) and sexy piercings.  Aydan Darcy found out her latest collection had been duplicated in another store so decided to put the items for half off in her store till wed. Please! go show your support to -.HoD.- and buy the items! Also remember to be original! G’day.

Note: Photos are both photoshoped, changes made to the lighting, hair, a few highlights/shadows into the skins and the blood on the spinal piercing.

On Anni:

Digital Spinal Piercing – -.HoD.-

Other stuff:

Hair: Glass Candy – !Lamb

Tattoo: Apocolypse – Para Designs

On Arni:

Thrust Piercing – -.HoD.-

Other stuff:

Hair: AEN105 – booN

Hairbase: Gathered hairbase – booN

Shirt:Rawr! BlackShirt – =SEVEN=

Pants: UPS Pants – [NV] (NEW)

Panties: Password Protected Panties – AJA

Tattoos: Hannya2 Tattoo – Warudakumi (by Taima Hathaway)

Girl In The Black Hat.

Happy Holidays everyone!! :3 We were thinking about doing a Christmas post for today…but it’s already been 24 days of holiday cheer, so we went with this look as a change. See you all after the holidays ❤

On Anni:

Skin: Paige – Winter – Tan – Illusory/Atomic (currently @ atomic mainstore)
Hair w/Hat: Peek – (Posh)
Tattoo: Apocolypse – Para Designs
Glasses: Retro Glasses – AJA
Piercings: Reach – -.HoD.-
Shirt: Prudence Cardigan – Cream – {mon tissu}
Skirt: B-Zip Gray – Emery
Leggings: Lacy Leggins Black – Peqe (Rebranded from Fume)
Shoes: Kelsey Pumps – (Shiny Things)
Necklace: Broken Long Strand Black Pearls – (Caroline’s)
Belt: Part of High Waisted Skirt + Waist Belt – Izzie’s
Gloves: Fingerless Gloves – Linc

On Arni:

Skin: MoLy *Lightskin* – *JeSyLiLO*
Hair:Karen Black – kik
Mole: Beauty Marks – AJA(Coming Soon)
Hat: Waterbeck Hat – Theosophy
Jacket:Spiky Reception Jacket – (Royal Blue)
Shirt: Mimo Lapel Frill Shirt – SD Wear (by desdemona young)
Vest:Underbust Corset – AMG Boudoir (modded)
Skirt: High Skirt – .Villena. (NEW)
Stockings: Striped Two Faced Leggings – K&CO
Boots:Carly Boot – Lucy In Disguise (by myvegancookbook Bolissima)
Tattoos: Angelic Tattoo – ::Para Designs::

Burn My Shadow.

On Arni:

Skin: Cat T01 Tan – Romi Skin
Hair: Deanna pearl – Exile (Tinted)
Peircings: Montum – Cobrahive
Ears: Elven Ears Secret Garden – Plastik
Necklace: Corvus Necklace (silver tones) -This is Fawn + Scribble
Shirt:Peter Collar Crochet Sweater – (NO) Nylon Outfitters (NEW)
Shorts:Leapard Shorts – *RUDE REBEL* (NEW, modded for female shape)
Tattoo: ::Love Music:: – Stupid Things (by JaneV3 Innovia)
Hip: Wallet Chain Long – **PUNK SOUL** (by seitekiningyou Inshan)
Sock: Tiburon sock (comes with the boots) – *YS&YS* (The Dressing Room)
Shoe: High Sneaker Wild Black – NINEtyNINE (NEW by Yaren Lionheart)

On Anni:

Skin: Paige – Tan – Winter – Illusory/Atomic (NEW, currently @ Atomic Mainstore)
Hair: Unbirthday Redux – !lamb (30L)
Tattoo: Apocolypse – Para Designs
Piercings: Reach – -.HoD.-
Earrings: Floral Dangle Earrings ~ Inked Color  – (Yummy)
Sweater: Crash Sweater – Ronsem
Belt: Military belt – Ronsem
Shorts: Denim Cutoff Shorts – Tres Blah
Leggings: Wool Knit Tights – Peqe (rebranded from Fume)
Boots: Kboots – EXILE – TREADS @ Covet (Ju Weissnicht)
Gloves: Fingerless Gloves – Linc

Ice Queens.

Hello Hello Hello Everyone! November was just a crazy, hectic month for us, then we went on vacation…so that’s why things have been a bit quiet on the blog. But don’t worry, we can safely say that we are back in bl…erm white! 😀 So without further ado, here’s our Ice Queen look, Enjoy!

Picture Taken At: AM Radio @ IDIA Laboratories

On Anni:

Skin: Joy – tb (111 event)
Hair: Gloria  – Truth
Jacket: Margo Jacket Silver – [Leezu!]
Skirt/belt: High waisted skirt + waist belt – Izzie’s
Piercings: Reach – -.HoD.-
Eyes/Gloves: Snowflake Eyes + Frosty Nails (Part of Frosty Set – FTLO Exclusive Item) – AJA
Tattoo: Snowflakes Tattoo – ::Para Designs::
Shoes: SKha V.3 White Ice Skates – ::V Style:: (FREE)
Collar: FORTE Neck Corset – [ROSAL]
Stockings: Fishnet Stockings – *Blowpop*

On Arni:

Skin: (Pale) Bent 2 – tb (111 EVENT)
Hair: Evi II – Maitreya
Eyes: Stray Cat Abyss – Umedama HOLIC
Lashes: Bohemian Raindrop Lashes – [glow] studio (old group gift )
Jewels: Eye Huggers Jewels – Battlefairy ( by Grace Selene)
Earrings: Enchanting Shadows – MODERN GYPSY
Jacket: White Trench – Tanpopo Demonia ( look for her on slx)
Waist/shoulder/undershirt: Militori Outfit – [AMG BOUDOIR]
Skirt Prim: HASU dress – ::SUGARCUBE::
Boots: Victorian Fur Boot – VC Designs (Vanilla Chemistry)
Tattoo: Jekll -fullbody tats (colorable) – Etchd*
Gloves: Painted on Metallic Gloves – The Sea Hole (part of the set)


On Anni:

Skin: Lucy Smokey3 – Lara Hurley
Face Tattoo: Nuuna’s
Tattoo: Apocolypse – ::Para Designs::
Ears: Stretched Ears – Aitui
Hair: Seffy 2 – .ploom.
Piercings: Reach- -.HoD.-
Necklace: Crosary – -.HoD.-
Jacket: Short Riders Jacket – AOHARU
Shirt: Beneath My Bones Cropped Tank – Kyoot
Pants: Ripped XLaw Pants – Suicidal Unborn SU!
Belt: NAU Combat Belt – The Abyss
Gloves: Fingerless Gloves – Luck Inc.
Hand: Fallen v2 Bracelet – -.HoD.-
Shoes: Shin Boots – League
Katana: Thunder Katana – Johns Gothly (Carnage – Coming Soon)

On Arni:

Skin: Barby red ink cacoa – Al vulo
Hair: Wish Black – [e]
Horns: Spiral Horn Stone – Aridoki/Burnt Orange
Pierings: Harmony Piercing – twee.
Earrings: Silver Multi Earrings – Fusion
Neck1: Key to my heart Choker – Blackstar Inc.
Neck2: Black Bead necklace – Gabriel (group gift)
Dress: Sticky Sweet skirt part – Goth1c0
Top: Tabatha Vest – Nayar
Jacket: Vixen leather Jacket – TOXIC KITTY
Leggings: Pia Leggins – MichaMi
Boots: Achinonyx Boots – ordinary designs
Thigh: Crossbow Thigh belt – by Sinus Carver
Hand: Bloody Bat –  Johns Gothly (Carnage – Coming Soon)
Wings: Metamorphosis Vamp ghost – 109 Prims (part of set, by Onakagoo Epin. Hud controlled, the accessories let u change into a Giant Kawaii Ghost, how cute!)
Tattoo: Venom – ::Para Designs::