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One Bullet One Kill.

Sometimes I surprise myself, and put together an outfit that I really enjoy. This is staying on for a while ^^ Enjoy!

On Arni:

Skin: Mei Mei in Xiaxue – The Sugar Garden (eilfie sugarplum)
Hair: Catch My Breath <Mesh> – Exile (NEW)
Eyes: Spilled Milk Honey Eyes – The Sugar Garden
Lashes: Fluffy Falsies – Candy Mountain (Mynx Legend)
Jaw: Hollow Helm Mandible – LANEVO (Lantern Oyen)
Hat: Plastik Schiffchen – Artificial Hallucination (Raimund Demonia, Part of Naughty Plastik Outfit on slx)
Collar& Corset: Kuro Corset & Collar <Mesh> – BareRose (Mayflo Smails)
Skirt: Ruffle Mini – Shabby Cat (Sophia Foulsbane)
Blouse: Lucy Blouse – Fride Creations (Isobel Fride)
Stocking: Cirque Stocking &Garter – Schadenfreude (Allegory Malaprop. Originally Sheer but I made an underlayer to fit)
Boots: Ren Boots <Mesh> – Lelutka
Gloves: Salute Gloves – 1A (murgatroyd zauberflote)
Holster: Prop Holster Willy Gun – Bloody Mess (Chrome Carter)
Weapon: MK48 Light Machine Gun – Omega Concern (April Heany. This gun is just amazing, the whole store has awesome weapons, tanks, ect.)

Arni’s Flickrhttp://www.flickr.com/photos/rightclickandbuy/

Orange Caramel Lipstick.

Hiiiiii Everyone~! *waves wildly* I’m sorry if the blog has been quiet for the past week or two, I’ve had a lot going on irl, and I was working on something special for Halloween! This year as a sort of blog appreciation/Halloween gift, (since Halloween is one of my favorite holidays) I made a an outfit as a gift. The outfit is actually a recreation (to the best of my ability) of the outfit in Orange Caramels Video “Lipstick”. Orange Caramel is a K-Pop trio made up of members of the girl group After School. The video is sooo freaking adorable, and the song is so catchy, that I just had to try, and I think I did a pretty good job for fun. Anyway I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that has stuck by this blog till now, and I hope you like the outfit. Send me a NC in world with your name and I’ll send it to you, though im gonna try to get my slx up and running again. and watch the music video below, bye guys!

On Arni:

Hair: Fresh Red 02 (Tinted) – [e] (elikapeka tiramisu)
Skin: Angela love skin – JM:Mai (NEW, Joman Mai)
Eyes: Spilled Milk Honey – The Sugar Garden (eilfie sugarplum)
Lashes: Fluffy Falsie lashes – Candy Mountain (Mynx Legend)
Hands: Mesh Rigged Hands <MESH> – SLink (NEW)
Socks: Tube Sock Orange – Sinistyle (Krius Misfit)
Shoes: F-Wings – 2REAL (2REAL Okelli)
Earrings: Pearl Studs – Glow Studio
OUTFIT (Dress, sweatband,hairclip, face tattoo): FREE GIFT FOR HALLOWEEN (Send your name on a Notecard to me (Arnovial Cale) in world and i’ll send it to you, or Marketplace Coming Soon(link to follow))

Currently Listening To: Orange Caramel –  립스틱(LIPSTICK)


The Menagerie: An SL Art Collective.

After much deliberation, I decided to open a group on flickr. It’s been an idea I have had for a while now, and I decided to finally put it out there and see what happens. Sorry to anyone hoping this was a fashion post, don’t worry I’ll have one soon! 🙂

With so many amazing sl artists and flickrites, I was trying hard to think of a way where we could collectively work on the same subject matter, and see how our different ideas and perceptions can influence each other and help us try different things. Because of that, i decided to make a group, called The Menagerie. Each month, there will be a new theme up for interpretation in this flickr group. Anyone who wants to can create an image or series of images based on the current “Monthly Theme”. It’s all up to interpretation, so go wherever you want to with them. This group is open admission, so anyone can join, the only guideline being that the images (snapshots, photoshopped pictures, ect.) posted MUST pertain to the current group theme.

The first topic I chose, is the term “Beautiful Losers”. This isn’t a test or anything, its a way to express ourselves and see what we come up with. Go anywhere, be creative, just have fun! I’m currently working on my first submission for this, and I REALLY hope people like this idea and want to try it out. For anyone unsure of where to go with this theme, something to consider: There are many ” Beautiful Loser” characters in literature, film ect. (i.e.: Cio-Cio of Madame Butterfly) you could easily bring those ideas into sl to interpret how you like.

GROUP LINK: The Menagerie: An SL Art Collective
AND IF ANYONE HAS AN IDEA FOR THE NEXT THEME: please Im Arnovial Cale in world, send me a pm on flickr, comment on the theme topic, ect. ❤

Depraved & Luckless Hunt.

Hey Guys! AJA is participating in another great hunt! The Depraved and Luckless Hunt.  The hunt starts at 12 AM SLT on March 10th and runs till March 30th.  It has a bunch of great shops so be sure to check it out.  The starting location is at the Razorblade Jacket Mainstore

AJA has a necklace that is sure to bring a little bit of luck to those who need it and just look cute on those who dont!

Enjoy the hunt!


Pose: Pretty Little Things – Olive Juice

On Anni:

Skin: Eva Natural – Glam Affair (V.Day Group Gift)
Eyes: Vampire Green – Den-Dou
Eyes-Extra Ad-on: Soul Prim (part of Charm Eyes) – L.Fauna
Lashes: Elf – MStyle
Makeup: Mole + Eyeliner – Romi Skin
Necklace: Nothing’s Necklace v2 –  -.HoD.- (New!! Super cute x.x)
Hair: Fluffcake – Ploom
Shirt: Turtle neck – TokiD
Beret: Dango’s Beret – Tee*fy
Skirt: Porcelain Ruffled Skirt – Fishy Strawberry
Leggings: Lace Cycling Pants – Fishy Strawberry
Gloves: Part of heart set – AJA
Shoes: MaryGeo Pump – Shiny Things

All poses from Olive Juice:
1: Crystal (Real women have curves 50L Friday!)
2: ILY Tyra (lookbook pt 1)
3: Go See Girl (lookbook pt 1)

On Arni:

Skin: Eva V-Day Gift – Glam Affair (Group Gift)
Hair: Module – Lelutka
Lashes: Devilicious Normal – [glow] studio
Mole: Queen of Hearts Mole – AJA (Heart Set)
Headband: Particle Headband 07 – A:B ( GACHA, by IceMoon Lee)
Necklace: My Heart and A Needle Necklace – Goth1co
Sweater: melody Cardigan – JANE
Blouse: Cropped Sweater – {Lark}
Skirt: Flower Highwaist Skirt – {SMS} So Many Styles
Tights: Hungry Hearts Stockings – xbordeaux (FREE, by Xanadu Capelo)
Flats: red heart Shoes – :Towa: (by Towa Lax)
Nails: Rexo Nails – MonS

I’m a cyborg, but it’s ok.

This post took a lot of digging on our part, to find an awesome mix of modern sci-fi fashion, but in the end we were happy with the results. The Cybernetic arms from GrollWerk by Groll Greggan really are as gorgeous as many of you have probably seen on flickr, or on other posts. These have hud controlled color changes, and are an awesome addition to anyone’s inventory. Our cool surprise find for this post was the Black Rock arm cannon, a replica from the Black Rock Shooter anime. It comes with a sheathed and a drawn version, and is melee scripted with shooting and standing animations.You can find them on slx from Utilizator Mode, or at the Utilizator Main Store. Epic.

Photo Taken @ The Next Day RP Sim.

On Anni:

Skin: Platinum Blue Lips – Mynerva (Part of Platinum hunt)

Hair: Raine – Kin

Tattoo: Cyber Tattoo – :::::IrUrU::::: (Irka Bing)

Ears: Sad Elf – Tribal – Panda Express

Sweater: Basic Snug Hood – *Epic*

Skirt: Tech Her Out – Panda Express

Gloves/Socks: Rotten – Rotten Toe

Boots:  Strap Stompers – :: Rublik ::

Blindfold: Blindfold  – Toxic Bish

Mask: Cyber Respirator – SiniStyle

Heart: Beat Capsule 2.0 – [H=^.^=] (can be found on slx)

Cannon Arm: Black Rock Cannon – <UTILIZATOR> ( It’s scripted! Yes, I tested it on Arni xD )

On Arni:

Skin: Castalia – Glam Affair (Group Gift)

Hair: Elsa – Kin

Headgear: RF Mecha Wings visor- [ZEON] (modded)

Lashes:Ryzom – sYs (modded)

Eyes: Blind Void – Plastik

Bodysuit: Obsidian 07 – *GLOSS*

Arms: Cybernetic Arms – [GrollWerk]

Belt: Cyber bunker belt white – ORALUNE

Boots:CyberGurlz Boots – Paradox/Neaky Larsson

Tattoo1:Nuclear Tattoo – *V* Tattoo Store

Tattoo:2 Overlay Doll Joints – PixelDolls


Being on that constant search for the ‘Best’ skins, we found our way to Mynerva.  Hands down, Mynerva skins have some of the most realistic and detailed faces we have seen in sl.  Mynerva skins differ from stores like The Plastik and Lara Skin because they tend to have a little bit of a younger feel to them.  But they are lighthearted and beautiful, and definitely worth a try.  They also have a good selection of fantasy skins, as well as adorable elven ears.  Another little bonus about Mynerva skins, is they come with different options for eyebrows, so you don’t have to be shy to wear that blonde hair with black brows…just switch it to blonde brows. Each pack also includes a cleavage version of the skins, to add some ‘umph’ to every outfit…Really, these skins are worth the money paid (and they are quite affordable too.)

The Detail on the lips is just amazing, the shading and highlights :Q_ *drool*

Sweet Innocence – Blonde Brows – Mynerva

~Fudge~ Summer Nights – Blonde Brows – Mynerva

Cagedwire Elven Ears – Mynerva

Hair: Michelle – Fri.day

Sophie- Smokey Pink Face – Cleavage – Mynerva

Misty  Noir – Kurrawong Face – Cleavage – Mynerva

Hair: Diaz – Ploom