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First Snow.

Recently it’s been getting a lot colder out, and near where we live, we just had our first snow of the season!….it only lasted 5 min, and was hardly a flurry, but still!… Snow! Time to button up your coats and slip on some mittens, winter is coming!!

Pose: BFF “Trust” – ANA_Mations

On Anni:

Skin:  Teagan – Risque – Grixdale/Tyranny (VIP gift – if you join the group you get all the skin tones! )

Hair: Brie – Mustache (Modded to fit the hat)

Hat: Merrit Hatt – Tiny Bird & Reek

Piercings: Reach – -.HoD-.

Face Makeup: Blush Freckless! – Al Vulo

Snow: Snowfall Set: Body Snow – AJA (part of Snowfall Set)

Scarf: Taylor Scarf STRIPES – /artilleri

Dress: Natural Tunic – NINIKO

Undershirt: Long Sweater Black – Suicidal Unborn SU!

Pants: Does my ass look fat in these pants – Tyranny/Grixdale

Gloves: Cozy Mittens – Reek

Shoes: Far Boots – Polar Edition – Miel

On Arni:

Skin: A urora 2/5 – Novita Skins

Hair: Dura Girl 13 – **Dura** (by Ari Enyo)

Face: Snowfall Set Winter Blush – AJA (part of Snowfall Set)

Earmuffs: HugHugBear Ear Muffs – ::MCH:: (old purchase from Homin Mayo, currently her store is down from slx?)

Jacket: Long Jacket Grey – NINIKO

Dress: Floral Dress Meadow – Willow ( by Weezey Warwillow)

Socks: Nordic Tights – SMS *So Many Styles*

Gloves: GX Fingerless Gloves – Yuli (by Yuli Orman)

Scarf: Muffbon Black – anuenue

Necklace: My Deer -:: Happy Finds::

Boots: Atlas Marker Boots – Adjunct


On Anni:

Skin: Lucy Smokey3 – Lara Hurley
Face Tattoo: Nuuna’s
Tattoo: Apocolypse – ::Para Designs::
Ears: Stretched Ears – Aitui
Hair: Seffy 2 – .ploom.
Piercings: Reach- -.HoD.-
Necklace: Crosary – -.HoD.-
Jacket: Short Riders Jacket – AOHARU
Shirt: Beneath My Bones Cropped Tank – Kyoot
Pants: Ripped XLaw Pants – Suicidal Unborn SU!
Belt: NAU Combat Belt – The Abyss
Gloves: Fingerless Gloves – Luck Inc.
Hand: Fallen v2 Bracelet – -.HoD.-
Shoes: Shin Boots – League
Katana: Thunder Katana – Johns Gothly (Carnage – Coming Soon)

On Arni:

Skin: Barby red ink cacoa – Al vulo
Hair: Wish Black – [e]
Horns: Spiral Horn Stone – Aridoki/Burnt Orange
Pierings: Harmony Piercing – twee.
Earrings: Silver Multi Earrings – Fusion
Neck1: Key to my heart Choker – Blackstar Inc.
Neck2: Black Bead necklace – Gabriel (group gift)
Dress: Sticky Sweet skirt part – Goth1c0
Top: Tabatha Vest – Nayar
Jacket: Vixen leather Jacket – TOXIC KITTY
Leggings: Pia Leggins – MichaMi
Boots: Achinonyx Boots – ordinary designs
Thigh: Crossbow Thigh belt – by Sinus Carver
Hand: Bloody Bat –  Johns Gothly (Carnage – Coming Soon)
Wings: Metamorphosis Vamp ghost – 109 Prims (part of set, by Onakagoo Epin. Hud controlled, the accessories let u change into a Giant Kawaii Ghost, how cute!)
Tattoo: Venom – ::Para Designs::

Buddies, Special Buddies.

Grab your special buddies and smile for the camera! 🙂

On Arni:

Skin:Lyla Pale smokey 4 – Redgrave

Hair: Cass 02 – [69] (NEW, and free to group members till Nov.14)

Belt: Coin Belt – Maitreya

Eyes: Eye set 3 – 39 – MR Design (Michelle Rau)

Necklace: Vintage Yowling Cat Head Necklace – ::Happy Finds:: (10 ls Limited time)

Piercings: Nara Piercings – .HoD. (NEW)

Glove: Gacha Gloves – Twosome (by Visa Volare)

Hairband: Lace Flower Band – [M2M] (10 ls)

Purse: Red Cat Gacha Purse – IZUMIYA

Jacket: Soft Core Days in Mud – Royal Blue

Shirt: Gham Shirt – *Crazy*

Skirt: Florencia – Emery

Earrings: 24 crooked heart earrings – edge grafica (dollarbie)

Leggings: Liberti Unisex Leggings – Action

Socks: Socks Mit Suspenders Strawberry – Pig

Boots:Leather Riders Boots- ANEXX

On Anni:

Skin: Sweet Innocence – Mynerva

Hair: Vivid – [E]

Piercings: Reach – -.HoD.- (NEW)

Tattoo: Lolly Pop – Endless Pain Tattoos (Mae Jewell)

Sweater: Knit Sweater – NINIKO

Dress: BOMB Dress – Berries Inc.

Jeans: Xlaw Pants Blue – Suicidal Unborn (SU!)

Bracelets: TAKARA Bangle – [MANDALA] ( by kikunosuke Eel)

Gloves: Finger Tape – Luck Inc.

Shoes: Armarda Long – Noir – *Kookie*

Belt: SUNxCREST – :sey

Glasses: Retro Glasses – Solids (modified) – AJA

Gym. Tanning. Laundry.

Disclaimer: This is what happens when 31 days of Halloween mischief culminate in a night of too much candy and alcohol. You have been warned…..welcome to the SL Shore.

(We don’t mean to offend, this was all in good spirit and we hope you laugh as much as we did.)

On Anni-D:

Skin: Battle Royale – Curio

Face Tattoo: Add On Your Face *Tattoo* (Bruises/Cut Lip) – Suicidal Unborn  (SU!)

Hair: *Kibt* – Mirai [MS]

Bangs: NONO28 – booN

Glasses: Oversized POP Shades – Gacha – Beetlebones (BB)

Dress: Charming Dress – Sucidal Unborn (SU!)

Bikini Top: Ibiza Bikini Black Retro – Luck Inc (*Linc*)

Stockings: Fishnets Tights w/Panty – Black Rip – *Blowpop*

Knee Bandaid: I Heart Bandaids – Plain – Reek

Shoes: Verve Pumps – Red – Maitreya


Skin: Elena – Laq

Hair: Cafe Au Lait – LoQ Hair

Face: Light Bruise w/ Scar – Tyranny D.

Dress: Scoop Neck – League

Stockings: Seam Stockings – Ooh LaLa!

Necklace: Chain Lace Gold – -RYCA-

Bangles: Disco Gold Bangles – !!KKBB!!

Shoes: Kat Platforms – *Kookie*

Bruises: Light Bruises – Lar’s Workshop

Nails: Cherry Blossom – [LOVE SOUL]

Interview With A Vampire.

On Jay:

Skin: Vamp Skin – Abyss

Hair: Steven -99 Hair

Head: Eye Wrap – Cobrahive

Necklace: Kurosu Necklace – Cobrahive

Tattoo: Made In hell TattooInone Style -*IS*

Tattoo 2: FIGHt club Tattoo – *IS*

Coat: TLC Mid Length Black flexi prim M – Jacket Layer – Muism

Coat: Night Master Shoulder Pad and Upper Arm – B@R

Arms: Alchemica Arm Set – [LH] Lost Haven

Shoulder: Shoulder plate/upper arm – [LH] Lost Haven

Pants: Combat Pants [black & white] – Tonktastic

Boots: Gutterblood Spoonhammer – Vincent Boots

On Arni:

Skin: Paper Trinity – REDGRAVE

Hair: SKN152 -booN

Bangs: NONO28 – booN

Necklace: Rosary -*NS(NaitSmith)

Top: Lungless Synphony/BlackAsNight – Plastik

Dress: Rayha Dress – SU!

Sock: Leggings Broken – Emery

Tattoo: Vamp Bites – *SL*/Linc

Boots: Gothic Bow LaceUps – J’s

Belt: Striped Waistbelt – Cobrahive

Ring: Shield Ring – Cobrahive

Hand: Rosary – *NS(NaitSmith)

Bangles: Slim Wrist Cuffs – DERP.

Nails: Bloody Nails – LoveSoul

On Anni:

Skin: Seere, Fallen Black – ^R.B^

Hair: Sun – Maitreya

Tattoo: Lolly Pop – Mae Jewell (Endless Pain Tattoos)

Peircings: Agony – Razor – -.HoD.-

Necklace: The Crosary v4 – -.HoD.-

Shirt: Basic Top Black – SU!

Pants: Pin-Stripe Jeans – (WY)

Thong: Ruched Dress Thong (Sterling) – :. WoE .:

Shoes: Snol – Duck Nipple

Belt: RJK2 – :sey

Gloves: Fingerless Gloves – *Linc*

Blindfold: Toxic Bish

On John:

Skin Gabriel The Feast – Ispachi

Hair  [-B-] Jazper / +Cocoa+


Gloves: Fingerless Stitched Padded Gloves -Clobber-

Necklace: Mercenary Men’s Set – .HoD. –

Belt: belRJK2=black= :sey

Coat: BT_RamLeatherCoat_Black – AOHARU

Pants: Pant Daft #01 – Emery

Eyes: Lost Continent Eyes – AJA

Boots: Engineer Boots – *COCO*


It’s here it’s here! After much anticipation, The FTLO Halloween Sim is finally open to the public. Rhed Rhode (Owner of the It’s Cake Store, and founder of the For The Love Of…Group) has really outdone herself. The sim is beautiful, done all in grey scale, with fully custom builds (all built by Rhed herself,) in  a kind of ” Tim Burton meets Steam Boat Willy ” style of design, and it when you tp in, you will spend atleast 10 minutes just staring at the amazingly unique cupcake prim trees, the giant octopus, and the little skulls all over (not to mention keeping an eye out for hidden hunt items around the sim).

Each vendor has made atleast 2 exclusive items for this month long event. There are over 40 designers for this, and for the entire month of October, you can walk around and explore their shops. There is also a sim hunt going on, where each designer has hidden free items around, so be on the look out for them. We will be doing a series of posts about this event, and we decided to start with Rhed’s Store, It’s Cake. She has created some really adorable FTLOH exclusives, and we couldn’t help but share them with you.

On Arnovial:

Skin: Zombie Skin Phase 3 – Plastik

Hair: gST04 – CriCri

Mouth: Sutured Lips – BB&B  (Battered Bruised and Broken FTLO Halloween Exclusive)

Neck: Frankenstein Neck Bolts – It’s Cake (FTLO Halloween Exclusive)

Shirt: Kawaii Frankenstein TShirt – It’s Cake (FTLO Halloween Exclusive)

Skirt: Military Dream Dress Bloody – SU! (dress bottom)

Tattoo: Franken Freak – AJA (Coming Soon )

Socks: Wooley Holey Socks – Civvies

Shoes: Chucks – WMD Feat. Hermony

Backpack: Last Sleep Backpack – Virtual Insanity (Gother than though Hunt)

On Anni:

Sweater: Midnight Hoodie – .:it’s Cake:. (Exclusive for FTLOH)

Mouth: Pumpkin Mouthy – .:it’s Cake:. (Exclusive for FTLOH)

Headband: Batty Headband – SARS! (Exclusive for FTLOH)

Leggings: Oh! The Horror Leggings – Bats – .:Relentless Couture:. (Purchased at FTLOH)

Skin: Sophie – Wreck – Mynerva

Hair: Heart – !Lamb

Necklace: Chained Link Collar – ~S.N.G~ (Group Gift)

Belt: Bash Belt – Silver – >>> moloko <<<

Shoes: Snol Black – Duck Nipple

Gloves: Fingerless Gloves Black – *Linc*

Tattoo: Feathers – [Plastik]

The Black and White.

On Arnovial:

Skin: CandyDoll – Alexandra Pale (From Designers United)

Hair: Atmos w/ Flower Head Piece – [kik] (New At Hair Fair)

Piercings: -Diamonds Flower Piercing – SU!

Tattoo: Remember that I Love You – PIDDIDLE

Lashes: Atmos Lash – [kik]

Jacket: Fur Coat – Aoharu

Leggings: Rich Girl Leggings – House of Fox

Dress: Black Cocktail Dress – House of Fox

Bracelet: Wristbands – Hermony

Gloves: Bandit! Star gloves – kiLiebe

Earring: Star – A:B

Shoes: Bloom Black – Maitreya

Face: Beauty Mark Cheek – AJA

On Anni:

Skin: Summer Nights – Fudge – Mynerva

Hair: Chika2 – D!va

Tattoo: Feathers – Plastik

Piercings: Fallen – Razor – .HoD.

Dress(including gloves and hat): Narcissus Dress 01 – Tram (From Designers United)

Jacket: //Color.Me.H.O.F [Puff]Jacket[Black] – House of Fox

Stockings: Shiny Leggings Black Shredded (part of Diamonds Bodysuit) – Sassy Kitty Designs (From Platinum Hunt)

Shoes: Dune Boots (Black) – Maitreya

Necklace: Fallen v2 Necklace – .HoD.