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Blackened White.

Feeling a bit impish! I’d like to thank my friend Lix for being a guest this week, we had a good time putting this outfit together 🙂  If you get a chance guys, head over to The Arcade Gatcha Event, it has lots of nice items out right now by some really great designers. I’m sure I’ll have many of the items from my haul in the next few posts, but this week I wanted to show off this Roza skin that is so gorgeous, from Glam Affair, and this necklace from Flightless, i’m so happy I got the pearl one! Go there and spend lots of lindens on games of luck and chance!

On Arni:

Skin: Roza <The Arcade Gacha 06> – Glam Affair (NEW @ The Arcade Event)
Hair: Tashia <MESH> – Truth
Body Tat: Elemental Skin Whitener – Chus! (Pixel Tyran)
Eyes: Mutant Eyes – .ID. (@ Grunge Soul Project)
Lashes: Lashes Dainty Black <MESH> – Beetlebones ( suetabulous yootz)
Horns: Horn Set #1 <MESH> – O.M.E.N (DamascusVera Resident)
Ears: Sylven Ears <MESH> – Europa (kazuhiro aridian)
Piercing: The Minimalist – Hebenon Vial (Trisha Zweig)
Necklace: Deer Bead Neclace (rare) – Flightless (Flightless Resident, NEW @ The Arcade Event)
Shirt: Sheer Henley – Aitui (OLD)
Corset: Geometric Corset <MESH> – ISON
Skirt: Suede Mini Skirt <MESH> – Hucci (Eboni Khan)
Leggings w/ Shoes: Leggings Couture <MESH> – Maitreya
Nails: Tintable White Claws – ni.Ju (Vitani Jun)
Tail: Upright Demon Tail – Lemon Tea (Sei Minuet)

On Lix:

Skin: Jen Fair – League
Lipstick: Sinistre – DeadApples (Soleil Reid)
Makeup: Red Panda . Pure Black – ni.ju (Vitani Jun)
Tattoo: To the ends of the Earth – Blackfeet (BlackFeetTattoos)
Hair: Hydrangea – AY.Line (Anywa Nyoki)
Bow: Silk Bow Headband (modded) – Elate (Kelly Iwish)
Corset: Geometric Corset <MESH> – ISON (Harry Hyx)
Bottoms: Ultra High Waist Panties – Gawk (Mell McMahon)
Stockings: Torn Shiny Tights – Sheer (Sh Oluja)
Fishnets: Fishnet Wide – Erratic (Erratic Rain)
Socks: Side-Gartered Stockings – League
Shoes: Distress Wedge Bootie – ::LC:: (Piinky Chrome)
Piercing 1: Solitude – Pekka ( Kathya Szczepanski)
Piercing 2: Extreme Dermal – Little Pricks (Syn Beresford)
Fixation: Ultimate Cigarette – Hermony (Hermanni Laville)
Neklace & Rings: Nebula – KOSH (Lynaja Bade)
Claws: Claws – ni.ju
Eyes: Nebula – DeadApples
Ears: Basic Pointy Ears – Beetlebones (Suetabulous Yootz)
Tail: Imp Tail – SKNK (Tokeli Zabelin)
Horns: Horn Set #1 <MESH> – O.M.E.N (DamascusVera Resident)


On Arni:

Skin: Bomi(A)2teeth – MotherGoose
Hair: Clara – TRUTH (NEW)
Eyes: Scenic Eye Bistre – [glow studio]
Sweater: Neato Pullover Hey Llamas – Madeleine (Xanadu Capelo)
Shirt: Happy Confidence Blouse – {Happy} (Alika Luminos)
Pants: Culotte Skirt – NINIKO
Boots: Mocassin – Severed Garden (Part of Pompy Set)
Bag: Furry Bag Brown Spotted Pony – Bang Bang (Sisch Firecaster)
Necklace: Dear Deer – RaMa Rowanberry (Faullon Resident)
Headband: Hair circlet – Severed Garden (Part of Pompy Set)
Glasses: Moose wood glasses – Madeleine (Xanadu Capelo)

Ice Queens.

Hello Hello Hello Everyone! November was just a crazy, hectic month for us, then we went on vacation…so that’s why things have been a bit quiet on the blog. But don’t worry, we can safely say that we are back in bl…erm white! 😀 So without further ado, here’s our Ice Queen look, Enjoy!

Picture Taken At: AM Radio @ IDIA Laboratories

On Anni:

Skin: Joy – tb (111 event)
Hair: Gloria  – Truth
Jacket: Margo Jacket Silver – [Leezu!]
Skirt/belt: High waisted skirt + waist belt – Izzie’s
Piercings: Reach – -.HoD.-
Eyes/Gloves: Snowflake Eyes + Frosty Nails (Part of Frosty Set – FTLO Exclusive Item) – AJA
Tattoo: Snowflakes Tattoo – ::Para Designs::
Shoes: SKha V.3 White Ice Skates – ::V Style:: (FREE)
Collar: FORTE Neck Corset – [ROSAL]
Stockings: Fishnet Stockings – *Blowpop*

On Arni:

Skin: (Pale) Bent 2 – tb (111 EVENT)
Hair: Evi II – Maitreya
Eyes: Stray Cat Abyss – Umedama HOLIC
Lashes: Bohemian Raindrop Lashes – [glow] studio (old group gift )
Jewels: Eye Huggers Jewels – Battlefairy ( by Grace Selene)
Earrings: Enchanting Shadows – MODERN GYPSY
Jacket: White Trench – Tanpopo Demonia ( look for her on slx)
Waist/shoulder/undershirt: Militori Outfit – [AMG BOUDOIR]
Skirt Prim: HASU dress – ::SUGARCUBE::
Boots: Victorian Fur Boot – VC Designs (Vanilla Chemistry)
Tattoo: Jekll -fullbody tats (colorable) – Etchd*
Gloves: Painted on Metallic Gloves – The Sea Hole (part of the set)

Thrift Store Jungle.

On Arni:

Skin: A urora 2/6 – Novita Skin
Hair: Tamina Streaked – TRUTH
Face: Warpaint Defeat – Visavi
Headphones: headphones plain – boon
Piercing: Torque v4 – .HoD.
Jacket w/ Sweater: Shirt &Parka Red – COCO (group gift)
Shirt: Poofy Shirt: Bird on a Wire – AJA (NEW)
Hand: Funky Hand Stars – Zanzo
Skirt: Animal Mini – WRONG
Tattoo: Luv (sic) – [milfy] (by Azumi Crystal)
Belt: Rock n Rolla Belt – Hermony
Leggings: Asian Pants blue – *RUDE – REBEL* (FREE)
Boots: Leather Riders – Anexx

On Anni:

Skin: Summer Nights – Fudge – Mynerva
Hair: Mesh Cap*Rio* – Junwave
Piercings: Reach -.HoD.-
Jacket: Jacket Coat Open – NINIKO
Tee: Tshirt David Bowie – Arnadi
Skirt: cyucyuskirtBLK – THE CLOSET/Trey Dope
Leggings: Leopard Leggins – Fume’
Shoes: Muggy Black – Kookie
Glasses: Retro Glasses – AJA
Scarf: Tegryn Summer Scarf – Theosophy
Gloves: Finger Tape w/nails – Linc

AJA Opening!

Hello guys! We know we haven’t posted anything this past week, and we’re sorry about that. But, we have a good excuse! Our mainstore location is finally open!!!! It really was a labor of love, getting everything organized for the move, making some reaaallly great new stuff. AJA Mainstore is located in the FTLO headquarters sim, owned by Rhed Rhode (check out her mainstore, It’s Cake while you are here :D) We thought we would give you guys a peek at some of our new items!

Our Guitar Villain Guitars come with a hand version, as well as a back version. They are also scripted for damage, and have fighting animations with cool guitar sounds!!! Perfect for when u decide to turn a Pete Townshend windmill move into a bash over your friends head.

On Arni:

Tattoo: DaVinci Full Body Tattoo – AJA
Shirt: Lacey Shirts – Metropolis – AJA
Leggings: Attack! Leggings –  AJA
Face: Heart Set: Queen of Hearts Mole – AJA (comes in Heart Set)
Glasses: Retro Glasses: Nerdy 4 – AJA

Skin: Aurora. 2/6 – Novita Skins
Hair: Allegra – TRUTH
Skirt: Black and White Border Skirt – [AV] (by Miraiwave Iwish)
Gloves: Bandit Gloves – Kiliebe
Shoes: Black Ankle Boots – COCO

On Anni:

Body paint/Gloves: Painters Tattoo – AJA
Shirt:  Doodle Tops – Catch A Falling Star… – AJA
Pants: Painter Pants – Washed Out – AJA
Leggings: Playful Leggings – Shrooms – AJA
Eyes: Illusion of Safety – Turquoise – AJA (Coming soon!!)
Butt: Oops Lolli – Goodies Gacha – AJA

Skin: Summer Nights – Fudge – Mynerva
Hair: Aveli – Mustache (Modded for hat)
Piercings: Reach – -.HoD.-
Hat: Knit Beret – AY.LinE
Shoes: Pornstar Xtra High Tops  – Urban Bomb Unit
Necklace: StarSystem Necklace – Pastel Theory (Old Necklace) – used to be from Pacotille – Creator is Eden Minton
Belt: Montmartre Belt – MANNA
Mouth: Pinceaux Couleurs – MANNA

The DaVinci Tattoos are a unisex full body tattoo. Each pack includes 3 clothing layers as well as tattoo layers for SL ver.2, in faded, medium, and dark tones. Almost as detailed as DaVinci’s notebooks hehe.

Lastly, our other new items are the Lacey Tops. You can choose between 3 different Versions: the Metropolis, the Black Lace, or the Heartsick top. The lace over the cleavage and under the hem is sheer, perfect for a feminine touch.

We hope you like what you see! Take a trip on over to the store if you do :3.

Vespa Ride to AJA

Dancin’ Doll.

If The Movies Flashdance and Tron had a baby, It would probably look a little something like this…

On Arnovial:

Skin: Petal Cupid Crush 2 – Curio

Tattoo: Cyber Tattoo – sYs

Hair: Shinji – TRUTH

Shirt: Call on me Black – Ha!

Necklace: Doll Necklace – AddiCt

Leggings: Long Leggings – M*A*ii*K*I (part of Streep DarkViolet

Boots: Pirate Stiletto Boots – Periquita

Shades: Censor Shades – by Damon Dollinger (formerly F&C)

Wrist: Ruffled Cuffs – Linc

Headphones: Headphone M1- by Magen1 Oh/ maggen1’s Little Shop


Just felt randomly inspired to photoshop, though this is my first attempt at headshots.  If you’re interested in having one done, you can inquire in world with Annittaa Darcy.  Please just send a notecard.

On Anni(left):

Skin: Fudge – Summer Nights – Mynerva

Hair: Brit – Truth

On Arnovial(right):

Skin: LionHeart – Daisylion -Plastik

Hair: 69