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These are a few of my favorite things.

So Christmas is over, I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays! ūüôā I decided to dedicate this post to the random cute things in SL I love to run around in. Info below!

On Arni:

Skin: Angel Divinity2 РCurio (NEW When i think of arni In my head she is always wearing a curio skin, I dunno I just love them)
Hair: Carolyn – Exile (NEW I have a thing for pink hair so when I saw this hair I automatically tinted it pink, It’s lovely!)
Eyes: Meadow – [glow studio]
Blush: Light blush – (love)cosmetics
Teeth: Teeth mod2 – Baiastice (Probably my fave teeth tat, it works so nicely with everything
Body: Elemental Skin Whitener – Chus! (FREE Pixel Tyran.She has this out at her cute store, It sits over your skin and makeup layers and omg its amazing)
Animal Bits:¬†Bunny Ears and tail – Medusa Creations ( Sephiroth Juran. Lately i’ve been really hooked on diff animal parts, and the fact that I could tint these AND they wiggle…<3)
Shirt: Cropped Paris Rocks [Holiday] – Emery
Undies: Password Protected panties – AJA (Annittaa Darcy. Of all the things we have at our store, the undies anni made are my fave <3)
Pants: Pants Lh – Chandelle (Laise Hema)
Waist: Part of School Girl uniform – Arai (Modded, I shrunk the skirt thats attached to it so i could wear just the sweater)
Shoes: X Star Wing Shoe – *X*plosion (Kaliha Noel, Winged sneakers…enough said)
Piercing: Montum – Cobrahive (Probably one of the first piercings I bought on sl)
Necklace: Black Heart – *Ryca*
Tattoo: Skinny Love – DropTheAnchor (alannah inglewood. Love all of these tattoos!)
Bunny: Sleepy Rabbit – LANEVO (lantern oyen, This adorable guy blinks and moves, its just so cute!!)
Iphone: I phone 4 Typer – TSH (Jade Composer, You can find this guy on slx, love this typing anim!)
Glove: Funky Hand Stars – Zanzo (Another oldy but goody)


Carnage is a brand new weapon store whose katanas have actually been around for a little while now.¬† All their stuff is amazing with custom sculpts, textures and scripted for damage, you’ll be surprised with the amount of detail you’ll get with these.¬† They are a small store, growing each day so they offer free updates after purchasing their weapons.¬† This post is a little preview of some of the weapons that are coming out soon so keep your eyes open!¬† We had some fun suiting up with the owners of the store and what better as a fashion accessory then a sexy katana or gun!¬† Oh and the holsters should be up for sale separate tonight or tomorrow so go grab a copy!

(Group photo is photoshopped so for actual images of the items included in the picture please refer to each persons individual photo below)

From Left to Right:

On Jay:

Featured Carnage:
Thunder Katana
Holsters (Part of Desert Eagle or separate)

Hair: Krima – 99Hair (Emelie Carter)
Jaw: Hollow Helm – Lanevo (LANTERN OYEN on slx)
Necklace: kurosu necklace – Cobrahive (Chikane Kaligawa)
Pants: dsg broadly Pants / black – [JP] (Jasper Potez)
Briefs: underpants – Amerie (Amerie Spitteler)
Jaw: Steel Mandible – Lantern Evolution (Lantern Oyen)
Tattoo: tattoo Dire Sleeve variant – Aitui (Jesseaitui Petion)
Hairbase:  5 etched hair Bases РAitui (Jesseaitui Petion)
Bracelet 1:  Fallen bracelet РHoD (Aydan Darcy)
Bracelet 2: wrist band rock’n’rolla –¬† (ns) (naith Smit)
Gloves: taped fists – SiniStyle (Krius Misfit)
Shoes: drunks shoes Urban Bomb Unit (Coke Dreadlow)
Piercings:  piercings Рkowp (Skyler Melnik)

On Arni:

Featured Carnage:
Desert Eagle (Coming super soon in 5 different colors!)

Skin: Cynthia’s Sister:Hope n’ Pray – Mynerva (EDIT: Mynerva has unfortunately closed until further notice ūüė¶ )
Hair: Willow – Raw House (New)
Hairbase: Chess – DeeTalez
Tattoo: Mirror’s Edge Tattoo – Xeno Cyber Wear (by Xenomorph Wonder )
Visor: Pulsar Soundglasses – [sYs]
Collar: Neon Cyber Collar – by Neo Lyvette ( SLX Marketplace)
Dress: Sheer Dress Grey/Yellow – Kamikaze (by Miuccia Klaar)
Stockings: vantage leggings gray – [BUKKA]
Gloves: Daft Punk Robot Gloves – PharenDigital (by Pharen Mayako)
Wrist: Star*Cuffs – u.n.y.u. (by Iruga Xue)
Thigh: Leg Panel GRENADE – D1&MTG (by Kamil Noel)
Boots: [L] PrototypeBoots – Tokugawa Heavy Industries ( by Haruko Fukai)

On Anni:

Featured Carnage:
Fire Katana
Uzi’s (coming soon)

Skin: Jasmine ‚Äď Wood ‚Äď Curio(Gala Pheonix)
Tattoo: Dragon Trinity Full Body ‚Äď Mynerva (Rhapzody Wilde) (sadly closed for now ;()
Eyes: Elfin Eyes – Dark Matter – Negaposi (DurtTrashDurt Zipper)
Hair: DIY Haircut – !Lamb (Lamb Bellic)
Mask: Oral Pleasure Mask – Zanzo (Drusus DuCasse)
Helmet: Skull Bowl – DECO (Barf Delicioso)
Shirt: Revolutionary Tee – *Fishy Strawberry* (Culture shock) (Fae Eriksen)
Suspenders: Grandad Braces – *League* (Nena Janus)
Scarf: HempScarf – The Closet (bambi63 Rehula)
Shorts: Denim Cutoff Shorts – Tres Blah (Julliette Westerburg)
Waist: Stole Set – =IZUMIYA= (Izumi Homewood)
Fishnet: Fishnet Tights – Blowpop (Annyka Bekkers)
Socks: Side gartered Stockings – *League* (Nena Janus)
Boots: GTFO Boot – [Gos] (Gospel Voom)
Gloves: Leather gloves – Hermony (Hermanni Laville)

On Johns:

Featured Carnage:
Axe (soon)
Holsters (Part of Desert Eagle or separate)

Gloves: Taped Fingers & Black Nails (No Thumb) – SiniStyle (Krius Misfit)
Glasses: Retro Glasses – Solids – Black – AJA (AJA Scientist)
Shirt: Dendi Shirt & Tank WW – -SG- (Morphine Janick)
Boots:FM_Boots//SlowRider[Black_Leather] – <TheAbyss>
Pants:  M_Distressed_Leather_Pants Р<TheAbyss> (Mars Absent)
Hair: MAX Dark – [CheerNo] (CheerNo Destiny)
Tattoo: DaVinci Tattoo – AJA (AJA Scientist)
Skin: Jay N smoky2 – JM:Mai (Joman Mai)
Scarf: Keffiyeh – TonkTastic (Tonk Tomcat)

On Josh:

Featured Carnage:
Fire Katana
Desert Eagle (Coming super soon in 5 different colors!)

Skin: Josh T3 Vegas – KENTO (by Kento Yardley)
Mask: *Deadface* v2 – AQ Face Tattoos (by Aella Questi)
Earrings: Black Plugs – Nox.
Hair: Dura Boy 17** – DURA
Eyes: kreepy eyes – Candy Mountain (by Mynx Legend)
Shirt: Work Shirt Black w/ belt – Mr. Poet
Pants: Dark jeans_normal – >>Poison<< (by Corocota Torok)
Tattoo: Da Vinci Tattoo – AJA
Necklace: Necklace 021 -** JOMO** (by xiaoduo Abbot)
Gloves: Full length tape gloves – Nomine (by Munchflower Zaius on Slx)
Boots: Dr. H boots – Black – [Hoorenbeek]

Ribbon Girl.

We are very excited to share with you the really cute new pullover sweaters from AJA! These shirts come in 4 different colors and are all sorts of cuteness! You can grab them at the AJA Mainstore or while you’re taking a look around the FTLO Ice Festival at our booth!

On Anni:

Shirt: Ribbon Girl Pullover – Dark Grey – AJA (NEW)
Skin: Jennifer Red Pale – *CandyDoll* (NEW)
Hair: SONIA 02 – 69 (Sixty Nine – Modded for hat)
Piercings: Scorpio – -.HoD.- (Modded) (Last New Release of the year!)
Hat: Knit Beret – ++AY.LinE++
Scarf: Lia Scarf – flor – MIEL
Leggings: Attack! Leggings – AJA
Cuffs: Ruffled Cuffs – *Linc*
Shoes: Verve Pumps – Maitreya
Gloves: Finger Tape – *Linc*

On Arni:

Shirt: Ribbon Girl Pullover – Black – AJA (NEW)
Skin: Mistletoe – *Novita Skins
Necklace: Treasured Peacock Necklace – [AddiCt]
Hair: Bon D-9 – CriCri
Pants: Bitter Jeans Ocean – [Miseria]
Peircing: “sweetly pained” – skream
Bag: shopper bag I Love You – C’est Moi!
Shoes: ballerina black –¬† [Pumpkin]
Tattoo: You’ll Go Out In Style – **Glam Trash**
Gloves: Funky Stars – Zanzo

Vespa to AJA Mainstore

Vespa to AJA @ FTLO Ice Fest


Seasons Greetings.

Hey guys! Just a quick announcement, but on December 5th, the FTLO Ice Festival Starts @ the FTLO Headquarters. This event has over 50 vendors participating, including our store AJA. Gah we are so excited, the sim looks absolutely beautiful, and all the vendors have worked very hard for this. Be sure to check back here within the next few days, because we will be doing lots of coverage for this event, posting the slurl to the sim, as well as sharing some preview pics of our exclusive Ice Festival items from our store. Now, on to the post ūüôā

On Arni:

Skin: Mistletoe 02/01 – Novita* Skins (GROUP GIFT)
Hair: Miak LightBrown – [Mirai Style]
Piercings: Sideswept  V3 Razor Р.HoD.
Dress: Checked Balloon Dress – KC Kyoko Couture (by Kyo Milena)
Belt: Koi Bloom Belt – The Secret Store (comes with the dress)
Coat: Plaid Winter Sweater – *GC*
Undershirt: Long T** in Black – oyakin
Gloves/Tights(tinted): red check glove/squarebox red stocking – *WAvE (by Miraiwave Iwish)
Heels: Mary Jane Heels – SLink (past subscriber gift)

On Anni:

Skin: 1/02 A urora – Novita* Skins
Hair: Blind – [E] (NEW)
Piercings: Reach – -.HoD.-
Scarf: Lincoln Scarf – Zanzo
Jacket: Tourist Jacket – fri.
Dress: Basic Turtle – NINIKO
Glasses: Retro Glasses Solids – AJA
Stockings: Fishnet Thin – erratic
Shoes: Verve Pumps – Maitreya

Thrift Store Jungle.

On Arni:

Skin: A urora 2/6 – Novita Skin
Hair: Tamina Streaked – TRUTH
Face: Warpaint Defeat – Visavi
Headphones: headphones plain – boon
Piercing: Torque v4 – .HoD.
Jacket w/ Sweater: Shirt &Parka Red – COCO (group gift)
Shirt: Poofy Shirt: Bird on a Wire – AJA (NEW)
Hand: Funky Hand Stars – Zanzo
Skirt: Animal Mini – WRONG
Tattoo: Luv (sic) – [milfy] (by Azumi Crystal)
Belt: Rock n Rolla Belt – Hermony
Leggings: Asian Pants blue – *RUDE – REBEL* (FREE)
Boots: Leather Riders – Anexx

On Anni:

Skin: Summer Nights – Fudge – Mynerva
Hair: Mesh Cap*Rio* – Junwave
Piercings: Reach -.HoD.-
Jacket: Jacket Coat Open – NINIKO
Tee: Tshirt David Bowie – Arnadi
Skirt: cyucyuskirtBLK – THE CLOSET/Trey Dope
Leggings: Leopard Leggins – Fume’
Shoes: Muggy Black – Kookie
Glasses: Retro Glasses – AJA
Scarf: Tegryn Summer Scarf – Theosophy
Gloves: Finger Tape w/nails – Linc

Jurassic Park 4.

Lately, we’ve been working like busy little bees, finishing a ton of new items as we prepare for a move (hurrah hurrah for the new mainstore, coming soon!)¬†So this is really just a sneek peek of some of our newer items coming out to AJA. If you want to stop by our current temporary store location, just go to AJA . Now, lets get on with the fashion <3.

On Anni:

Shirt: Gonna Eat Chyouuu! Tee РAJA (Coming Soon)

Jeans: Doodle Pants РSyringe РAJA (Coming Soon)

Sign: Kick Me – AJA (Gacha)

Nose: Bandaid РPolka Dot РNose РAJA (Coming Soon)

Eyes: Illusion of Safety Eyes – Turqoise – AJA (Coming Soon)

Skin: Fudge – Summer Nights – Mynerva

Tattoo: Danger Flower – !mPS!

Hair: Sugar Hiccup Redo – !Lamb

Hat: Rawr! Monster Hood – Red – [ATOMIC] (For Spooktacular Event)

Sweater: Elspeth Cardigan PLAIN – /artilleri

Piercings: Agony – Razor – -.HoD.-

Ears: Sad Elf – Tribal – Panda Express

Belt: I Heart Stripes Belt – Reek

Hand: Pride Hands- *Zanzo*

Shoes: PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops – UBU

On Arni:

Pants: Painter Pants – AJA (Coming Soon)

Gloves:  Hand Hearts РAJA (part of heart set, coming soon)

Eyes: Lost Continent Black- AJA

Skin: Sophie Smokey Black – Mynerva

Hair: Cuto – +*Mirai Style *+ (modded)

Bangs: NONO28 Hairpeice – booN

Liner: Cat Liner Oceania – Kyoot (for stumblebum)

Ears: Sad Elf Thorned -++ Panda Express++

Scarf: Grey Plaid – MIEL

Jacket: Diamonds Hoody – .:VILLENA:.

Belt: Spitting Colors – Dirty Lynx

Headband: Summer Headband – duboo.

Shoes: Cebidae – Ordinary Design

Beam Me Up Scotty.

Recently, we talked with Aydan Darcy, owner and designer of .HoD. РHaus of Darcy, and we got a chance to take a good look around her store. Selling amazingly sculpted jewelry, there is a pretty wide selection of piercings that are some of the most intricate and detailed in SL, and her jewelry is just gorgeous. Her newer piercings ( the Agony,Bitten, Bolted and Bump In The Night Sets) have custom prims on them that until recently, were not properly viewed by many of the newer viewers. But Good News! The newest version of pheonix has fixed this problem, and the jewelry is viewed just fine.Please be sure to visit the Phoenix DL site and update your viewer! If you still have problems viewing the piercings, you will need to use 2.0 or higher from LL.

On Anni:

Piercings: Agony – Razor – -.HoD.-

Necklace: Fallen v2 – -.HoD.-

Skin: Sophie – Wreck – Mynerva

Hair: Glass Candy – !Lamb

Hair Base: Shaved Tattoo – 99Elephants

Top: Bralet Top Tropicana #05 – Emery

Pants: Loose Pants – AMERIE M

Socks: sKanky Socks – Pirates – Primitive Design

Tattoo: Feathers – Plastik

Hands: Finger Tape – SL (*Linc*)

Bracelet: Viking Cuff – Duck Nipple

Ring: ring 005 Piano SP – A:B

Belt: Plugged Belt – *Blitzed*

Attached to belt: Guitar AMP – A:B

Shoes: Drunks – UBU

On Arni:

Peircings: Bump In The Night – .HoD.-

Necklace: The Crosary – .HoD.-

Skin: Misti Noir Kurrawong  РMynerva

Hair: Amanda Hair – LeLutka

Eyes: Arynn Eyes – Plastik

Ears: Elven Ears – Plastik

Tattoos: Fleurs du Mal – Iren

Top: Tied Top Pinstripe – *Linc*

Pants: Low Rise Jeans Stripes – *Linc*

Arm: Finn Arm warmers – SweetestGoodbye ( SG*)

Hand: Funky Star Fingertapes – Zanzo

Boots: Cybor Stompers Sinner – Panda Express