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On Arni:

Skin: Love in Milk Tone w/ Iced Latte Lip Layer – Illusory (500L sale till the store merges with Aura)
Freckles: Isla Freckles – League
Hair: Eloise <MESH> – DeLa (Kuranosuke Kamachi)
Sweater: Slouchy Sweatshirt Peach <MESH> – mon tissu
Scarf: Pierre Scarf – Entente (Caelestinus Resident)
Piercing: The Minimalist – Hebenon Vial (Trisha Zweig)
Earring: Alice Earing – LaGyo
Tattoo: Haila Tattoo – Plastik (NEW)
Belt: Leather Belt Buckle <MESH> – Izzie’s
Pouch: Deryn Satchel Belt (Part of outfit) – Indyra Originals Couture
Pants: Skinny Leathers <MESH> – 1bp (Onebadpixel resident, Saw this on Bella and Dahlias blog, really an awesome pair of pants!)
Shoes: Camelia Wedge – BCC (Vitamingirl Resident, NEW)
Bracelet: Barcelona Bracelet <MESH> – MG (Maxi Gossamer, @ FaMESHed)

Song on Repeat:  José González – Down The Line


I LOVE this skin…thats all there is to this post I guess x3. That, and I love these accessories so much..this whole outfit makes me happy I wish i had this to wear Irl. Anyway enjoy, and if anyone has any questions about something please ask! Oh! and watch the video at the bottom if you want an awesome song mixed with a completely ridiculous music video – ❤ Arni.

On Arni:

Skin: Zoey fair – IREN (I am in love with this skin <333)
Hair: Fashi – Burley (NEW)
Eyes: Lost in Forest – REDGRAVE (Came with bella skin)
Earrings: Dragon Spirals – .HoD. (NEW)
Necklace: Butterfly Collector – Yummy
Tank: Scalloped Shirt – Willow (NEW MESH, @ Collabor88)
Pants: Chloe Jeans – FAB.PONY
Belt: Last Belt – VOONER (Vooner Voom)
Bag Belt: Scissors bag BONE Traveler – Meriken Co.(Yaszi Mornington)
Piercing: Solidue – .Pekka.
Bracelet: Wanderer Bracelet – League
Ring: Candy Ring – Yummy
Shoes: Mox Vanilla Bean – Argyle Anonymous (Swan Ling)
Tattoo: Candy World – Vestigium (Lu Scorpio)
Camera: Lumoflex Camera – Artilleri

Currently Listening (AND WATCHING) The Bird And The Bee – Polite Dance Song


Pose: Pretty Little Things – Olive Juice

On Anni:

Skin: Eva Natural – Glam Affair (V.Day Group Gift)
Eyes: Vampire Green – Den-Dou
Eyes-Extra Ad-on: Soul Prim (part of Charm Eyes) – L.Fauna
Lashes: Elf – MStyle
Makeup: Mole + Eyeliner – Romi Skin
Necklace: Nothing’s Necklace v2 –  -.HoD.- (New!! Super cute x.x)
Hair: Fluffcake – Ploom
Shirt: Turtle neck – TokiD
Beret: Dango’s Beret – Tee*fy
Skirt: Porcelain Ruffled Skirt – Fishy Strawberry
Leggings: Lace Cycling Pants – Fishy Strawberry
Gloves: Part of heart set – AJA
Shoes: MaryGeo Pump – Shiny Things

All poses from Olive Juice:
1: Crystal (Real women have curves 50L Friday!)
2: ILY Tyra (lookbook pt 1)
3: Go See Girl (lookbook pt 1)

On Arni:

Skin: Eva V-Day Gift – Glam Affair (Group Gift)
Hair: Module – Lelutka
Lashes: Devilicious Normal – [glow] studio
Mole: Queen of Hearts Mole – AJA (Heart Set)
Headband: Particle Headband 07 – A:B ( GACHA, by IceMoon Lee)
Necklace: My Heart and A Needle Necklace – Goth1co
Sweater: melody Cardigan – JANE
Blouse: Cropped Sweater – {Lark}
Skirt: Flower Highwaist Skirt – {SMS} So Many Styles
Tights: Hungry Hearts Stockings – xbordeaux (FREE, by Xanadu Capelo)
Flats: red heart Shoes – :Towa: (by Towa Lax)
Nails: Rexo Nails – MonS

Beam Me Up Scotty.

Recently, we talked with Aydan Darcy, owner and designer of .HoD. – Haus of Darcy, and we got a chance to take a good look around her store. Selling amazingly sculpted jewelry, there is a pretty wide selection of piercings that are some of the most intricate and detailed in SL, and her jewelry is just gorgeous. Her newer piercings ( the Agony,Bitten, Bolted and Bump In The Night Sets) have custom prims on them that until recently, were not properly viewed by many of the newer viewers. But Good News! The newest version of pheonix has fixed this problem, and the jewelry is viewed just fine.Please be sure to visit the Phoenix DL site and update your viewer! If you still have problems viewing the piercings, you will need to use 2.0 or higher from LL.

On Anni:

Piercings: Agony – Razor – -.HoD.-

Necklace: Fallen v2 – -.HoD.-

Skin: Sophie – Wreck – Mynerva

Hair: Glass Candy – !Lamb

Hair Base: Shaved Tattoo – 99Elephants

Top: Bralet Top Tropicana #05 – Emery

Pants: Loose Pants – AMERIE M

Socks: sKanky Socks – Pirates – Primitive Design

Tattoo: Feathers – Plastik

Hands: Finger Tape – SL (*Linc*)

Bracelet: Viking Cuff – Duck Nipple

Ring: ring 005 Piano SP – A:B

Belt: Plugged Belt – *Blitzed*

Attached to belt: Guitar AMP – A:B

Shoes: Drunks – UBU

On Arni:

Peircings: Bump In The Night – .HoD.-

Necklace: The Crosary – .HoD.-

Skin: Misti Noir Kurrawong  – Mynerva

Hair: Amanda Hair – LeLutka

Eyes: Arynn Eyes – Plastik

Ears: Elven Ears – Plastik

Tattoos: Fleurs du Mal – Iren

Top: Tied Top Pinstripe – *Linc*

Pants: Low Rise Jeans Stripes – *Linc*

Arm: Finn Arm warmers – SweetestGoodbye ( SG*)

Hand: Funky Star Fingertapes – Zanzo

Boots: Cybor Stompers Sinner – Panda Express


Just felt randomly inspired to photoshop, though this is my first attempt at headshots.  If you’re interested in having one done, you can inquire in world with Annittaa Darcy.  Please just send a notecard.

On Anni(left):

Skin: Fudge – Summer Nights – Mynerva

Hair: Brit – Truth

On Arnovial(right):

Skin: LionHeart – Daisylion -Plastik

Hair: 69


For all you twitards out there, this ones for you.  The battle to end all, pick your boy and fight! Hopefully you will all kill each other!

On the one side, Arnovial! fighting for Team Jacob!(left):

Skin: Petal Cupid Crush 2 – Curio

Hair: Moa 01 – Sixty-Nine

Shirt- Team Jacob! – Artilleri

Pants: Bitish II Pants Pink – Suicidal Unborn!

Shoes: PornStar Xtra Hi-Tops – Urban Bomb Unit

Watch: Retro Plastic Watch – Rotten Toe

Necklace: White Pink Heart – [[ROKI]]

Belt: Rock n’ Rolla Rusty Belt – .:Hermony:.

Bandaids: Pink Bandaids – Candy Mountain

Bruises: Stitches and Wounds – Kyoot

Backpack: Back to School Backpack – Team Jacob – *AG*

On the other side, Anni! fighting for Team Edward!(right):

Skin: Sundust Defeat – Battle Royale Shiner – Curio

Tattoo: Danger Flower – !mPS!

Hair: Kaelyn – Kin

Shirt: Team Edward! – /artilleri

Pants: Crease Pants black – Niniko

Gloves: Fingerless gloves – Linc

Shoes: Far Boots – Solid – Miel

Glasses: Retro Glasses – Solids (modded) – AJA

Mouth: Matchstick – Calypso Giano

Necklace: Razortag Necklace – Cobrahive

Hand: Brass Knuckles: Wot

Pose: /me brings it! – <SMP>

Note: No twitards were hurt in the making of this post, Thank you.

Life, Liberty and the Persuit of Brains!

Inspired by Brains: A Zombie Memoir, zombies have feelings too.  Read it, it’s a great book, and while you’re at it dress up and get some brains! Moarraaggh!

On Zombie Anni (left):

Skin: Zombie Femme Stage Three – Plastik

Hair: Say – !Lamb

Tattoo: Autopsy Tattoo – Calamity

Eye: Dangling Gouged Eye – CatniP

Lips: Stitched Mouth – Blood & Scars

Shirt: Pulled Fishnet Tank [Black] shirt – !Nayar

Pants: Ripped Dirty Jeans Black – Izzie’s

Head: Brains for your mouth – RC

Overlayers: Bloody Mess – OVERT

Gloves: Rotten Gloves – RT

Socks: SKanky Socks – Black Pirates – Primitive Design

Shoes: Hocs Lowtops – Bloody (Halloween Edition) – HOC Apparel

Belt: Dealer Belt – Blitzed

Chest: Chest Syringes (part of Nurse Outfit) – !RT

On Zombie Arnovial (right):

Skin: Zombie Femme Stage Three – Plastik

Hair: Medusa – Skinzor

Pants: Jeans Black Ripped&Netted – KHUSH

Shirt: BlackTank Ripped – ESW (on slx)

Boots: Wo Boots – [ON]ZERO NUMBER (closed now)

Blood: nail Jun Design Bloody – Love Soul

Blood: Bloody Mess – OVERT

Blood: Splatter upperbody – Blood & Scars

Mouth: Zipped Mouth –  Blood & Scars

Head: Bloody Kitchen Knife – by Laura Liberty

Arm: Broken Arm – Bloodline


Anni: Zombie_Walk (walking animation) – Larissa Designs & Animations

Arnovial: Ima Zombie Pose box – (p4p)